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Frontier Communications Corporation (FTR)

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1.415-0.06 (-3.74%)
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  • Sage says ''Buy''
  • will this stock go bankrupt?
  • McBride did the JOB. Well Done.
  • The Elephant in the room.
    So much talk about all the negativity around bleeding CTFs, Reverse Split and Debt payments... but very little talk about a very large short squeeze forming for FTR. This stock has 90+% of float short which means more can't be shorted easily... much of this are the retail sheep following recommendations... A high percentage would be 30% of float short... all this short on a stock that is cash flow positive...lowering expenses significantly and beyond expecations... and showing signs of finally slowing the bleed of customers with some new revenue opportunities to add. Normally a 90+% of float shorted stock would be the death of a stock...the target being a stock that will go BK ...not one that is paying a dividend and cash flow positive with 3 years to restructure debt for coming payments. The elephant here is that this stock can have gigantic short squeeze moving it to valuation above where it should be in very short order. The more I think of Josh Resnick and his big short speech...the more I realize he did that to shake sellers to cover. If you had a real fundamental belief that a stock would go lower and planned to short "more", would you speak to the world behind a podium and give this away (lowering the price of the stock so you make less profit on shorting shares)? No, you would only do this if already HAD a position and needed sellers to buy from to close your position without raising the price of the stock.

    Any catalyst will create a mega short squeeze here... retailers will run and try to profit (already started). The first catalyst was the new Execs coming aboard to fix the problem...the second was the insider buys... each of these not that significant but look how fast the stock moved. What will be the big catalyst? The quarter report? Something sooner? As dumb as everyone thinks the board is... they won't let a RS go off without a VERY POSITIVE event prior to support the new price. In my opinion, this squeeze will happen prior to July 10th.

    Last, Black Rock doesn't have 113M shares because they think it is a good buy. My thought is they are working the debt restructuring with FTR which would be a HUGE catalyst. Note that FTR said they would likely do something in Q2.
  • Good Afternoon fellow FTR Stock Holders.

    Very happy to see the rise on Friday session although I have no idea why the surge.
    Hopefully someone can give me a good and detailed explanation.

    FTR please get ur business back, stabilise your revenue, reduce your churn, reduce your debt and establish a long term business model. Prove the haters wrong!

    You are my first US Stock. Dun let me down!!!
    You can do it FTR!!!!

  • Has anyone seen jim?

    There are some paid bashers over at Moody's -- these guys show up here, there -- seems like they are everywhere. Seems like they are trying to hold FTR under $2.

    Haven't these guys seen Trump in the Middle East? They should be fighting ISIS instead of bashing stocks!
  • as soon as this starts to turn they post more old bad news to keep it in place...
  • Based on Friday's nice run-up and after hours trading, it looks like this coming week will continue the upward trend for FTR. It's just so darn undervalued and cheap. Plus there's nice $0.04 dividend coming. Ex-dividend date is Tuesday 06/13/17. To get the dividend, you have to own before that date. Based on current trading prices the dividend yield currently attractively stands at about 11.0%.
  • Lets crack and hold $1.50 today. Baby steps are just fine as long as it stays green
  • Interesting on the Yahoo board filter. You can write the word "sack" but if you remove the "k" your message is automatically deleted. Bullet point. Try it!
  • Will this company get delisted if they stop the dividend? Debt looks too big.
  • I might buy a few shares if the criminals running the company had not called for this massive reverse split and awarding themselves so much stock. I'll just sit on what I have, it looks like it's going to be a long haul.
  • It's sad to see all those who sold their shares in the 1.30's.
  • Hey - Jerry! Good to see your humor show up back on the board here, as well as your insight!

    Guess somebody didn't like my words "sac holder". Comments Missy? Maybe a little thin skinned? No worries, All's well 🍏
  • Predicting a dump flush @ close. Flush twice. Nobody wants to be caught holding the bag 💼 over the weekend.
  • Do I have this right? FTR is reducing the number of shares but after the split really there will be more shares?175 million gives it a split of 10/1. what gives?
  • At least they are trying to be proactive: Frontier Communications announced that veteran communications executive Victoria Boston has joined the company as vice president, sales & retention, based in Southern California. She reports to Cecilia McKenney, executive vice president, consumer sales and marketing. Boston leads sales and retention teams in 29 states with responsibility for customer service, acquisition, retention and growth initiatives. During her 25-year career at Verizon Communications Inc., Boston held executive roles leading sales, retention and enterprise solutions teams.
  • $1.50 after hours.