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VanEck Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETF (GDXJ)

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  • PANIC in the gold miner sector is causing gold "experts" to tout outlandish price objectives for gold to keep us in the game. Very desperate indeed. Also, some fear that GDXJ rebalancing will also include some exotic reverse split to obfuscate mismanagement of this deteriorating asset. Our work is also showing that gold would have to jump to 1600 for GDXJ bagholders to recover their 45 buck entry point (remember when gold was about 1300 or so and GDXJ was at 51?!). It's getting ugly out there unless our shorts stayed strong. Still looking at GDXJ to 24 to 28. Do your own research, of course.
  • Beautiful action in miners, shorts. This ANEMIC bounce is playing out just as we thought it would. Miners have NO intention of following any upward movement in gold and will not clear the major moving averages, by our work. The potential big correction in the stock market is even not giving miners any hope. This BRUTAL action in miners should be shorted HARD. We will let you know if the top is in for miners and will resume its downtrend. Congrats to the shorts who have stayed the course. Lordy, this is easier than we thought it might be.
  • Gold Juniors' Q1'17 Fundamentals $GDXJ

    Gold Juniors' Q1'17 Fundamentals
    Gold juniors’ fundamentals in just-reported Q1’17 remained quite strong. Despite relatively-low gold prices and the usual sharp first-quarter production drop, t
  • ALERT: We are now leaning HEAVILY into this SHORT. Miners everywhere have thrown in the towel. Miners smashed their heads on DOWNWARD sloping trend lines after a WEAK bounce attempt under LOW volume. Big money is telling us what to do so hop on their backs as end-of-the-world-buy-gold-crowd exhausts their influence to prop things up for a week.
  • Actually kind of doesn't make since... why is gdxj red/flat when all of its basket stocks are up over 1%? Just a pos scam? Jnug should be up 3% since all of the miners are soaring today
  • did someone have any idea what will be until the rebalance (16 june) and after?
  • QUESTIONS: gold used to heat-up as inflation rose. Has the correlation between gold and inflation been broken? I sold gdxj long ago @44. thinking of returning; PPI IMO is heating as the PPI rept this AM indicated a rise
  • SPECIAL NOTICE: We have now entered FREE FALL, shorts. Stay strong and short. Extraorinary BEARISH REVERSAL today in miners and gold itself just threw in the towel. You may wish to lean into your favorite short vehicle as we have. Gold bugs have thrown their arms up and are raising cash to buy back in about 25% lower. GDXJ should hit 24 in short order. Congrats, once again to the faithful. We have pegged this DOUBLE TOP BEAR dead on. Our models indicate clear sailing for a while.
  • PK is full of poop. if you held short from today you didn't make a dime. If you Day traded and got in near the low 14.23 and sold at close up.90 cents you made money some where in the middle. If long you made 10cents and that is fine. Gold Miners etf's are over sold.
  • Very encouraging action for GDXJ shorts, JUST as we forecasted. Now silver joining the PLUNGE, giving credence to our views. We got the short bounce as we forcasted and now the high volume DAGGER today to continue the cascade downward as we posted ahead of time. This is unraveling even faster and more constructive than we had expected but these are the gifts to keep on giving. A well know gold bug web service is in full panic mode and even citing criminal behaviour. A sure sign of a dying position is when the bag holder gets emotional and accusatory. We may hit our likely near term mid 20s bottom sooner than expected as the panic explodes and gold bugs dump and run and buy FANG or other Trump things. Congratulations to all who have profited in a very American way.
  • Loading up big time here. We are due for a MAJOR upward move. By summer time we should break 50 and 200 DMA.
  • Congratulations, shorts. If you followed this space, you should have a 20 to25% profit in very little time by now. Look for a very mild bounce before ALL the big money PILE ON the gold SHORT trade. It will get nasty. Very nasty. Do not get greedy. You can cover some shorts in a week or two. Miners being PUNISHED for GOOD NEWS earnings now. Very BEARISH signal. There should be a free fall very soon where you can scoop up profits and fill your pockets with glee. GDXJ is down about 25% since we gave you some signals. Our work shows a possible 50% further correction but not certain yet.
  • jnug trading 4x gdxj downside all day LOL.. sh1t is broken for sure.
  • Think the drop is over - now we have a number of issues coming which should be positive for gold (debt renewal plans in congress, French elections this weekend, missile shoot-down tests which are scheduled, the FEDs unwinding of their trillions in bonds, etc..)
  • A very constructive day today for GDXJ shorts as it pukes further .... and the last 8 weeks shows a DOUBLE TOP hitting its head on DOWNWARD sloping 50 DMA. Very exciting time for the shorts. Congrats, all. Textbook junk ETF patterns here. Hope you were seeing our posts and making nice profits.
  • Very nice setup, shorts. The route appears to be on in full force. Do not lay into it until it proves it will hold these lows on huge volume today. Both 200DMA and 50 DMA both rolling over AND gdxj spending MANY days below the 50 DMA. Very nice setup. Congratulations to those who have recognized these indicators. We will check back in when GDXJ is at around 28. Have to go to the beach now and enjoy this rout.
  • jnug trading gdxj less than 2x upside lol
  • How can this dog yield 4% when GDX yields a paltry 0.24%?
  • when will VanEck be done with their reorganizing gdxj shares. us JNUGgers are waiting for this pos to go back up
  • GDXJ almost to the 50MA at 37.74 if it closes passed it this will be huge