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Cempra, Inc. (CEMP)

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  • Interesting comments by the new FDA Commissioner. Hopefully this opens a door for CEMP

  • I would think if the merits of solithera were so high and the need for new antibiotics so strong that it would take only a mediocre management team to bring it to market
  • Buy-Out News Coming...

    MS has a buyer...


  • wait til gottllieb mentions solithromycin
  • Below cash Value Now...

    Load all you can down here...


  • remembering that solithera did pass adcom, albeit narrowly, the FDA sent CEMP to the end of the line. leading me to believe that the little guy doesn't stand a chance
  • If you back out the cash the company is valued at 10MM - I thought this was a mistake so I checked multiple sources ha...nonetheless, I'm going to loading up on this!
  • PRTK 23
    AKAO 24
    TTPH 8
    CEMP 4
    Unbelievable that CEMP is at 4, compared with these other companies.
  • Maybe it would be good strategy to publicly announce that the company intends to request the new FDA chief re-evaluate soli's suitability for immediate marketing. This would give a Cemp a chance at reprieve and the new chief a chance to demonstrate his philosophy coming out the gate.
  • We have a new FDA Commissioner starting today.Cempra gets a reprieve with implementation of 21st Century Cures Act.
  • Something BIG is brewing. I did a tarot card reading.... ;-)
  • I used to be in but got out after 1st of year.Does anyone know if the lead researcher dr/old ceo is still around for support to the company.I cant remember her name.
  • Buy-Out Coming!!!


  • up%100000 today
  • Very Interesting.
    Here's what I'm thinking:::
    CEMP's president resigns today. Is that to clear the deck for a buyout? Possibly.
    CEMP has $200million in cash. That's more than the value of the stock at this price. Does that make CEMP a very attractive buyout candidate? Uh huh.
    CEMP has 2 late stage drugs with blockbuster potential if they can refigure the dosage to lower the hepatoxity in Sola...and bring Taksta to market.
    CEMP has been beaten down and technically is looking to explode. Just needs some positive fundamentals. Might happen today. Might happen in 2 months.
    Either way...I anticipate at least a 50% return.....soon!
  • Cempra has asked FDA for approval with post market studies.New FDA Commishioner Gottlieb ,implementing 21st Century Cures Act ,will approve Soli.
  • Moore bailed while he could still find employment. Next in line is Zaccardelli, another looser who along with Pharba and Moore destroyed this company and was in on the fraud that took place. Little does his new employer know they just hired dead wood and abject incompetence.

    So much for longs who keep thinking anyone is interested in buying Cempra after one failed trial after another. Like I said, MS is just taking these idiots for a ride while they have some cash.

    If there was a buyout in the works, the last fool to leave would have been Moore given his level of incompetence. What Cempra needs if it has any remote chance of staying viable is a complete house cleaning, especially all the dead wood that participated in every trial failure. Zaccardelli is at the top of the list now, having taken Moore's place.

    Cempra's worth is directly related to the cash it has on hand which is dwindling every month the company stays in business. The company was, is, and will continue to be a short players dream anywhere north of $3.00. Sure, it won't be a 10 bagger anymore, but there's still some crumbs on the table to be had, especially when you have longs still buying and hoping for a miracle.

    Well, it's not all so bad now that another looser, namely Moore is gone. With Zaccardelli out along with the useless BOD, that should give longs something to celebrate about.
  • Appears that hospitals have been covering up MRSA cases in newborns.Taksta is needed more urgently than previously known.1/3 fatality in newborns.100% chance Taksta will be approved under Cures Act,with no further trials.
  • FDA Gottlieb was approved by Senate committee yesterday.
    He will implement Cures Act.
  • When do we hit $5? This week or later?