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Giga-tronics Incorporated (GIGA)

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0.82-0.04 (-4.65%)
At close: 4:00PM EDT
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  • PARTNERS FOR GROWTH just raped existing shareholders !
    GIGA is paying them -- 16% interest rate on a loan plus stock plus collaterized all their assets !
    Looking at the terms - only good for PFG
    Awful deal for existing shareholders .
    GIGA must be really strapped for cash. Obviously burning cash .
    Just my opinion -- take it as only my opinion -- I could be wrong, yes ?
    Keeps the doors open , but the deck , in my opinion, is stacked against existing shareholders.
    Any other opinions out there ?
  • PARTNERS For GROWTH -- Loan , 2 year term --- let's do the rough math : 16 % on $1,500,000 = $240,000.
    per month interest = $10,000 /MTH , plus 190,000 sh. @ $.82 = $228,000 plus 90,000sh. payable every month over 24 the cost for GIGA goes up if the stiock price moves up.
    So if the stock moves up the cost to GIGA goes up. Let's assume the price stays at $.82 = $228,000 over the 24 months.
    So the return ROUGHLY for PFG is 38% mininum if the price stays static but the return for PFG could be substantially HIGHER.
    On expiration Giga would pay PFG $2,068,000 MIN. and if GIGA moves higher then the cost to GIGA goes even higher ----assuming GIGA meets certain covenants , however PFG CAN ACCELERATE THE MATURITY IN CASE OF DEFAULT .GIGA 's management is really rolling the dice. GIGA could prepaid the loan before maturity at ant time without a fee or penalty.
    One more thing : in addition, GIGA MUST PAY PFG a charge of $100,000 due and payable on maturity. GIGA has two years and
    better start making lots of money . Track record has been dismal. My math is a rough estimate and doesn't reflect stock
    movement up or down AND IS A ROUGH SKETCH only. Do your own calculations.
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  • quarter was not good ! shareholders equity around $.30/sh -still losing money - they need to do a reverse split. NASDAQ could delist GIGA if they don't start making a profit. things look bleak in my opinion
  • More big loses. More empty promises. No business pending? Bankruptcy next?
  • ENORMOUS VOLUME Big contract coming from the military ? That's where they put their R&D and it could be paying -off.
  • Watch out for Pump and Dump! It's happened before right at the time of the quarterly earning (loss) report.
  • Buy buy buy !
  • Posted in $QBAK conversation
    Is $HMNY going to hold this time and run to new high? $glbs past 12 today. $qbak $cou (pefect Trump stock) and $GIGA could be next big movers.
  • big volume at the end of the day. will be interesting to see if that was one or more insiders
  • major concerns : [1] profitablity , [2] delisting from NASDAQ, [3] too many shares vs. market cap --- this may result in a reverse stock split from 3:1 to 9:1. [4] no insider buying @ these levels. End of year stock selling is adding to the stock price pressure.
  • Fear has taken over. Either we're headed for bankruptcy or this is the time to buy. Sadly, i do not know which it is.
  • anybody else feel this stock could be the next trump rally stock?
  • More loses. I predict their financial position will only get worse.
  • $GIGA........ Looking for day/swing momentum trades? LoinStockAlerts has you covered. They call it like it is without all the fluff.
  • What's going on this morning?? Stock shot up to the $1.20's premarket. Now back to .90. Heavy volume. Sure there must be some news but I don't see anything?