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Finjan Holdings, Inc. (FNJN)

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2.9642-0.43 (-12.56%)
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  • STM --Hi, Fair market value today is $4.00 minimum which assumes a massive haircut for Bluecoat 1,2, Symantec etc..So you might be right about the next 10-20 cents but the risk in selling is one loses his position and the stock is $4.00 + on back of another large licensing deal or settlement. Or a $5.00- $6.00 tender offer for the entire co from either Cisco, Symantec, Palo, Feye, or several others...This is a very strategic asset and 90% of the heavy lifting has been done already (IPR's etc) and the portfolio has been 100% de-risked.
  • I'll be happy closing the week at 3.75
  • When will the Symantec status update file? Before or After market closes???!!!
  • Hey StopThe Madness. From your caption it's obvious that you're attempting to #$%$ investors. You numerous posts don't come across at all like a shareholder, but exactly like someone who is trying to buy shares at a far lower price via an agenda. Yes you're knowledgeable regarding FNJN. Seems you sold and would love to reload. i recommend people read your posts and come to their own conclusions. You claim to own a very large position in FNJN, but your posts are negative and anyone who disagrees with you is either deluded or a pumper. The math doesn't add up.Truth be told sellers are 10% owners. After selling BCPI retains over 5 million shares, while Israel Seed IV, L.P. which specializes in seed, startup, early venture, and growth capital investments, still has over 3.5 million shares. Israel Seed has been a consistent seller but FNJN seems to not fit their business model anymore.After over 4 decades investing I've seen your kind often. Does not take much to see the transparency. I know you''ll attack this post as that is your MO. It's too bad that you sold so soon and aren't able to influence FNJN's share price lower, although you're trying like your best to do so. Best of luck.
  • What the promoters don't want you to know. Let's take a look at just 2 months ago:
    03/16/2017 1.438 1.48 1.438 1.48 6,272
    03/15/2017 1.49 1.49 1.44 1.45 6,039
    03/14/2017 1.4622 1.4746 1.458 1.4746 4,739
    03/13/2017 1.46 1.49 1.46 1.4701 1,560

    A four-day period with every trade in the $1.40s and daily volume under 10K each day. Only 1,560 shares traded for one whole day.

    Enter a pump & dump campaign:
    "Our coverage of Finjan (FNJN) will last at minimum, through the end of this week as we think there is a good possibility of very near term gains.
    -The Team
    Our reports/releases are a commercial advertisement and are for general information purposes ONLY. We are engaged in the business of marketing and advertising companies for monetary compensation. Never invest in any stock featured on our site or emails unless you can afford to lose your entire investment. The disclaimer is to be read and fully understood before using our services, joining our site or our email/blog list as well as any social networking platforms we may use."

    This campaign was picked up by numerous other pump & dump sites and then the momentum traders piled on. I never tell people what to do with their own money. Knowledge is power and trade accordingly. Read the Form 4s and understand 3 of the top 4 holders are selling on a daily basis and have been selling since $1.50.

    There has been no new news since the price was less than half of the current price. Their revenue is from one-off deals and has been known to the penny for many weeks. There has been nothing new since the first promotional campaign began 29 days ago.

    I am a long-term bull here and have owned over a year. Be aware of the total circumstances and don't get burned. By all means, ride out the momentum trading. I am selling as the price is rising and have a trailing stop for the remainder and will reload at much lower prices. Don't think it will go back to $1.40s, but you should know it was .81 last year and $1.01 less than 5 months ago.

    Hope you lock-in some profits and come back to buy even more shares after the retracement. Good luck.

    (Watch the promoters call me a basher again for wising you up... lol)
  • As expected... nothing new. More important is what they didn't say and how some of the nuances changed just from the earnings call. Down a little today on falling volume and I predict it will go lower tomorrow. The short-term traders don't like holding into the weekend and the imminent catalysts are gone.

    We'll see what happens. I am still a long-term bull, but believe there will be a MUCH better entry point. There still hasn't been anything new since before it doubled in price. A large retracement and necessary backfilling are probable.

    Hope you continue your DD and stick around. If you take profits now, keep 100 shares in your account so you keep following them. Pick a price to enter or average down in small chunks all the way down. Be realistic about where it was just a month ago and trade accordingly with proper expectations.

    Good luck.
  • As someone said, short term traders getting out, and stop losses being taken out.
  • What will tomorrow bring? Should I stay or should go now!
  • looks like another great day! This is crazy!
  • From today's webcast: "Expect licensing activity and settlements to accelerate"
  • StopThe Madness.
    FNJN has backfilled many times. Look at their chart. Volume has been very strong. aka the stock is under accumulation. I've dealt with Patent Trolls, which some label FNJN. And FNJN is not selling anywhere near what a patent troll, with similar prospects, would sell for,. Logically they should be selling at a much higher multiple then a patent troll, based on historical valuations. Yes revenues ill be lumpy,.
    But FNJN successes at defending their patent portfolio has value. Their portfolio of licenses has value. The Blue Coat Settlement alone would make FNJN's current valuation mostly based on cash on the books. So you value the company at little to nothing?
    The likelihood of additional licenses and successful judgment are rooted in their history. FNJN should be a multiple of today's price IMO. It will depend mostly on judgments/licenses. Earnings could be $2.50 and more per share this year or $1.00 on the low side. With a stock valued at $2.60 excluding cash.
    Please tell me what other company's you know of, who have no debt, Have over a $1 per share cash on the books, booked $0.69 for Q1, with very few outstanding shares (basically little to no chance of any future shareholder dilution) that are selling anywhere close to FNJN's value? I'm always looking for good investment ideas.

    If you have so many shares, yet are questioning investors then why haven't you followed your own advice and monetized your gains?? The most logical answer is that you want in cheaper. No investor in their right mind questions the value of a stock repeatedly on a message board, yet still holds such a large position. Do you often hold shares in company's that you see little prospects of future cap gains?

    I've been investing since I was 18. Retired at 50, now 60. Mostly attributed to stock market returns. I'm not claiming to know it all, as Mr. And Mrs. Market will hammer you if invest with a holier-then-thou attitude. This is not my first rodeo.
  • Does everyone know that the Cisco case has gone to Mediation (ADR L.R. 6) ??? This would be real intersetng if it could settle dispute with a mediator!!! Must have some outcome with some kind of statement 90 days from May 18th. I wasn't sure if anyone notified us about this yet!!!
  • Israel Seed sold over 80 million shares yesterday. They've been selling shares into strength for a while now. That leaves them with over 3.6 million shares per FNJN's SEC filing. That doesn't look like they're running for the hills. but a long time owner, who invests in small company's is monetizing some of their holdings. A minuscule fraction.
  • Who remembers this!!!???


    Finjan Holdings, Inc. FNJN Post # 15632
    Finjan Holdings, Inc. FNJN Stock Message Board: [b]Converted Organics, Inc. (COIN) Announces Merger Transaction with
  • After not coming up with a settlement agreement on March 3rd the parties agreed to continue to discuss settlement and they must let the court know by May 26th on how things are going!!! So anything goes this week!!!
  • Anyone notice people are buying higher than the bed and ask
  • Judge says there is good cause to grant summary judgement in Bluecoat case!!!
  • New Yahoo target is $4.00!!!
  • I thought we could hit $3.75 to about 4 1/4 after the conference and then some update on Symantec by Friday could bring itto $4.50 to $4.75