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  • Robert: Our friend, UK super-investor Nathu Puri, continues to increase his Cenveo holdings.
    He now owns 910,591 of Cenveo's 8,553,167 shares, for a total of 10.64%.
    Does this feel like preparation for a hostile takeover, or what?
  • Robert: Puri was a major shareholder in Cadmus and doubtless made a lot of $$$ in that (way overpriced) acquisition.
    But he has also doubtless lost a lot more -- I will report on his holdings and the stock prices at the time.
    Dunno how Cenveo would help the 'paper' side of Purico's business, since Cenveo merely consumes paper.
  • Robert: N.B. that Puri has made SUCCESSFUL acquisitions, in CONTRAST to Burton and Reilly.
    There is NO empirical evidence that either Burton or Reilly EVER made ANY profitable acquisitions,
    though there must have been a few -- bottom line is that together they lost $1.26 BILLION (in March 2017 dollars).

    How to bankrupt Cenveo
  • Carb... Thanks for the link to the Purico site out at PrintingWikiLeaks.com. Everyone out there that has an interest in a possible takeover of CVO should read the "about" the company info. on the site. Look for case studies and read about the companies and some of the products they produce. A couple of items jumped out at me. Two big items that go into printing would be paper and the ability to lay down ink on that paper. Guess what: Purico is the worlds largest manufacturer of paper used in tea bags and coffee filters. They also manufacture badges and decals for VW in Germany. It is not a stretch to see the synergies that come from rolling CVO into Purico.
  • Robert: Since a Cenveo takeover by Puri et al. would surely increase the value of your Cenveo holdings ...
    you might want to encourage him in his (apparent!) crusade by dropping him a note as I did last night!

  • They've got to be sweating bullets in Stamford!
    Here's a blurb about Puri (full memo to follow over the holiday):

  • The Burton vs. Puri stock purchase smack-down continues:

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  • ROBERT: Over the past three years, Team Burton has lost 60%+ of our friend Nathu Puri's Cenveo investment (costing him $5 million+) -- that might be the motive for running his holdings up from 6%+ to 10%+ as preparation for a hostile takeover.
    Puri is a self-made Indian immigrant gazillionaire and he is a very, very big deal in the UK.
    I'll plan on doing a Tweet/e-mail memo about Puri over the Memorial Day weekend.

    Cenveo E-mails
  • Robert: At the time of the Annual Meeting on 27 Apr, Puri only owned 550,000 shares, or 6.4% of the company.
    At the Annual Meeting, Allianz/15.0% + Rotation/14.4% + Puri/6.4% + Brigade/5.6% owned a total of 41.4$.
    Now, Allianz/15.0% + Rotation/14.4% + Puri/10.57% + Brigade/5.6% own a total of 45.57 -- which is not far from the magical number of 50% + 1.

  • Robert: Our friend Nathu Puri now owns 904,576 of Cenveo's 8,553,167 shares.
    Counting on my fingera AND my toes, I figure he owns 10.5759% of the company.

    SEC FORM 4
  • Nathu now owns over 10% and counting. Carb ... Do you know what % Bob owns?
  • The darn Yahoo message board software truncates links on the line break, without a warning ...

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  • Go🌱to🌱the🌱rich🌱friend's🌱house🌱when🌱called;🌱 http://dataunion.tistory.com/7782

    Cenveo NYSE $CVO Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks May-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 4,338 NYSE Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is 0 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stocks is
  • Draining the printing industry swamp ...

  • Hey gang! It may be easier than we thought for Puri and his possible allies to boot Team Burton.
    (Those allies might include Allianz/15%, Rotation/14.4$, and Brigade/5.6%.)

    Back in 2007, Chairman Bob would have got $12,460,000 in the event of a change of control:

    But now he would only get $131,069:

  • Based on today's filing it looks like Nathu is making a run at Bob. The filing says that he is now up to 9.23%. As I said this could get interesting.
  • James, I'm starting an e-mail memo on Puri, who was a big shareholder of Cadmus.
    We'll figure out how much Kamikazee Bob cost him by crashing the stock over the past ten years.
  • Robert: You have to think that Puri is planning to oust Burton just like Burton ousted Reilly!
    Allianz Global Investments owns 15% and Rotation Capital Partners owns 14.4% -- and Puri is up to 10%.
    If these boys joined forces they could give Team Burton the boot -- I'll ping them all an e-mail and point them at ...

    Printing WikiLeaks
  • Robert! You were right -- "Jaws" Puri is where the action is!
    He's sucking up stock just like Burton did before his 2005 hostile takeover.
    Let the games begin!!!

    CVO reports having 8,553,167 shares as of May 3, 2017.

    Puri reports owning 860,000 shares = 10.055%.

    Burton reports owning 902,580 shares = 10.55%. [590,080 owned directly + 312,500 in family trust]

    Here are all of Puri's CVO transactions: https://www.sec.gov/cgi-bin/browse-edgar?action=getcompany&CIK=0001083765
    Here are all of Burton's CVO transactions: https://www.sec.gov/cgi-bin/browse-edgar?action=getcompany&CIK=0001164465&type=&dateb=&owner=include&count=100

    EDGAR Search Results
  • Interesting to watch the share ownership battle between Nathu Ram Puri and Bob Burton. Nathu now owns 8.25% of the outstanding shares. I suspect that this has more to do with Bob increasing his share purchases than the reasons he gave on the conference call. If Nathu has more shares than Bob he will no longer be able to tell us how he is the largest individual shareholder. Carb lets talk about this instead of your incessant promotion of that abomination you call a web site.