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  • JJ is not into surprise announcements. Slow, methodical and ultra conservative. So don't see a "shock the shorts" event happening.
    IMO, No reason, at this point , that they would decline a phase 3 or "opt out", So we can pretty much see the event(s) horizon: Phase 3, FDA approval, Marketing expanded to the States and beyond. Milestone payments to G along the way, and a beginning of the 15-20 % profit, coming to G from the sale of IMET. JJ already has a substancial %, why go for a B/O?
    Just speculation of course. A white(or black) swan could appear along the way.
  • The Complete Picture--- (Geron, Mayo Clinic, Yale, Janssen, Abbie) with posted clinical successes and preclinical promising developments. The whole platform looks like a success from early developments to remissions and cures to the potential of combinations. With clinlcal success in humans, and preclinical successes in the science and in animals, Imetelstat continues to impress.

    ODD (orphan) status has already been granted to Janssen (JNJ) by the FDA & EMA, and there is no medical reason to prevent advanced approvals. JNJ has all of the data, trials and analyses of Imetelstat, and all of the news, including potential combinations, safety, and patients' needs, appears to be good.
  • Johnson and Johnson Analyst Day.
    Imetelstat is an exciting first-of-its-kind compound. What attracted J&J to Geron (NASDAQ: GERN), the developer of imetelstat, was its success in phase 1 studies. No prior therapy had led to a partial or complete response in myelofibrosis patients, which is exactly what imetelstat did. In fact, the only FDA-approved drug on the market right now for myelofibrosis focuses on its symptoms (enlarged spleen and anemia) but does nothing to slow disease progression. With interim data on imetelstat looking promising for the higher 9.4 mg/kg dose, Geron and J&J have to be excited about its potential.

    Analysts walking away from J&J's investor presentation, along with shareholders, have to be pleased with the progress the company is making.
  • What does this really say about the ROAD AHEAD for imetelstat? Some time ago I reported to recruiting for oligonucleotide chemist by Janssen with a link. The corrupt controlling factions on this board tried their damnedest to beat my ears back. Stock is over-sold and undervalued:

    JSC Schaffhausen Receives Approval for Launch of Innovative Cancer Drug

    Janssen Supply Chain Schaffhausen has reached a milestone in the product launch of an innovative cancer drug. The Global Sourcing Committee of Janssen Supply Chain has given the site in Schaffhausen the approval for launch of IMETELSTAT (the name of an active pharmaceutical ingredient), a lyophilized product. [ I had reported it was lyophilized with stability of 3 years.]


    JSC Schaffhausen
  • Can't find any news to go with the drop today..
  • Why is it that I can't put some posters on mute? No matter what or how many time they are muted or reported they keep re-appearing. Have William's reptilian aliens once again hacked into the Yahoo/Verizon mainframe and taken over?
  • This post from me is just a sort of heads up..I keep a close watch on the Options action of Geron and especially the open interest of every month at expiration..The last month that had a high count of open interest options was January 2017...there were over 25,000 Call Options open interest of the strike ranging from 1 up to 7..Guess what happened? Almost EVERY ONE of those options expired worthless except for the 1's as they took Geron down below 2 at expiration Friday on Jan 20..These Mother F***ers are good at what they do..

    So now we have over 15,000 open interest Call Options set to expire on June 16...What will they come up with to get Geron down to the 2 strike?

    There's 6,187 of the strike 2 open interest count.
    4,124 of the 3 strike
    2,351 of the 4 strike
    1,221 of the 5 strike
    855 of the 6 ... 209 of the 7's and 121 of the 1 strike.

    That's a total of 15,068...They are not just going to nonchalantly let the price keep going up and let all those Options holders make money off of them..At least that hasn't been common practice for THEM..THEY ALWAYS win and take the price down to steal all the money from the open interest Call Options...

    As i said on another post, this feels like a different Geron since Jan 26,2017..A NEW GERON if you will.
    Can it withstand the assault that is surely coming from the sellers of these options who are sure to defend their position? Watch the next 3 weeks as it should be very interesting and a lot of lessons learned by all involved if THEY are able to manipulate the price down ...AGAIN...as THEY always do when there's a high count of open interest at options expiration Friday.
  • Jackdaw/Joe/Curt/etc., lay off the all caps. "Report"? Report what? Your reptile alien theories? Yeah, you give the SEC a call and tell them that undocumented heterothermo-Americans are using their magic wands to change the price of GERN stock. See how that goes for you.

    You were fine when the price of GERN went UP on no data, but now you're suddenly concerned that price movement is "suspicious". The price of a no-earnings biotech can go anywhere it wants until there is a drug approval. If you don't get that, then put your retirement money in the index (and watch as Trump takes that down too).
  • An "Internet troll" or "Forum Troll" or "Message Board Troll" is a person who posts outrageous message to bait people to answer. Forum Troll delights in sowing discord on the forums. A troll is someone who inspires flaming rhetoric, someone who is purposely provoking and pulling people into flaming discussion. Flaming discussions usually end with name calling and a flame war.
  • Johnson and Johnson just announced that GERN's drug is 1 of Johnson and Johnson future top revenue grossing drugs.
    GERN's drug is going full speed ahead.
    This is a great GERN buying opportunity.
  • New short numbers out.
    33,287,790 shares short. Has not changed a bit since GERN was at 2.50. 18 days to cover.
  • They emptied out the trailer parks and vacated the all you can eat buffets to vote for him and all he's done for jobs is claim credit for companies plans to hire peolple months before the election occurred. Are these inbreds sick of winning yet?
  • this link is dated April 2017 --> City of Hope physicians and scientists joined a multinational team in reporting the success of a phase II clinical trial of a novel drug against essential thrombocythemia (ET). ET patients make too many platelets (cells essential for blood clotting), which puts them at risk for abnormal clotting and bleeding. All 18 patients treated with the drug, imetelstat, exhibited decreased platelet levels, and 16 showed normalized blood cell counts.


    City of Hope, Duarte, California – Combining Science with Soul to Create Miracles at a Comprehensive Cancer Center designated by the National Cancer Institute – An Interview with the Provost and Chief Scientific Officer of City of Hope, Steven T. Ros
    City of Hope, Duarte, California – Combining Science with Soul to Create Miracles at a Comprehensive Cancer Center designated by the National Cancer Institute – An Interview with the Provost and Ch…
  • Thank you Commissioner Gottlieb for your announcement today regarding cost control of generic drugs, and dealing a nasty body slam to pharmaceutical share prices today. However, your comments are essentially irrelevant to Geron's imetelstat which is not a generic drug, and won't be for decades!
  • Thanks Mr. President for restoring American values Market likes when smart people are making good decisions Dow may hit new record high today
  • All the day traders are out of GERN now. GERN will be higher next week after the 3 day weekend. I am buying all the GERN I can today as this is a great buying opportunity.
  • Isn't Janssen presenting GERN'S drug next week?
  • Buying opportunity!!!
  • Here we go! This stock is a gold mine!