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Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. (FITX)

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At close: 2:27PM EDT
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  • Nobody is selling, longs are buying! aHAHAHAhaha! Too bad for the bashers.
  • Hey bashers! You just bashed a stock that was in the trips, and made it go green. Congratulations!
  • Does anyone on this board have any REAL information as to what is happening. Obviously the management of the company
    isn't planning to communicate with stockholders with any news, good or bad.
  • We are waiting for SNAPPLE. They are doing everything. NICE! GIDDY UP!
  • #$%$ is going on with james? why is he such and ah ceo/president. I don't think I would hire him to take out the trash
  • where is dime bag robinson? its his own fault for losing the confidence of shareholders look how the loser operates........can you say loser
  • So why doesn't that DIRTYBAG Robinson come out of hiding?
  • james must be mixing each cup by hand and drinking it before it gets bottled
  • Chubbs is a cellar-boxer. (look it up.) He admits he's proud stealing from us. He probably steals candy from little kids and purses fom grammas too. That's what his type does.
  • allan, prove you are not a Paid Basher or Naked Short!
  • sometymz is a perfect example of what happens when you mate a skunk with a baboon!
  • chris... You will be indicted!
  • why doesn't james update shaeholders/? so he lied on the eastern star facebook he said the 17th, this guy cant complete a thing, its easy to get something put in a can, I don't know why its so hard for him,. he must be a crackhead. hes had years. james please tell shareholders why you are so inept and such a liar.
  • chris/chubbs deleted his posts claiming he made millions Naked Shorting FITX. Very Interesting!
  • hiring this bafoon just makes bill chaaban look stupid.,,,,,,,,,why to go bill what a legacy you are leaving. I wont be surprised if I hear the boogey man came for you. or that teri cuts your skin off an wears you like a suit.
  • Basher desperation is what's going on. They think by attacking myself and others personally, that we will stop exposing them for what they are. (Naked Shorts or work for a Hedge Fund or another group) Scammers, Thieves, Stock Manipulators....
  • PERFECT DAY! THIS STENCH hit .0001 which the fabulous legend, C CHECKER, predicted years ago. It don't get no better on calling scams than that.
    TRUE GENIUS exposing this scam.
  • I expect a PR from FITX at any moment! Sorry Bashers/Naked Shorts. :)
  • chris/chubbs got booted from the FITX board. HAHAHAHAHA....I Love It!
  • The only astounding thing chubbly has done is manipulate shares. He's an A-1 cellar boxer. Be proud chubbs. You know how to work the system and steal from college kids and poor people trying to earn a few pennies.