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National Beverage Corp. (FIZZ)

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  • I'm checking out of this forum. LaCroix is the shxt. Pointless coming here, so silly. But for those who doubt FIZZ, take a look at this video before earnings call... An inside look at how Amazon Prime Now delivers food and ...

    My work is done here.

    An inside look at how Amazon Prime Now delivers food and ...
    Amazon is quietly expanding its Prime Now free 2-hour delivery service. CNBC's Deirdre Bosa headed inside one of the Prime Now hubs to see how it works.
  • FIZZ appears to suggest upside opportunity. Yo you should really check out awe-someSTOCKS, they seem on point with their stocks.
  • $97 is very soon on the way.
  • Shorts gotta be hurting and wondering "why me"...Right Andy?
  • Sell the mnst and long the fizz, long way you can win.
  • Any ideas what is driving the downward movement? Pressure from yet another short announcement?
  • He would not do this because he would have to pay +25% as a majority share holder. Sorry to say but this is going down. I got out at 85 and started a large short position. I could see this really getting ugly.......
  • Random question, why not take this company private? Nick will then be able to do anything he wants with the profits... He already owns around 75% of the company. It would only cost him $1B to buy it. Ralph, any chances of this in your opinion? I know, it sounds crazy, but why wouldn't he buy it and then does not need to deal with SEC?
  • i say we should all go out and buy a case of fizz. Let's support.
  • Did you make a bunch of money again today Andy? XOXO
  • come on...judst a few more bucks to buy some $85 puts.....don't tell me you are losing steam already....if she breaks $80 I will short.....

    I need enough money to ask Kelly on a date?
  • Nick declared a dividend of $1.50 a share for investors to be paid on or before August 4, 2017 at the meeting today for those interested.
  • I love you Kelly, rinse and repeat!
  • Down over 6% on no news.
  • Datapoint: Bought first mixed flavor case of 24 cans of La Croix at Costco in SoCal. The price was reasonable. I started drinking La Croix instead of Diet Pepsi (was addicted to). I felt no guilt drinking multiple La Croix in the afternoon so as long as the price was ~$.30/can. I'm all out and went to get another case at Costco in the Sacramento area. They don't carry La Croix!!!!!! I called and no Costco in Sac. has La Croix. I put a suggestion in the box and asked the attendant to look into it. She said that she goes to Target to get cheap La Croix. I went over there and they didn't carry it either. Only Walmart does but not the large mixed flavor 12can case. There is definitely room for growth. NOW! where can I reliably buy more...I'm thirsty and it's hot.
  • Hi Kelly,

    Another $90 and $85 puts sold for another well respected 400% gain!

    Yours truly,

    P.S. even if there was a rumor for a buyout it would not happen. Last time son would not hand over financials...this is why they did not sell not to mention the investigation in this company would not help...
  • @ Kelly are you excited about your dividend? Free money right?
  • Well, news not the worst, just Maxim with a SELL FIZZ today. CEO replied to it claiming the brokerage did so to make money on its shorts to make money on driving the stock down. Which if true, it did and continues to do. Now how down will this go? We know the company has a great product and sales are roaring for the future, so we wait and see what's next. We are mostly all pawns in the stock market to be jerked around by what I call the "big boys" who can do "stuff" to our stocks to make them go down in this case for their benefit. May have nothing to do with the products. Also, there is a question of the books of a company......glad it wasn't this type of issue. Right Ralph, to be continued................
  • Who the h?!! is Maxim? What gets me is how fickle the American public is. They are so easily swayed by every little s#$& that gets put out there. It's like no backbone. Someone only needs cry wolf in a foreign country about something that absolutely does not affect them and the whole market tanks. Why are people so weak today? If you have or own something you believe in, don't be so wishy washy. Stand your ground. Well for one thing I have held this for years through the good and bad. Through all the #$%$ that used to be said and i'm still going to hold, because in the end this one will prevail and prosper.
  • few more bucks to buy 90 puts!!! LOL!!!