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Geron Corporation (GERN)

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At close: 4:00PM EDT
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  • this link is dated April 2017 --> City of Hope physicians and scientists joined a multinational team in reporting the success of a phase II clinical trial of a novel drug against essential thrombocythemia (ET). ET patients make too many platelets (cells essential for blood clotting), which puts them at risk for abnormal clotting and bleeding. All 18 patients treated with the drug, imetelstat, exhibited decreased platelet levels, and 16 showed normalized blood cell counts.


    City of Hope, Duarte, California – Combining Science with Soul to Create Miracles at a Comprehensive Cancer Center designated by the National Cancer Institute – An Interview with the Provost and Chief Scientific Officer of City of Hope, Steven T. Ros
    City of Hope, Duarte, California – Combining Science with Soul to Create Miracles at a Comprehensive Cancer Center designated by the National Cancer Institute – An Interview with the Provost and Ch…
  • This post from me is just a sort of heads up..I keep a close watch on the Options action of Geron and especially the open interest of every month at expiration..The last month that had a high count of open interest options was January 2017...there were over 25,000 Call Options open interest of the strike ranging from 1 up to 7..Guess what happened? Almost EVERY ONE of those options expired worthless except for the 1's as they took Geron down below 2 at expiration Friday on Jan 20..These Mother F***ers are good at what they do..

    So now we have over 15,000 open interest Call Options set to expire on June 16...What will they come up with to get Geron down to the 2 strike?

    There's 6,187 of the strike 2 open interest count.
    4,124 of the 3 strike
    2,351 of the 4 strike
    1,221 of the 5 strike
    855 of the 6 ... 209 of the 7's and 121 of the 1 strike.

    That's a total of 15,068...They are not just going to nonchalantly let the price keep going up and let all those Options holders make money off of them..At least that hasn't been common practice for THEM..THEY ALWAYS win and take the price down to steal all the money from the open interest Call Options...

    As i said on another post, this feels like a different Geron since Jan 26,2017..A NEW GERON if you will.
    Can it withstand the assault that is surely coming from the sellers of these options who are sure to defend their position? Watch the next 3 weeks as it should be very interesting and a lot of lessons learned by all involved if THEY are able to manipulate the price down ...AGAIN...as THEY always do when there's a high count of open interest at options expiration Friday.
  • New short numbers out.
    33,287,790 shares short. Has not changed a bit since GERN was at 2.50. 18 days to cover.
  • Here we go! This stock is a gold mine!
  • Charting indicates 6+ min by mid summer. Whaaaat!
  • So, this is gonna be $210.09 by dec 15 right?!
  • Let's stay green, and close at the 52 week high of $3.15
  • Preclinical Studies with Imetelstat

    A series of preclinical efficacy studies of imetelstat have been conducted by Geron scientists and academic collaborators. These data showed that imetelstat:

    - Inhibits the proliferation of malignant progenitor cells from hematologic cancers, such as multiple myeloma, myeloproliferative neoplasms and acute myelogenous leukemia.
  • Another technical positive happened yesterday..The 100 DMA (day moving average) at 2.30 crossed over the 200 DMA at 2.28 to the upside..Just another Bullish indicator that shows Geron is on a positive uptrend..
  • IMETELSTAT is a synthetically produced oligonucleotide which originates from a research & development collaboration with Geron in California.

    The finished product is a treatment for myelofibrosis, a serious chronic cancer where the normal production of blood cells in the medulla is disturbed.

    JSC Schaffhausen has prevailed within the scope of the corresponding selection process against external toll manufacturers and also internal sites. The key determining factor for this decision was the wide experience and solidly established process in the area of lyophilization and aseptic manufacturing of Parenteral at the Schaffhausen site and, above all, the proven high flexibility of product launches.

    Currently the product is in the clinical phase. The manufacturing of clinical material as well as first the commercial batches will begin as of 2016/2017.


    JSC Schaffhausen
  • Can we quit with the narcissist show here once and for all? With exception to posting about GERN, remember GERN? GERN? That's why we are here!!! To post all things GERN. Not you and your finger-pointing-cheap-shot-below-the-belt waste of breath. GERN! Just GERN. Good or bad as long as it is GERN. Did I forget to mention GERN? Oh no? You reading this? GERN. Jeez...
  • Everyone here knows my wife died of cancer yet larrytheliarjack, DDD and Woof insist on calling me she. I do not know what larrytheliarjack, DDD and Woof have against my wife or wemon in general but I all know where my wife is and we all know where larrytheliarjack, DDD and Woof are going. God has a special place for you boys that short cancer cure companies.
  • Regarding the $ 6 dolla buyout, why wouldn't J&J roll the dice and just pay the cool 1 billion if they thought imet was a hit? Why would they want a repeat scenario of the PYCP debacle$$$$?

    Not bashing but being a clear headed realist here. Save us another 2-3 year wait and save yourself $$$ and buyout gern. If I'm missing a technical or monetary angle here do tell
  • To my novice eyes a cup and handle is in the making.
  • Hello "fringe lunatics". It's me again. I still have my 102,650 shares and am back in a state of high hopes concerning the future of GERN and Imetelstat. I've been in several of these "states" before over the past several years, and am well versed in GERN's volatility. However, this time something seems different. I have a much more pronounced feeling of "UP" than "DOWN" when contemplating GERN's future. Time will tell..
  • super happy our opc1 cells that we all created have brought happiness to a family with spinal cord injury Thomas Okarma was ahead of his time imetelstat will prove just as effective thanks to every shareholder who helped fund this medicine
  • Would anybody disagree to a $ 1,000,000,000 buyout this morning?
  • emmerson, I see you've joined the JACKASS club.
  • Willyboy! Get that pie out of your fat mouth! What the heck were you doing today? It was pie, wasn't it? We had them! All you had to do was keep posting and we could have brought this house down! I'm talking pushing this thing to ZERO by the end of trading today! Today was the day and you missed it because you were too busy shoving pie in your fat mouth! You FAILED US! Every day it's either pie or sausage, you fat pig! Us shorts are losing our shorts and you're busy getting fatter than Mama June! You can save us if you just post 100x a day and for heaven's sake keep your greasy grubby fingers off that pie and sausage! Now, GET TO WORK! Burn them calories you fattie! LMAO