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Diana Shipping Inc. (DSX)

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At close: 4:03PM EDT
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  • What other company would let this happen, buying ships that can't pay there notes, letting 5% of all income paid to one of ceo other company and he takes a pay check too, makes money off the maintenance done to the ships, dry docking, not cheep. So having the board members being family and friends, it really pays off. any other ceo would be fired on the spot by the board.
  • Are there any healthy Shippers??? Especially now!!!
  • With the recent sale of shares at $4, well below market price at the time, it should provide a decent base around $4 unless there is a significant event. Over time, direction should be up as ships age out and pricing recovers. Not an overnight thing, but Diana is still a well run company with a young fleet. Not a surprise to see this back at $10 over next couple years.
  • APRI flying
  • This was obviously a "PUMP" and "DUMP"....
  • Odd that the shares are trading so much higher than the offering. Investors must like the CEO buying a huge chunk.
  • pretty dumb move to buy more boats when they have a debt problem. They still have issues withtheir banks. Sure they can alway sell the boats. Did they get a fire sale price? Not sure if this dilution is worth it. Seems like to much stock for 3 boats when you have 48 already. Basically sold 20% of the company for 3 boats. Seems like a bad deal. No more than 10% would be ok in my eyes
  • sold off a but too far. Could move back to high 4s. The rebound in the BDI is real so DSX will get dragged up. It just wont move as far as it could have with the dilution. New target is 5-6 over the next 12 months. BDI breaks 1500 should see 2000 in the next year. with about 100 million shares DSX can still be worth 6-8 long term. They have and can earn 100-150 million in good years so a 5-7 multiple is very real just may be 2 years away but market prices ahead. Their fleet is not as good as SBLK which is my favorite and also just got nailed losing 30-35% from their recent highs but is still up close to 100% this year and more over the last 12 months. SBLK is the real deal IMHO. They have 73 or so boats mostly new and one of the best and lowest cost operators They are a bit more leveraged at the right time in this cycle with 250 million in cash. They will give a dividend before DSX. If you dont own SBLK you should take a look since its on sale just like DSX
  • I reckon this is a classic pump and dump. Likely to spike up, then down just as fast. But under the hood, what's actually changed?
  • playing catch up to SBLK which is the clear winner. SBLK was at 4 and DSX was 3. Now DSX is 6 and SBLK about to hit 13. SBLK lowest cost shipper and better boats than DSX. More debt but they will earn their way out. DSX is not playing catch up. It lagged on the way down and now on the way up. Fair value is in the 6-8 range like the upgrade. 10 is probably overvalued at this point. They are still a year away from anything decent for earnings while SBLK will see big numbers this Q. First Q will be about the same as the 4th when they took in 6 mill in cash flow. 2nd Q starts the explosion
  • Why is this performing vs the rest of its peers?
  • Will break 52 weeks high again today?!
  • If they would reinstate the dividend maybe it would go up enough so I'm only losing 50%
  • Breaking out
  • Is this the next "EPIC" short play? They are done with DRYS!!!!
  • $SALT or $DSX..? Any any opinions for next 1-2 months?
  • There was a time when we expected nothing of our children but obedience, as opposed to the present, when we expect everything of them but obedience. http://dataunion.tistory.com/7596

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    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks May-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 4,338 NYSE Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is -0.1 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stocks
  • SBLK over 11. What a winner.. best drybulker by far. DSX finally slowing catching up. May break 5 and run to test 6. Expect a small offerning soon to help do the refinance. As rates rise and they lock in contracts they will be able to do the refi
  • SBLK is the clear winner. outperforming all others. SBLK has 250 million in the bank. 70 newer bulkers. best positioned and lowest cost operator
  • BDI continues to go higher. Very good sign as DSX has many contracts up for renewal in Q2. If rates remain stable, it will lead to positive operating cash flow. Based on available financial info, looks like they should be able service debt or have enough leverage to renegotiate debt payment terms if required. As CEO mentioned at last conf call, need to see if shipping rates remain stable with current ship count. Contrary to speculation that DSX will issues more shares, I think they can ride through the downturn that hit bottom in Q216. Patient shareholder will be rewarded!