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Enphase Energy, Inc. (ENPH)

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  • Did anyone here attend the company meeting last week that can share an overview?
  • I sure hope ENPH does not get delisted.
  • Major SEC docs files today besides shareholder meeting...
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  • So I am thinking this will test the lows one more time. If it holds $0.65 or higher it should be safe to get back in, assuming no more bad news.
  • Renvu no longer selling ABB & Renesola microinverters...
  • Prediction - Yesterdays close was the Bottom - Screaming Raider Fan Buy below a buck.
  • lol even paul himself dumping this at .76
  • Has anyone noticed that the street price of the IQ6+ inverters is higher than the older M250 inverters. This is even true on a cost per watt basis. Weren't the new IQ6+ inverters supposed to be more cost effective so that we could regain some market share?


  • Anyone got an idea who the buyer of Loeb's 6M shares was??? If Loeb had to file the sell with the SEC wouldn't the buyer also??
  • Amazing. Solar stocks continue their run today. Most have broken through their 200 dma and are at weekly breakthrough points. Notably, sedg is leading the pack with a strong fslr and second spwr. But even vivint is running for that breakthrough. Sunrun was up there too but looks it got shot by some accounting stuff. Who is the DOG of the pack, being shorted in any pair trade? That's right, that's right. Our ENPH DOG!
  • Man, we were flying this morning! What happened to the party? 😟
  • BMW & Enphase go together... buy a BMW EV and an Enphase solar+storage system together!

    Solar with smarts – case study – Green Magazine
    Green Magazine is Australia's leading publication for inspirational stories on sustainable design featuring local and international houses, gardens and profiles.
  • Doer sold 6+ million shares. Is TJ the buyer?
  • Ok. Time to dip the toes. The last quarter was lousey. The explanation defies logic. But remember the market is rigged. Especially in the super small cap space. This sell-off is too much and this company is not dead (IMHO).
  • https://seekingalpha.com/article/4073449-can-ac-modules-save-enphase-energy?

    Can AC Modules Save Enphase Energy?
    Enphase Energy's Q2 revenue guidance is attainable. The battle for MLPE market share is raging: AC modules vs. optimized-strings. SunPower's impressive Equinox
  • Any guesses on a bottom? I figured it would take a hit after earnings but I would never have guessed that it would sink this low. It is going down faster than Trump's Presidency.
  • Cypress has funded numerous Startups SunPower turned out to be magnificent for them.

    SunPower Corporation was an external startup company that had stalled at $2 million per quarter in revenue. It was threatened with bankruptcy at the beginning of the dotcom crash. Cypress was one of the early adopters of solar energy in Silicon Valley. We did it in 2000, when solar cells were only 14% efficient, meaning that a roof full of them could produce only 35% of the power used by our new headquarters building. That put me on the lookout for a better solar cell. In a now-famous meeting that never happened (there was an intermediary), I became re-acquainted with my old Stanford school-mate, Dick Swanson, a genius who had dedicated his career to solar energy—and had created a 21% efficient solar cell that produced 1.5 times more power per silicon wafer than the cells we had bought in 2000.

    Cypress acquired SunPower in three tranches. I had to fund the company personally because our board was tiring of acquisition “distractions” like SLM. It took me 15 months before I convinced our Board to invest in SunPower. Cypress taught SunPower how to make its world-class solar cell technology manufacturable by teaching them our professional R&D methods and how to manufacture at low cost. Key members of the SunPower manufacturing team came from Cypress’s lean and successful fab 2 operation. SunPower’s CEO and CFO also came from Cypress. Without putting trusted Cypress veterans in key positions, SunPower would never have achieved its phenomenal success. Cypress also transferred most of its business processes to SunPower, as well. SunPower uses our R&D process development system (NTP), new product development system (NPP), capital purchase equipment system (EPR) and P&L reporting method. Indeed, SunPower copied our business processes with such vigor that I noted they were in many cases better at following Cypress’s business process than Cypress was itself. They even located their first manufacturing plant near our assembly and test facility in Manila and were allowed to hire people from our plant (we have yet to recover from that loss of talent).

    We took SunPower public at a valuation of $1.1 billion in Q4 2005. Although we maintained economic control with over 50% stock ownership, we also structured our shares to have seven votes each to give us over 90% of the voting power. Later, when SunPower offerings diluted our economic ownership to less than 50%, we still maintained control of the company, until we spun it out to our shareholders. Overall, Cypress invested $143 million in SunPower, and later sold SunPower stock for $677 million in cash and then distributed $2.52 billion in SunPower shares to Cypress shareholders in November 2008. The gain from our SunPower success is factors larger than the losses of all of our startup failures added together. In baseball terms, SLM, Ross and Multichip were only three strikes—one out—while SunPower was a game-winning, grand-slam home run.

    The lessons learned from SunPower: 1) Use Cypress veterans in key positions. 2) To get star performance, put your star players on the team. 3) Transfer and demand the use of proven Cypress systems to startups. 4) Control shareholder voting with a super majority to prevent obvious decisions from being “democratized” and slowed down.

    TJ Rodgers has started the process with the hiring of the COO which came from Cypress. My guess would be Cypress or TJ Rodgers bought the 6 Million shares yesterday. We don't know but I'm sure will soon find out.
  • Over $15 three years ago, under a dollar today. When will ENPH turn around? I'm looking for solar related stocks for a long term hold. NVDA, PI, AMZN GOOG, have done well for me, would like to diversify into some green growth areas.
  • Enphase Energy's Teff Reed and Ilen Zazueta Hall at https://www.greentechmedia.com/events/live/solar-summit-2017

    solar summit 2017