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Twenty-First Century Fox, Inc. (FOXA)

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  • Rhe two young Murdochs are incapable of running this company. Dump them before its too late. They are two idiots,
  • Berkshire Hattawy had only 250 Million stake and cutting it to move it around is a drop in a bucket for a company with an Enterprise Value of 40+ Billion. It's great to have so many easily scared investors, it helps to buy MORE stock at a great discount price :)
  • James Murdoch is destroying FOX. Sell sell sell sell
  • Cumulative 1.14% return on FOXA over the last twenty years of stewardship under Ailes as it grew from $22 to $26.92-and now looking for a suitor to bail them out. This is not an investment - it appears to be a vehicle of expressing sentiment - and if that was it's objective then it worked.
  • Is Shepard Smith still on payroll at Fox? I hope they get rid of the 🌈gay liberal jerk soon. Fox employees don't ever drink out of his coffee cup you never know where his gay lips have been. Yes the truth hurts.
  • I don't understand the financial news about missing on revenue. Who cares, as long as your profit beats expectations. EPS was 0.06 cents higher than expected !!!!!!! Isn't it called Bottom Line for a reason ???? !!!!
  • EPS just beat expectations by 0.06 cents, i.e 0.54 from 0.48 .... that is 12.5% better profit than expected. This is the bottom line.
  • Tucker Carlson is awful good at his craft.

    Tucker Carlson Delivers KO Punch To Hillary Clinton's Campaign Advisor
    5-5-17: Tucker Carlson interviews Peter Daou, Former Campaign Advisor to Hillary Clinton about her campaign and mainstream media bias.
  • Why do the FOX shares which are the voting shares trade at a discount to the chump non-voting shares? Can you convert your FOX shares into FOXA shares when they are at a discount like some other Voting rights shares? Would appreciate any insights. TY
  • Viab seems to much cheaper than Fox, any suggestions why you choose Fox. VIAB will have 20% growth in next few years with very profitable global films and setting up Global Product development with Chinese partners.
  • So happy Gayboy Shepard Smith was not on Fox today so much better without his liberal slant on everything.
  • The young Murdochs are two naive liberal idiots who due to their incompetence will destroy FOX News. A new conservative network is needed. FOX Board of Directors needs to take action now and remove these idiots from the control they have over FOX. Stockholder value will plunge if these two dopes are not replaced.
  • The trading setup for FOX looks very enticing. Do you guys find it difficult to know when to buy or sell something? I prefer to get my stocks from awesomeSTO-CKS.
  • Did FOXNews get rid of that 🌈gay Shepard Smith yet? I never watch his show on Fox because he such a
    a liberal bias dope like 🌈gay Rachel Maddow on MSNBC fake news network. Her ratings plummeted after her highest rated show on President Trumps tax returns.
  • I hope that Fox News does not renew liberal 🌈gay boy Shepard Smith. He always puts his liberal gay spin on his reporting. Fox needs to ship him over to Fake Gay News at MSNBC. He will hit it off with gay Rachel Maddow. They deserve each other.
  • I wonder when Fox News will ship that liberal gay boy 🌈Shepard Smith off to Fake News NBC / MSNBC. What a gay liberal jerk he is. I never watch his show anymore.
  • Rapist Bill Clinton and Pervert Anthony Weiner democrat poster boys for democrat new 🏢hall of shame. I And Democrats wonder why they keep losing elections with Democrat perverts like this in office.

    Anthony Weiner sexted busty brunette while his son was in bed with him
    While his wife, Huma Abedin, travels the country campaigning for Hillary Clinton, the disgraced ex-congressman has been sexting with a busty brunette.
  • Pretty dumb move on fox to fire Bill there goes the dividend ! and the stock
  • Yes indeed - It's official - 4 🤥🤥🤥🤥Pinocchios!!!! Keep in mind the Clintons, John Kerry and the entire Obama Administration were selling this narrative to the American public.

    Analysis | Susan Rice’s claim that Obama got Syria to ‘verifiably give up its chemical weapons stockpile’
    Obama's national security adviser touted a deal with words that seem less credible after Syria engaged in an apparent sarin attack.
  • Fox News will be destroyed by Murdoch's two idiot sons who are both liberals at heart. They will purge all the conservative hosts as soon as Rubert dies.