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VelocityShares 3x Inv Natural Gas ETN (DGAZ)

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18.17-1.11 (-5.76%)
At close: 8:00PM EDT
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  • Anyone looked at the NG charts? Showing it jumped .10 cents..
  • OPEC meets Thursday where they expected to agree to lower gas outputs driving gas prices up. It's raised all the energy stocks up. If it fails and inventory numbers come in high, the gains will be short lived, if they come to an agreement and inventor is low expect Dgaz to take the one two punch.
  • Might DGAZ dip to $17.25 by Wednesday?
  • Investing sez......59-69 bcf Thursday 5/25. The 5 year average is 90 bcf. Unless injection come up with a huge beat of estimates, short NG is just about over.
  • what is the expected bcf tomorrow, anyone?
  • Bought 300 shares at 19.1. wait until the end of next week to see. Every time after I dump off, I decided to not do this again, but just can't give up. Hope this is my last time to trade
  • Call me greedy but NG still has no business above $3 in my opinion. Accuweather forecast is predicting a wet summer (holding off severe heat). Inventories gonna stay high thru the summer. $25 DGAZ still my goal to sell.
  • $21 tomorrow? Bought @ $17.50 sell for a quick buck or wait until $30? 🐷
  • ALL NG emerging candlesticks are green. Technical summary is solid green from 5 minutes to one month. OPEC is taking NG with it straight up. I just sold my last position PM, and I expect DGAZ to continue to drop. I might flip to UGAZ until the OPEC meetings are over, but it may be too late for any substantial profits there. There is not enough NG being stored each week to make DGAZ profitable. Weekly injections should be 80+ this week, but it won't even come close.
  • Next weeks build will be over 100!
  • just sold UGAZ at 19.30 bought dgaz at 19.80
  • The reason for the jump today is the rollover of the June contacts into the July ,which are expected on the 26th. NG is in contango at the moment meaning the Spot price has to Aline itself with the contact price and it has three days to do so
  • feels good to have nailed this again. in @17.94(a little early) out at 19.07 and other 50% at 19.90 with an original PT of 18.94.
    See you all in UGAZ once it bottoms!!
  • Supposedly a TX congressman is going to call to impeach Trump today. This could #$%$ the market and crash NG. Best of luck.
  • Congrats to all who bought at $17. A day like today was long overdue.
  • Got my RSI ready for every 15 minutes for GLYC. LALALALAL. Lets rock people. I think I will make money at least 30 times both way using 15 minutes chart (RSI, CCI and Candle sticks. Once in a lifetime opportunity.
  • Lets party. Made a good choice on shorting DGAZ due to Trump travel to Saudi. 10000 shares not bad - could have been other way. But it was a tell tell sign. If it goes up or steady will hold for another day.
  • It was estimated by EIA that NG consumption in the US in 2017 is 73.4 Bcf per day, as compared with 75.1 Bcf per day in 2016. So there is potential that NG could built up again that depresses the price. Anyway, be careful this year no matter you trade DGAZ or UGAZ.
  • Got out at $20.40, was in at $20.37 a couple weeks ago and watched it drop into the 17s. Maybe D has a little more run in it today but I just wanted to recover my loses for now. Might sit on the sideline for a day or two and see how the inventory report goes. Great job to those who got in around $17 late last week.
  • Dgaz is up this week until on friday will hit $ 21.50 weather is getting hot ouside. Oil going up a lots