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Gevo, Inc. (GEVO)

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  • Tough to write this. I invested right after the IPO. So I went in at roughly $17 a share and put in a pretty large chunk of change into GEVO. I believed in the story and I believed in Pat. I actually went to high school with Pat and have always felt he is a super smart guy. As a former CEO myself (I sold a company), I know that business is never easy. It is damn tough to create a successful company. And of the 100 that start, maybe 1-2 are wildly successful, and 3-5 hit a single or a double (they get acquired). In Gevo, I took a long position because I believed in Pat and what Gevo was trying to accomplish. But sometimes the market just doesn't work in your favor, and sometimes your technology doesn't work as anticipated. Many is the company that had a big market but couldn't get its technology productized and stable. It would appear to be now that Gevo has three very classic problems. One, the Total Available Market for the technology is shrinking, not growing. Advances in oil and gas production and new government policies are making alternatives less desirable and the market is shrinking, not growing. Two, it appears that Gevo has struggled to build a scalable and reliable production platform. And third, which is almost always the most fatal - the company has a weak cash position. The best outcome I see for the company is to find a strategic buyer. Will the market bounce back again - possibly - but it could take some time and you need a strategic partner that has a long range vision. Can Gevo pull of a sale - yes. They have a good patent portfolio IMO. And if a strategic buyer believes that eventually the TAM can bounce back, and they like the technology and core patents, paying $50M to $100M for the company is not out of question IMO. I remain hopeful that Gevo will reach a successful outcome. Perhaps not as a private company, but as part of a larger industry player.
  • the suckers who paid 1.90 on secondary offering must be livid. Now more
    money must be raised to straighten out mess
    Mr Gruber is smart, Has 2 faults arrogance & greed. He's smart enough to
    have milked this baby for ll it's worth. His cunning & guile made him wealthy
    at shhldr expense. Guys like this don't belong on Wall St but in Leavenworth
    As Lincoln said 'you can fool some of the people etc" PG did expert job
  • Is today's news about Arizona allowing isabutanol to be used in on road vehicles too late?
  • Monster MicroCaps Research Alert to GEVO shareholders.
    Clean energy Technologies (CETY) is under a penny with a market cap of under $3 million and just announced the beginning of the adoption of their big ticket waste to energy systems to giant waste industry with adoption of 3 systems by Aries Clean Energy.

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  • When will this dilution stock scam be shut down for good by the SEC.? Ten years of paying more than a million dollar salary to a con man for a science experiment that can never be profitable. OUR SEC IS A JOKE
  • Pat Gruber and his friends the short sellers are playing their games again! Down 7% on the day and then 57 shares After Hours pops it up 6.5% just so tomorrow the shorts have a higher starting price. Unbelievable!
  • With the anemic volume this company is/has been showing like on Friday the company is basically on life support. GEVO already has told he street that they are going to dilute the float by ANOTHER 20% in June as soon as the BS "proxy vote" is done. What I don't get is why the shorts have not pounced on this stock now? Even a bad CEO (and we know Gruber is one BAD CEO) would have some kind of powder in their cannon to boost the stock price BEFORE the dilution because if he doesn't they may not meet Nasdaq listing requirements. So my question to myself is what are the shorts waiting for? With this anemic volume they could easily drive the price way down so they can exit with a profit then re-up their short positions once Pat throws out his next pump before the dilution? Unless, maybe Pat has no intentions of pumping this up before the dilution which would be a pretty stupid move. Then again this is Pat we are talking about and even if his ultimate plan is to destroy GEVO and take it private you would think he would want to continue to collect his CEO salary for as long as he can before doing so.
  • why would somebody have just paid $10m for 6.3m shates?
  • Wow! new partnership with GEVO and state of Arizona!

  • .....pre reverse split that is in case you couldn't figure out the math.
  • Seriously I don't get it. Long expensive court battle over isobutanol and it turns
    out it's difficult & very expensive to make, so expensive in fact the price only
    appeals to very limited market. The question in my mind is why Dupont fought
    over it. Do they have a better way to make it? I guess we'll never know.
    It seems ridiculous so much money was spent on such a wasted effort. Now
    GEVO struggles to get it sold and still struggling to get the cost down. and just
    as bad the backbone of the co., ethanol is an overextended commodity struggling
    to make money despite fading gov't subsidies. Now they need expensive updates
    to make ethanol profitable. It's a colossal . disaster
  • Woooooooooooow..... up 4.75%. Now I'm only down 98.6%! Fantastic!!!!!!!
  • The pain will be over soon. There market cap is so low now, that they might not be able to do another reverse split.
  • No explanation !
  • Glad I cut my losses before the split. This is ridiculous
  • During past Earnings Releases Gruber was asked "Why doesn't management buy GEVO shares" to which Pat replied..."me and Mike?...Because we're broke!" followed by uncomfortable laughter from Pat. You can go back & listen to this on the call. So if Pat cannot manage 1 million a year for himself to live by what in the hell is he doing trying to manage an entire companies cash flow?
  • Goober
    OVERPAID chemist unbelievably greedy
  • No telling what cockamamie story they may pump tomorrow morning only to have another PO TO FOLLOW. CERTIFIED STOCK DILUTION SCAM AVOID IT LIKE ITS CANCER.
  • Please, no more good news. I could go broke!!
  • Pat's original business plan/model has gone to the crapper! They lose money when they sell ISO! They have NO major contracts/licensee's or partnerships. They have NO INCOME! The only thing GEVO makes that they are able to sell for a profit are shares. No other company will sign any deal with GEVO as GEVO has missed EVERY SINGLE one of their "milestone" timelines. The plant has an average of 2 emergency shutdowns a year and even if a company wanted to buy commercial quantities of ISO GEVO has NO WAY to produce on such a scale. This company is doomed. It was a share holder scientific experiment for Pat Gruber to pay himself a lot of money every year while he lied to investors on the progress he was making so he can "learn" on how to make ISO. Pat should be put in jail!