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  • If you know some nice young person who should be setting up a retirement strategy, tell them to buy and accumulate Disney right now. It is a great stock at a good price (to repeat Mr. Buffet). If it touches 105, it is a very good price. If it approaches 100, it is a very very good price. And it is under 100, a great price. And under 95 - mortgage everything to the max.

    My only proviso is that such a decline is a result of Disney's ESPN strategy not panning out, with continued decline in cable. But this has to be specifically detailed, not an analyst stating that there are concerns.

    And the reason for my optimism is simply this - Disney has a pe of about 17 - 18 (using $6 for the present fiscal year, which is more than the analyst average but less than I think it will do), Next year the analysts have it doing about 12% more in profits. And Disney is buying back a lot of stock - in fact, the lower the price, the more stock it is buying back. It will have just over 1.5 billion shares by the end of the fiscal year.
  • ✔️🛑Hey NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN--Now latest poll says 65% of Americans believe main stream media pushing fake news!! I think it is higher.
  • Posted in Twitter, Inc.
    smell a bidding war? $DIS vs $AMZN. WHAT Other battles may we see out there?
  • I think we may be ok with Pirates of the Caribbean 5. I have been worried for some time that Disney would have a hard time breaking its Memorial Day slump for the last two or more years. Last year's Alice through the Look Glass was a disaster. And Pirates/Caribbean have been slumping, along with Johnny Depp. But we had a good preview day, beating Pirates4. We will see what Friday's numbers are soon (Deadline was a little more optimistic Friday morning, than Friday evening, but we will see soon). At least if won't be a dud in the US, and it seems to be doing very very well in China.

    This is the key for this quarter. Last year Disney had Alice/Glass, which dragged down what would have been a really really good quarter. With three top notch winners this quarter, we might see record profits for a quarter.
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  • Pirates seems to have gotten off to an ok start in the US, and a good start overseas. We will know more tomorrow morning.

    This movie is the key to this quarter and this year's results. If it can approach $1 billion, or at least exceed $800 million, Disney will have three hit movies this quarter, and possible hit $1.75. And if it does that, then it can break $6 for the year.
  • Welcome back to the buyout speculation come on #dis
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  • Iger should follow Fords lead and remove the head of ESPN and ABC. They are not contributing in a positive way to my Disney investment.
  • Watching the S&P, DOW, NASDAQ at all-time highs (or near all-time highs) while DIS underperforms day after day is mind-numbing. Yes, ESPN is once again creating near-term headwinds, but the company's other divisions are absolutely killing it. There are so many positive catalysts. Nevertheless, the buyers seem to be on strike. Perhaps the stock will gain some strength next week after "Pirates..." opening weekend at the box office.
  • Pretty sad for DIS going forward , ABC is running a socialist network, wake up america
  • This Dave guy really needs to go back to trolling Facebook. This is an investing blog.
  • A couple of points. The dollar has slumped a little. The euro is up to nearly 1.12 (it was under 1.05 for awhile). This means a few more dollars for movies. This could translate into an extra 10 cents per share in profits a year. I think it makes $7 for next year more likely, and gives a little more of a boost for this quarter.

    And I was doing some more arithmetic. Disney is spending somewhere between $8 – 10 billion in stock buybacks. If that seemed like a lot, look at this in this way – that works out to as much as $6 a share - that is its profits this year – add this to the dividends, and Disney is paying out to shareholders more than it makes – I'm not saying that this is improper or unwise (it would be a different thing if they were paying more in dividends alone in dividends), but this is very aggressive. Disney (and Iger) must feel very very comfortable in this. They know that profits are going to increase. And they know that ESPN is going to be straightened out. They better be right.
  • It seems like every morning, as early as 6 a.m. (Eastern Time), I open the yahoo site on Disney, and pre market trading has Disney up 50 cents, more or less. And it has little to do with what Disney opens at. Can someone tell me why.

    I understand that there may be some trades to clear up some errant trades during the prior day. But always up??
  • Is DIS undervalued? This sort of setup suggests potential upside... have you guys heard of awesome-STOCKS. i started receiving their allerts and so far i am happy.
  • This stock sucks :( bought it 2 December's ago at $112 just before the first Star wars movie and it went down to $88. Took over a year to get back to $112 which was thus January then sold it at $112 to break even because it's probably on its way back to $88.
  • Disney has seen some hard luck. Alligator killing tourist at their theme park. ESPN being an anchor around their necks. And now pirates pirating their pirate movie. DIS shareholders have the patience of a saint.
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