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  • We are all disappointed in the current state of affairs at this company, but I do believe in the management team. As I have described my take on WC in the past, he has geared up SG$A for the optimistic outlook he had foreseen. In all fairness to him, he thought the Italian deal was done. I do fault him for not moving more quickly to adjust for the current sales. People make mistakes, but you can't let your pride get in the way of doing the right thing for the shareholders. We need to do a better job at growing the business within cash flow. Increases in SG&A expenses always seem to be ahead of optimistic revenue projections. Again, I would like to thank the European Orbital division for their continued wins. And as always, the power distribution division for paying the bills. The sales cycle times are in their final stages for Orbital NA, we should see orders in the near future. Good News Coming Soon!!!!
  • Time to buy! At $3.65/share CUI is a good buy. Q2 will not be a good quarter for them but, I think significant orders will be reported prior to the early August release of Q2 earnings. The double punch combo of ICE Block and the gas monitoring business is going to explode 2018 earnings. We will look back on this date as an obvious opportunity. Did I, or did I not, take advantage of it?!?!?!
  • News by "San Times", good article, something for everyone I suppose.
  • Anyone know anybody in the Congo? After reading that SEC filing this morning it appears that CUI had to provide documentation of all supply chain vendors selling them restricted minerals from central Africa with the money possibly going on to supply armed insurgents? It appears that CUI has met this requirement in spades, and besides the time/effort/money to respond to this inquiry it would seem to have no influence on the company itself? Thoughts?

    With the inclusion of the "whistleblower" comment as part of their compliance to this issue I wonder if that's how this issue came up? Or was it a blanket request by the powers that be?

    Crazy thought based on way too many psychedelics as a young man: Honeywell or some comparable company buddies up to a few independent Italian utilities owners and strikes a deal that sends the SR deal into bureaucratic quagmire. The stall continues with the above issue as their comparable product line races to deployment.

    Nah, that would be unethical.


    P.S. Dear Bill, how about some good news like an Engie PO?
  • Look for a hostile take over at 2.75
  • I'm wondering...what are the realistic chances of a buyout ??
  • Wow, that was/is some cool insider buys later today, Clough, Ford and MacKenzie for a total of 11,400 at market! I am seriously impressed!

  • Seems like the best thing to possibly happen is for CUI to be bought by a deep pocketed company who can weather and navigate the various bureaucratic waters needed to get their various devices/concepts into play in a much quicker time period. Seems like it's just too big for them to handle, lack of experience, kudo's for trying though.
  • Pouring over the transcript from yesterday there are so many unknowns, firstly this tariff issue with SR is the first I've heard. There were two separate previously articles which attributed installing some kind of an upstream sensor prior to the gaspt. I find it very strange/unprofessional that William Clough was not upfront with stake holders prior to this. So do I take his word that this will be actually finalized in the 60-90 day period he mentioned? That Engie's PO's will be in hand within the next 2 months? And then there was the "always the bridesmaid.....the bride" fluff, Odorization, VE probes, residential applications all in the future, at least a year or two out.
    I did like hearing that the "ice block" tech orders will be in this years revenue and i continue to believe that this will be a huge generator of income for the company. Intel and the VPS owners and VC money are are ex-intel people and have that advantage. I also liked that they are considering selling their Oregon property,maybe England to add income to their balance sheet rather then selling shares and diluting further.
    Did smile when Clough was asked about GE, "nope" was the most honest answer given in the webcast. Need to re-read the CC again a few times as seeking alpha is acting up.

    Wait and see, sold some shares yesterday early on and looking for a bounce in CHK to offset that loss. Looking for any further observations either positive or negative, Sure wish I had bought that new Harley instead now! :>)

  • Prediction: CUI management led by William Clough will miss earnings by 40% or greater, in line with their history, sadly.
  • Sorry about the Harley.

    This stock is a binary option. For $3.70 you either get a ten bagger ... or zero.
  • Horrendous quarter - big shake up on the way?
  • Yeah, William Clough purchased 5000 shares at market, a very good sign. Sadly he may have bought some of mine! :>) Still holding onto enough to buy my Harley though, need it to go to six for that to happen, GLTA
  • More layoffs coming? Why keep the electronics division going? A big drag?
  • Get me back to $6/share and OXLC here I come! How can Cluffie et als maintain their compensation/SG&A with no BOD oversight? This has been going on for 16+ years. On the other hand, who would step in to this morass?
  • What will May 10th bring????
  • CUI reverse split 1:30 to be valued @ $4/share, a NASD-CM listing min req. How long does CUI have below $4 before delisted?
  • I would like some US gas pipeline insider's opinions on CUI's technology. We are getting traction in Europe, but we are only getting started in US. Is the problem relationships? Lack of confidence in who this company is? Surely the technology is proven in the minds of any reasonable potential customers. What is the competition doing to keep the business? Are you as a potential customer using the product to beat up the competition? What do we need to do to get in the door? Our value proposition is undeniable We acquired the industry knowledge of a long standing European gas technology company. I'm only an investor, but if you need for me to call on you, maybe WC will put me on the payroll!!!! HaHa This conversation is in no way a jab at CUI sales people because I do know how hard a new product is to get introduced in an industry.
  • Finally announced today, "The accuracy relaxation in principle permits Orbital's proprietary GasPT CVDD for use across the entire UK gas network at regulated measurement points, such as high pressure metering offtakes from the national transmission system feeding the gas distribution system, bio-methane network entry sites as well as the anticipated shale gas connection points.

    Orbital's vice president of sales (UK), Neil Stuchbury, said, "We are exceptionally pleased with Ofgem's recognition of this innovative solution and support of the wider industry afforded in this consultation, as the device at the forefront is GasPT. Within the UK, regulated CVDDs are utilized at over 150 locations to assess the CV of gas entering or transferring between networks. In real terms, this equates to potentially providing energy data to circa 17 million domestic, industrial and commercial customers. This is an historic change by the UK regulator, having supported the previous accuracy requirements for more than 40 years, and a change we are very proud to have been at the heart of."

    Going to be a green day for CUI, plus with the futures opening so high, up .40 by days end. Now awaiting the ENGIE PO's and SR resupply orders to begin (hopefully). GLTA

  • Suspicion follows close on mistrust. http://dataunion.tistory.com/1647

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