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Exelixis, Inc. (EXEL)

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19.52+0.22 (+1.14%)
As of 1:26PM EDT. Market open.
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  • Just a crazy observation from an old trader - if last week's whippy action continues, I consider it an extremely bullish signal. Just watch it bounce from the 19's.
  • Contemplated selling, but I will hang in there. I agree with comments that there looks to be someone large getting out, but that is not the problem. The problem is no one is here buying. The price dropped 50 cents on 200k volume this morning.

    RSI is the lowest is has been. Stochastic indicates oversold. MACD is at a low...on and on. Eventually the market is going to wake up and buying pressure should take it up as quick as it came down...probably quicker...

    I admit I came in early on this one though...oh well, tough to call the tops and the bottoms as a retail...
  • I guess my point is that I'm not abandoning this stock. Just waiting.
  • when the trolls appear, the end to the selling is near!
  • Biotech swings can be erratic. White knuckle. The fear I sense on this board suggests we may be oversold. Solid company. Approved drug. Good balance sheet. Just relax.
  • Already drop $6 since earning report, something looks very wrong.
  • Lets see if the company releases any good news to bring investors back aboard. Maybe a positive update on one of the clinical trials or possibly some collaboration update with one of the major partners! Something will happen to help get back the 20% lost since earning announcement date ($5 decrease in share price)!
  • We are oversold, no question.
  • Hopefully they will announce a news tomorrow morning.
  • It looks like the big seller{s}, is running out of shares. Let's see if the volume slows as the price rebounds. The new owners of those shares will be happy folks in a short time.
  • YIKES. Thank God I moved half of my position to OMER. This is looking played out.
  • As soon as you see appearance of yahoo MB trolls like Walter ...you know the bottom is in. This is a good sign that we have bottomed. Regardless, yes its painful to watch 25% drop without cause, but rest assured there has been no bad news at all. If anything the last quarterly report was a block-buster. Remember back in September the PPS went up to $15, and then without any reason it fell all the way down to $10.88 - a drop of 27%. Here we went pretty close to $25 and down to $19 - a drop of about 24%. The last time it recovered all of the loss and then some. It wont be any different this time. Loo at the analyst targets - $24 to $28 with average at $26.20. We are at 19 and change. We have %25 move in not so distant future.
  • Big fund this fund was selling is still not done yet...but seems like end is there. Dont worry another big fund will jump in at these bargain prices. Perhaps this fund was waiting to see if a buyout would happen but I am fine with weak funds leaving the party. There is a lot more to come and we haven't even heard about HCC results and the renal 1st line filing. Today may be the turning point and we should head higher. I would hope that the climb up is slow and steady
  • EXEL has done great for me, I'm not going to complain. I did exit half my position at 21, if it gets too low, I'll buy them back.
  • Looks like another down day for EXEL!
    When will we see a positive day? Very disappointed with since qtr end report.
  • Relax some people selling and smart ones thinking long term. Hang onto ur stocks and accumulate. This is a great company to own. Don't doubt exel. It will double ur $$
  • I strongly suspect we won't see $22 today!
  • The volume is on the spikes. Noice!! We are turning it back up.
  • I wonder if today's action (down in an up day) is due to options expiration?
  • Options traders trying to get it to close under $20. Don't sell.