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  • Is it time to make a move on D? google awesom-eSTOCKS - they offer pretty good trade alerrts. you dont have to trade their tickers but it definetly helps you recognize possible patterns for stocks you're trading.
  • LNG ..is destined to be the next largest energy player in the world..D should be looking at it..their sales could be 15-20 billion in two years..their sales went from almost nothing to billions in one year
  • Posted in $AMBA conversation

    AMBA bought back shares in March: 162,738 shares for $8.8M or $54.07 average price. This brings their total buy-back to 567,827 shares for $29.0M or $51.07. You can see this data on their annual report page 97 (link below).

    Definitely interesting that they feel good about buying at $50+.


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  • gosh
    it would be nice in some one talked about whats going on with d
    i will
    d is changing from a utility to 50% a pipe company
    It will turn over maybe 1/2 of its pipe to dm and own 50% of dm
    IT needs to do this because its growing fast and that amount of debt would hurt it
    Large debt raises loans rates and so it can grow with dm holding some debt and get 50% cash
    when it sells pipe to dm
    The question I have is on ng
    we are seeing large investments in Texas in pipe and wells
    Why not Pennsylvania
    Are wells there more costly or is there just more pipe there or the cost of piping to Texas for the new demand
    for lng plants in Texas
    Dm should be in good shape in getting ng from Pennsylvania since Dm and d own pipe from there to the plant
    A good place to understand partially is rrc as they own wells in both areas and talk about it on conference call
    They appear to be investing in Texas just like every one else
    D did warn us 3 months ago that they where not seeing demand for their pipe in Pennsylvania for the futuire
    But they mat get more demand once they have a pipe to north Carolina and southern va
    They just started it and a year or two to build
    warm winter hurt d
  • It is clear from the current neutral annual EPS growth past 5 years of 6.20% that D could yield both a pullback or an uptick. The scenarios are quite interesting at current levels. Ive been struggling with this stock lately. Some of my other trades have been from a.awesomestocks which are working out pretty well.
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    Dominion Resources NYSE $D Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks May-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 4,338 NYSE Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is 0.9 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stocks
  • D is a great and predictable stock. Buy and hold forever or play the 10 year yield. D goes up when 10yr goes down then D drops when 10 year goes up. Watch it Just like a clock. The debt D has is the reason it react to this. I have core that I keep and then about a third I sell when it goes up like now and wait for a 2-3 dollar pull back and buy again.
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  • D has just seen the last of the selling. Looks like a potential push higher with a analyst mean target price of 77.41. if you guys have questions you should ask awesomesto-cks. They often respond to my emails which is helpful.
  • Posted in $CSCO conversation
    Tell Us about U$D spent on Global warming and pollution cleanup ???

    US Environmentalist don't want to know what the number ONE and TWO ( outside of the USA ) is spending on it ?!
  • Posted in $MATN conversation
    You just can't make this stuff up. This is academy award winning BS. The CEO worked at a hedge fund not for Mother Teresa.

    Signed on for 150,000 shares at $1.50 if he could ink a deal at $15.

    20 months later $20 million cash burnt. Absolutely No results, delisted, all institutions sold out and the three stooges give themselves 550,000; 350,000: 250,000 in the 30 cent range.

    What are you people smoking? Now we want to suggest it's their heartfelt commitment to their work.

    The three stooges have mimicked a one eyed elixir peddler from the19th century and posters here just keep dribbling on about the legitimacy of it all.

    Dodd Frank has consumer protection laws pending....that's exactly what this needs.

    $300,000,000 R$D and not one result. Efficiently Creating Value that is a flat out LIE.

    Stealing Biotech Capital by a hedge fund guy is all we got here. The facts speak for themselves.

    May 2015 150,000 shares to sell it at $15.
    Jan 2017 550 000 shares optioned At 35 Cents.

    What happened?

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  • Posted in $OCLR conversation
    They drove LITE from 37.50 to 51.00 on APPLE #D component iphone 8 rumors. THEN it drifted back to 47.50 WITH NO NEWS... NOW a Dilution. AWESOME JOB< WELL DONE..... !!!!!!!!!! Congrats to the people driving that rumor bus> It worked perfectly
  • Zacks Equity Research just put out a sell on Dominion about tow hours ago...
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