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  • I think FLY is due for a pullback. What are your thoughts? Yo you should really check out awesom-eSTOCKS, they seem on point with their stocks.
  • FLY is the place where bad news is good news. Where FLY MIGHT buy planes if the Chinese can't compete anymore. Or if some airline in financial distress suddenly has more planes to unload than the market can soak up. Etc.
    But then, perhaps, at some point they'll throw in the towel and BBAM will figure that going private then taking a super dividend from the treasure trove of unrestricted cash, or selling the portfolio off to the highest bidder or makes more than the current 'management' fees. Or Barrington will finally retire. Or they'll finally become serious in buying back shares. Or . . .
    Until then it's a waiting game.
  • After a very quiet 2016, the company is now moving ahead with an aggresive acquisition program. $300M in acquisitions have been completed since quarter end and this is the first we here about it. How is the stock supposed to move up if the management doesn't even announce major acquisitions with a press release? At least they are now putting their cash stash to work. This management is awful at keeping shareholders informed. They should also us some of their cash to reinstate the dividend, which never should have been stopped in the first place Let's hope we start seeing long-suffering shareholders rewarded in 2017 with earnings growth and a stock price that reflects the value of the assets. I bought this company when I sold Aircastle after it ran up but FLY has been a lousy investment for me. No income or capital gain just dead money. .
  • Just a couple of observations: first, FLY has stopped issuing press releases not related to earnings for quite a while now. While there is little activity related to acquisitions or sales, it also reflects management's diminished interest in interacting with its shareholders. For example, there was never any announcement of the settlement of the spate of class-action lawsuits.
    Second, the really low trading volume is evidence that FLY has stopped or greatly diminished its buyback campaign, even with the PPS in the high 12s.
    And with each quarterly report, BBAM's participation in the conference calls becomes more pronounced.
    It would seem that the future of FLY, whatever that will be, has already been determined.
  • One additional observation re FLY: Traditionally, at the top of a bull market phase such as we've had since Trump's election, stocks that have not gone up with the rest of the market are bid up in price. That would have been FLY if the last quarterly had not been so negative. But there is another chance of that happening on May 11th, provided of course that another stink bomb is not dropped at the CC.
  • Q1 ended w/o the purchase or sale of any airplanes. This, despite the company reporting having in excess of $580 free cash on hand at the end of 2016. Management did state during the last conference call that completing deals that made sense
  • Do you want people around you to catch yours? http://dataunion.tistory.com/7243

    MAY-2016 Fly Leasing Ltd NYSE : FLY Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks May-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 4,338 NYSE Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is 0.2 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stocks
  • Who would be foolish to give up your shares under $18.40 book. Appears as though shareholders aren't stupid as vol at 13500 after 2 hrs of trading. Hold tight!!
  • Why? As of the end of 2016 there were 32.3 million shares outstanding and the company reported $580 unrestricted cash on hand ( $17.96 per share). They also reported having $380 million in unencumbered assets. This sum combined with cash on hand totals $960 million ($29.72 per share). For 2016 adjusted net income was $79.3 million or $2.38 per share (current pe of 5.37).
  • At $5-$6 under book co said share price was too expensive to buy back stock. When the last 2 lessors were bought out at book I find this incredible. Public cos are expected to work for the shareholders. I would be open to sueing these people.
  • Since management announced the massive dilution at $14 when the shares were trading at $17 plus and rising during mid 2013, the share price has been mostly range bound sub $14. Just re listened to the Q4 conference call. Here are a few takeaways from that call. Thus far for Q1, no new purchases of airplanes despite in excess of $500 million in free cash on hand. Re purchase of shares for Q4 slowed dramatically, possibly 200,000. despite ample cash to continue buying aggressively. While addressing the slow down in the program they gave the impression that in the $13-$14 range the stocks no bargain despite the newly revised $18.29 book value. Not much info on the three planes purchased in the 2011 package that caused the huge write down. Seems strange that they didn't have a clue that the airplanes were massively overvalued for all that time.

    Mr Market no longer trusts management. There is no logical reason to remain long despite the great fundamentals, (great value and market conditions). There has to be a reason that fly has languished while it's peers have at the leastpaced the market
  • Just a reminder that the last 2 plane lessors were bought at book value. If the co wants to take FLY private book value is now at about $19.
  • AYR is speaking at a conference today at 3:30. I would expect an analyst to ask them about the write down of those large planes by FLY. Then we will really should know what's going on!!
  • Is FLY undervalued? This sort of setup suggests potential upside... Yo you should really check out awesomestoc-ks, they seem on point with their stocks.
  • So today Compass Point upgrades from neutral to buy. Previously they had a $16.50 PT and Zacks put FLY on their strong buy list today. And RBC with a $22 PT. FLY better hurry and buy those shares. HaHa
  • It's so easy for the Big Boys to pin share price right here all day hoping you'll give them your shares. Even a hint of FLY going private and they know share price will be over $17+. We need an activist
  • In their presentation, they never specified how much was bought in 4Q, just totals. One analyst called them on that, asking why the buyback had fallen off so much in the 4Q, and they said it was because of the increased price. WHICH SAYS that they themselves don't value FLY at 14 or perhaps even the high 13s. They opened the door to going private, tying that to an inability to make acquisitions going forward.
  • I'd love to know whether those planes are covered by Airbus's value guarantee. If they aren't, then FLY was previously marking them at the value they would be if covered. Fishy practice.
    If they ARE covered and FLY is marking them now as if they aren't, that could be a ploy to crater the share price and take it private cheap. Even fishier practice.
  • Could they be looking to reduce the number of shares on the cheap and eventually take this private at a ~20% premium but still below book value?
  • What a joke!! And not in a good way. I hope someone asks where these planes came from, and how they were so overvalued in prior reports. If they came in a recent deal (Gamco) how did they get the valuation so wrong. Unless they can give a great reason in the CC, heads need to roll. Management now have a long catalogue of errors. I don't know why I have given them the benefit of the doubt for so long. How can anyone take serious a management who give an "Adjusted Net Income" that includes the profit on disposal of aircraft, but excludes the impairment charges. Ridiculous.