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  • FaceBook TV = $200 For Christmas !!!
    Ho Ho Ho !!!!
  • From money for all those who don't want to work for it, brought to you by the Zucker. Yea Baby
  • While FB didn't pop up in value after earnings, the fact that it didn't submit to 5-10% drop from profit taking and rotation feels very positive to me. Might very well rally to $165ish before next earnings report.
  • Facebook will be fine and will be a hundred and sixty-seven dollars weigh before Thanksgiving!
  • Ironically, even though I voted for Hillary I do admit there's no way in the world Wall Street would have responded to her and produced a stock market rally like we have seen since November 9! Trump is an amazing job except for the pipeline in South Dakota which I categorically disagree with I love everything else he's done besides thank God for the amazing triple Q Power shares long and Apple those guys have produced a nice little profit of about 19% or about $44,000 since November 9th when he won the election that's acceptable and appreciated. thank you Donald Trump! Go Republican!
  • After Mark Zuckerberg's speach to Harvard, if I didn't have such a large gain and didn't mind paying taxes I would sell. I can't imagine anyone thinking we need to give all the ner do wells a salary in this country that would afford them all the basics. Whatever happened to get a skill, get an education, work hard and you will go up in this world? That is positively the worst thing I have ever heard a ceo say. I hate Mark Zuckerberg now and if this stock goes to zero it won't bother me one bit. I worked hard all my life and I made my money . I had a job from 10th grade until I retired and I paid most of my college all myself. I never took a hand out or had a loan until I bought a house. I paid it off quickly. I made mine and by damn all the people in this country have the same opportunity. I would be in agreement to give elderly and disabled enough to buy the basics, but not another soul. Mark Zuckerberg can rot in hell as far as I am concerned.
  • Zuck Is Doing An Outstanding Job Of Keeping FB Growing !
    I See Him Making A Mind Blowing Purchase Very Very Soon !
    This Purchase Will Put Fb Within Arms Length Of Google !!
    Enough Said, Just Watch !!!!!!!!!
    Oh Yes !!!!
  • 🌐It is very funny that Hillary Clinton spoke at Wellesley College today about being furious that the sitting president may be impeached for obstruction of justice, when there is absolutely no proof of any wrong doing by the President.
    Yet the only President in modern history to be impeached for obstruction of justice was her own husband, President Bill Clinton.
    Pots do call kettles black, don't they?
  • When's the split?
  • Why are some of you guys unhinged at this point? Zuck's rhetoric has been the same since he put FB on the open market. Here's what you need to do: Suck it up and let him drag you kicking and screaming ... all the way to the bank!
  • Zuckerberg is a socialist #$%$ hole .. some of the garbage spewed from him at Harvard is a direct affront to capitalism .. that same capitalism that affords him to speak like some liberal jerkoff .. total DB.. I sold this stock because I now see the so called leader of the company is not right between his ears ...
  • On FB, one word: Surge
  • In just a few years, Facebook will have wiped Netflix off the map. Can you say $300 per FB share by 2020?
  • Well now, why don't da Zuckerbe send me a million of those free shares he want to give Americans.

    What a Jack ZZA
  • FB will do amazing under President Trump.
  • "FB" Stock Price Will Not Go Down On Monday !!
    Bet On It Folks !!!!!
    Money In The Bank ............
  • All the way up ! See you at $160
  • Time to start a FacebookCoin!! Just like Bitcoin.
  • Finally !!!!
    See you at 170
  • Why Are The MM'S Holding FB Down From Hitting $200 NOW ??
    There Is No Valid Reason At All !!
    Look At The Numbers FB Puts Up At Every Earnings Call !!
    Do We Even Have An SEC ????
    So So So SAD !!!!