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3D Systems Corporation (DDD)

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  • President Trump and his problems with connections to Russia are shaking the global markets right now. However, I believe there is still more to be had in the way of gains, once the political turmoil has calmed down. Long term, DDD is just getting started, and will continue to rise if the markets can stabilize. I would suppose that "getting out" depends on your own time-line, but I don't expect this stock to fall back to where it was originally before this upward trend began taking shape. I would ignore the shorts (Denny, etc), and focus on the political atmosphere. Chances are there will be green days ahead in the near future, and DDD will likely resume it's upward momentum. Good luck :)
  • Up another 3.13% today?? Denny, is there something we're just not seeing? I'm with you now that this has surpassed sound reasoning and is beyond frothy. I don't think the floor is as low as you think, but this is getting wonderfully ridiculous.
  • HP News‏ @HP_Newsroom 21h21 hours ago

    .@HP's Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing tech beat out 800+ companies to win @3DPrintIndustry "Innovation of the Year."
  • And I'm out.. lol. From -19K to a small manageable loss. Good luck to all who stay.
  • Dumped all at 23.xx, good luck for longs. Wake me up if it ever go to 16 again
  • Aether once again pushes the 3D printing sector sky high! Incredible!
  • Almost sold my calls this morning. Good thing almost doesn't count.
  • Heavy volume on the May 26th $23 Calls today - 2,182 Options, someone is betting large for the end of the week.
  • I just want DDD to get to $75, then I think I'll take some profit.
  • Took some profit just now. Got some dry powder for a pullback.
  • at DrudgeReport there is a good article about the 3D Printer space.

    Maybe the sector is getting hot again like years ago.
  • I have a feeling DDD will see a pullback now. What yall think? Im not sure about you guys but awesomeSTO-CKS has provided me with some pretty good trade ideas. I messed up executing some of them but thats on me.
  • It's clear that the re-seller surveys are telling a story of DDD winning out over SSYS. This runup, while certainly part short-squeeze is based on something more substantial. And since no deal has surfaced, I don't think that's what is coming. A few more printers being sold leads to the increase EPS at the materials margins.

    nothing about this runup is based on what has "been happening", more on what "is improving"
  • 6539 calls w/strike at $20. Been outstanding for a long time. Is shorty looking to scoop up 650,000 and then drop them on the market?
  • No risk no fun... just went in. Will top up if it goes up to 25
  • The lack of participation in this rally by HPQ suggests the run was more short squeeze than based on fundamental performance. The folks who chased this above $20 are going to be scratching their heads wondering what happened when it drops to $15-16. If it were a sector rally HPQ would participate but HP doesn't have the short interest DDD has so it becomes obvious what is happening here. Games games and games. When the music stops be sure you have a chair to fall into.
  • This is crazy.
    My average price is 29.
    I keep rubbing my eyes.
  • Folks if you want to view ignorance personified just follow Sam. The dope thinks I am a short. Obviously he hasn't been around here much and cannot wait to reveal just how much of an empty skull he is.
    Yo Sammy, try reading a little and save yourself the embarrassment,
    I have made many trades in DDD ALL long positions, lost on 2 successful on 20. And yes I am out of DDD at this time and will not re-enter because this is grossly overdone at $22. Sammy I suggest you load the boat at $22, LOL I'll do as I always do and be patient buy at $15-16
  • It's just not stopping! Why won't it stop?! DDD is flying away!