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  • Coming back from my earlier post, to report that my father's colon cancer, detected by Cologuard, was in early stages, it hasn't moved to other organs or the blood, his surgery went very well (robotic surgery greatly reduced the hospital time and recovery time), one of sixteen lymph nodes showed cancer cells, it appears it will be treatable and probably through chemo, we have some time to get next steps from the oncologist. It will be worth further treatment as my father's quality of life will come back nearly 100% post surgery. We are cautiously optimistic, thank goodness it was detected. So glad for all of the wonderful care givers. (and Cologuard.)
  • How busy is the Exact Sciences Lab??? Mailed my sample May 9th, and have not heard results yet. May explain all of the overtime. One can think 2nd quarter gonna be real good. Long and strong!!!!
  • 13 new job openings posted today. Q2 numbers will be great.
  • At Brenda, I'm glad that your father is doing well. Today among the many colonoscopies we had two patients, one 81 years old, that scold my folks for not having one ever!. Sure enough she had a big flat polyp that was resected and then a 51 year old with multiple ones. Please folks have a screening, ANY! I don't care if its cologard, hem occult, fit or a colonoscopy.
    Colon Ca is the second leading case of death and is preventable.
  • what is the competition? Barium enema- filled with radioactive fluid, your colon and bowels are then inflated, stretched thin and then you're subjected to x-rays. Colonoscopy- you have to stop taking any medications that thin the blood, drink a gallon of the most awful tasting liquid and spend half a day on the toilet. Risk damage to your colon, general anesthesia and they still miss 5% of cancer. Fit - that's a great one. doesnt detect pre cancer or polyps, just full blown cancer is detected.... I'm not sure if even call these alternatives , competition
  • Despite Deny's 487 posts this week, EXAS hit the high of the past 11 days (since May 15) of 33.59. Maybe if he didn't post so much the stock would be at 37? But he might be fighting a losing battle as all his posts this week we have gone from 30. at share to 33.50 so far. Ps. Sometimes after a long weekend big announcements happen. Would be fun to hear news Tues. morning to move us to 40.
  • imho there is only one hope shorts have. That hope is that EXAS issues more shares before the 2nd qtr results and/or United Heath coverage. Because of the Citron personal attack, I don't believe KC is going to give the shorts that gift. 2nd Qtr beat and raised guidance will come before additional shares . That's my guess.
  • Denny how do you justify wasting the whole day, everyday crying about the people making money because they own EXAS. Get a life will yeah.
  • I am so screwed. EXAS is going to destroy me in just 7 weeks. I ran the numbers again and it looks like they'll be adding about 10,800 more prescribers this quarter. If they raise guidance they will become profitable far faster than anyone anticipated. My short report is all wrong. On the bright side, when I declare bankruptcy I can stop paying my ex wife and kids.
  • HEDIS is just starting to kick in. THIS...all by itself will drive adoption of Cologuard by physicians and insurance companies.
  • Denny
    Why are you still here arguing with people smarter than you about Cologuard technology and science regarding CC testing? Your losing money and credibility everyday this stock creeps higher....
  • I blocked Denny and Darius a while ago. Do they really post as much as everyone seems to be implying? ps I thought they were the same person anyway.
  • This thing wants to scream much higher. I can feel it. Have a great, long weekend everyone!
  • "Lesson 3: BASHERS POST MANY TIMES A DAY. They try to wear you out. They comment on everything, every other post, and can answer every question. THEY KNOW IT ALL! There is no positive comment they won't Bash. They try to control the board. True longs may have to confront the Bashers or they will appear to the newbies as being the people with all the information. This is best accomplished by posting positive, well researched data on the company, repetitively, while trying hard not to engage the Bashers in direct repartee. REMEMBER - LONGS... RESIST USING THE BASHERS ALIAS!"
  • Poop-in-a-box vs Scoop-a-poop-2-times listen here monthly investor call:

  • Observations:
    1)Exceedingly large call purchase at the 42.00 strike portends a significant move, even if not based upon known event; somebody does know.
    2) Ever presence of "Denny", who is indeed far more capable of creating a compelling argument, although thoroughly vetted and debunked, he's a pro and that should not be disregarded.
    3) The concerted effort by a financial entity of considerable size in attempting to drive prices DOWN in pre market over the past few days.

    Is there anythings specific we can conclude? Perhaps not. All I can say is, walk quietly. There is no doubt in my mind an ELEPHANT in the room (that may be about to sit on and crush a MASSIVE BEAR. When that happens (and it will IMO), all hell will break loose. Don't get caught off guard and miss your big opportunity. HOLD PATIENTLY and QUIETLY.
  • The sharks are starting to eat each other. Good sign for longs.
  • CLASS ACTION!!! The LAW FIRM of Dewey, Cheatham & Howe is investigating !!!DENNY!!! for allegedly fraudulent and abusive activity on Yahoo Finance's Exact Sciences Message Board, along with his alleged mastermind and boss Shitron Research President Righty Lefty, as well as notorious windbag Shitney Wilson. A certain individual who claims to know everything there is about the letter Q believes that !!!DENNY!!! and his boss and potentially others such as Mr. Wilson are engaged in a broad ranging civil conspiracy which involves intentionally and repeatedly publishing FALSE and MISLEADING, FALSE and MISLEADING, FALSE and MISLEADING, FALSE and MISLEADING statements on Yahoo Message Boards in an attempt to bilk unsuspecting investors out of their hard-earned money. It is also alleged that !!!DENNY!!! has intentionally inflicted emotional distress upon frequenters of the Exact Sciences Yahoo Message Board with his brash and know-it-all commenting style. A complaint has been filed with the SEC (Shitron Examination Committee), and Dewey, Cheatham & Howe is committed to getting to the very bottom of this matter, by colonoscopic procedures, if necessary.

    If you would like to volunteer as a lead plaintiff, please reply to this post with your name, credit card number, expiration date and security code, along with a picture of your girlfriend (no wives please) and her cell phone number, and we will be sure to respond to you as soon as possible. Thank you.
  • Why does Yahoo allow Deny to post all day? They take down some of my posts yet allow Deny to post at will? Seeing his name makes me ill. We get his point.
  • Our great CEO Kevin made comment a while back when discussing colonoscopy that approximately 2% of patients either die or end up with serious complications from the procedure. Several sources state that 1%, or 15,000 people die from the procedure annually. 15,000 seems like a lot to me. Why would anyone, given the choice, get a colonoscopy knowing there is even the slightest chance for death when with Cologuard the chance for death is zero? Seems like a no-brainer to me or am I missing something?