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Five Below, Inc. (FIVE)

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  • nice to see some consolidation over the last few days. I'd imagine they pull back to less than $51 and wait till earning next week. really hard to say where they'll go after earnings. Gonna be tough this quarter to post comps over +2%. This is the last really tough quarter they have to lap for the near future. Q2 the comps get a little easier and Q3&Q4 they are really easy so my guess would be they pull back to around $49 to $50 then hold steady for a month or two then begin rising again and possibly top out by late fall or early Dec at 58-59, before pulling back hard again, maybe back to mid 40's, before breaking through $60 spring next year. they have a fairly predictable cadence. The usually pull back a lot late in the year, then jump like crazy in the spring when they announce Q4 earnings. Usually you want to buy in Jan/feb and sell in july except this year they may have longer uptrend because they had weaker Q3&Q4 comp sales in 2016 so I could see them +2-4% comps this fall which would push them higher. The only real question for this earnings will be if they are far enough into Q2 to give a solid comp sales guidance for Q2 or if they'd rather hold off and give that guidance next quarter. I think the entire momentum of the earnings next week will come down to what they say about Q1 comps and keeping or raising guidance.
  • I am a believer that you value growth stocks on next yrs earning that is my belief and I am sticking to it
  • here is my reasoning five should trade at 38 times next yrs earning so 60 seems ok five will likely earn 1.95 next rear and imo it will trade at 38 times 1.95 beginning in nov
  • I'm out. 2000 shares....rode it from $39.50 to $52.25.....stock has been basically parabolic for the last few weeks and is getting expensive here...good luck to all
  • another new yrly high today 60 is a given and if it takes till nov then 75 is the price I believe in
  • my reconing is five is fully valued at 60
  • Still some headroom ,55 should be obtainable. https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/FIVE/key-statistics?p=FIVE

  • hummm.... broke $50 intraday today.... I'm thinking maybe I should have loaded up back in March when it was $37... it's got to pull back at some point? Maybe $52 (at 40x1 p/e) No stock goes $37 to $50-ish w/o consolidation... up 30% in six weeks? Does it pull back to $47 or go back as low as 45.50 (35x1 p/e)????
  • five hit 50 today then pulled back imo if you can buy five lower than 38xs forward earn its decent buy
  • moving above 50 this week ?
  • Allan has it right. Hold for 5 years and you will at the minimum double. Growth is strong in a tough retail environment, Not directly affected by direct competition including Amazon. The magic is the assortment and their ability to manage it . A very efficient box to sell from that is exciting and flexible. The company has a rock solid balance sheet without debt. The stores generate a 100 % in less than one year. This is incredible and the leverage of these stores over a 5 year stack is probably the best in the retail industry. The real estate strategy is well conceived and executed with an eye to market fill back as the first priority as these stores will ensure the strong 5 year stack performance as the stores achieve lower advertising and distribution cost. Their new market strategy has proven to be spot on to date with huge success in Texas , Florida and California which over time should grow to 400 -500 in these states alone.Good management team and they have strategically continued to strengthen their team to support the future growth. The shorts are getting battered again and again.
  • u can hold five for the next three yrs and that is a fact
  • it will brk 50 soon
  • WOW!!!!!! Closed at 45.50 exactly! Which if you remember from a month ago right after earning is where I said it was headed. However, it's gonna hit some resistance here. See, I've followed this stock for about 4 years. It usually trades in a range between 35x1 and 45x1 backward PE. When it drops below a 35 to 1 PE you need to load up and go long, and when it starts closing at a 46-48x1 PE you need to sell everything and go short. (hopefully you saw my post 7 months ago when I told you to sell it above 50 and load up in the low 30's... cuz I did) I do see room for it to go higher but I'd expect a pull back sometime soon. At some point between now and their Q1 earnings in June-ish. I wouldn't be surprised to see it touch $42to41-ish or lower at some point in the next 45 days. If you remember last year it pulled back in May, then from early june to August it went in a straight line up to 52. The next major upward resistance level is a 40x1 forward pe which is $52 and could go as high as 45x1 PE by August, which is $58.50. (But will probably pull back before going to $52) From there it's hard to say where it goes. That's gonna depend a lot on the outlines of tax reform come this fall. If there's a 100% border tax you're in trouble and it drops below $40... but if there's a border tax exemption for goods under $25 or $50 tor such, hat's probably neutral, and if they propose full year 1 cap-ex writeoff's that could actually push the stock into the low $60's (since FIVE has a lot of 5yr cap-ex). anyway, all of retail will be comp'ing really weak 3rd and 4th qtr sales this fall so there's a chance they could go to $65-ish by Nov / Dec but that depends on a lot of factors... tax reform has to go their way, and they've got to beat comp sales in Q2&Q3, and the macro retail environment needs to improve.... So sure, there is still upside from here, but in the near term expect some resistance above $45.50 and a lot of resistance above $52 until we see more tax and economic data going into the fall... I really wish you had been buying below $39 like I told you 7 months ago, but you can always get a little more during a pullback below $45, and hope for positive tax news, good luck....
  • FIVE appears to suggest upside opportunity given the analyst mean target price at 49.53. have you guys heard of awe-someSTOCKS. i started receiving their allerts and so far i am happy.
  • looking good
  • The drip continues and continues . The shorts are begging for free advil. California stores opening soon and they are going to be great.
  • cramer is pumping not that I am a big fan of cramer but he will add new buyers to this stock this is the second time in 4wks cramer has talked about five imo this will take away giant buying opportunities that the bears have given us bulls we can no longer count on bears to give us 30 percent discounts to fair value that some of us have used to build large positions
  • A man that hath no virtue in himself, ever envieth virtue in others. http://dataunion.tistory.com/1939

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    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks May-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 2,830 NASDAQ Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is 0.2 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stock
  • five starting to move its got some believers