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  • Eli Lilly Owns the drug that aldox destroys head to head. they cannot afford to lose that market and another competitor aquire aldox. I believe bidding has already started between at least two major pharma's if not three. The linker technology is the real hang up because although earlier phase of development it's a game changer and cytrx doesn't want to give it away. They are first on stage at asco would not be in Pole position if they had negitive results. this stock has been manipulated abused and kicked but finally reaching it's endpoint. with all pipeline items and aldox people will be stunned at what I think potential BO will happen for. I think due to bidding time invested by cytrx and market if aldox I look for bottom number to be 3.5 billion to as high #$%$ billion. the current market cap off this company is not relevant due to the pressure on Eli Lilly to save their spot in the oncology world. All these are my opinions do your own DD but I feel buy out is large and very soon looking for it to come as early as before asco next Friday or as late as following week. time will tell but good luck to longs this is breakthrough status and life changing investment
  • Every indication that DOX has, ALDOX will have. Find DOX, replace with ALDOX. Updosing with safety...head to head, ALDOX beats DOX hands down. In one year you will NOT believe where the SP of CYTR will be---it will be UP.

    Consider, if YOU were a DOX maker, would ignore ALDOX? Ah, no you would NOT. My guess, we have an ALDOX partner lined up or there may be 2 of them in a bidding war. All contingent on FDA approval but there can be no doubt about the superior effectiveness and safety of ALDOX over DOX.

    So the 10 to 12M shares short-- get ready to get beat like a 5 egg omelet. I have the distinct feeling that the company is going to put on a full court PR press and it starts next week.
  • This rise is insane...volume should go over 10 million by 11am IMO. Things are really looking good
  • Please ignore the bashers here and don't give them the attention. They are suffering of moderate to severe paranoia and have attention seeking behavior on this board. One thing that we all agree about is that CEO of CYTR sucks, but Aldox data looks good and we will see x 50 returns when FDA's green light shines.
  • What happens when this .70 cent stock gets good phase 3 results on June 3rd for soft tissue sarcomas refractory cancer??? Folks if this happens this stock will be multiples of its current price. I believe we will have a run into that date and be over $1 easy.
  • A little over a week to go and we find out about the data. Share price is telling all that its expected to be good. This rise willl coninue into ASCO then its all about the data. right now there is not one company that I can find that trades under $1 a share that has the most pronising drug in a phase 3 situation. If you dont beleive me just look for yourself. The companies that came the closest were AVEO for Renal cell cancer CYTX for SCLERDERMA. I must say this is getting very very exciting.
  • Anyone who knows medicine and oncology understands the great value of Aldox. It will save millions lives without major organ toxicity. By investing in this company you are not only saving lives, but also getting rewarded big time financially. February of the next year CYTR SHARE will be +$25 at least.
  • The longs and shorts continue to battle here but the question is who will come out ahead? Ther shorts are cornered and are in hope that ASCO is a failure. If so they win but if not then we will have a stock that will be worth Dollars not pennies. Investors are diving in and the Volume shows big interest. Something seems to be bgrewing in CYTR land... SOMETHING BIG. in a little more then a week we will know if data is good. I for one am in the CAMP that we have a DATA LEAK.
  • FYI: Aldox+IFOS poster currently available at ASCO is a placeholder. Updated info will be made available before or at the opening of ASCO. Guess what happens then:)
  • Jidiot a pathetic loser is demonstrably angry and uneasy this fine Saturday......................dunce is gasping for any signs for bad news from mAdam F. Stain, but they are not comin, Madam is sipping a beer and collecting free munny for his bike ride research.
    Hey Jidiot why dontcha chip in for a research and for good measure fork off of promising cancer treating drug.
  • gamer don't short pathway drugs that have opening slot at the oncology meeting of the year. you think they give the first slot at asco to a drug that is failing. Do you think they fooled the FDA into giving them a agreement in a pathway with no further trial data needed for submission. Go start a go fund me page to cover your short loses you'll need it..
  • This is hitting a dollar or close to it on tues, just like I said outside of a buyout before ASCO we should see 1.50-2.00
  • Stock should be up to $20 in no time-nuff said.
  • i personally see it opening over a dollar.
  • We will never see 60s again. Congrats longs. Even if asco data is slightly off we will be above $1 for sure.
  • Close on the high for the day - nice.
  • READ the MAY 2017 Presentation. Stellar good trial results:

  • Big hedge funds are into the game to buy this bad dog. This is very serious. Be long friends! Patience will pay back. Even nasty paid bashers should get in before it's too late.
  • Volume over 4million in 18 mins. That's a great start
  • Wow nobody is buying after hours just a few thousand shares, once the day traders come in the next session or two with the BO rumours and buzz, ASCO finally soon all the shorts will cover this is going way way up........best stock scenario I have seen in years.....