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Gilead Sciences, Inc. (GILD)

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  • It's absolutely laughable, Gilead's up $0.14 cents at 11:15am on volume of 1.3 million shares. Based on the 90 day average daily volume of 9.3 million shares that's 14% of the normal volume so far. You have to wonder who's running up (if you can call it running up) the stock price? Do yourself a big favor and don't fall for this meaningless price advance.
  • Am already regret buying at 64+ this going nowhere stock. Those buying at 80+, I feel your pain.
  • So I went to Gilead Twitter page and they have several posts about how proud the company is to host its first ever council meeting of transgender employees. Wow. This may show how lost the leadership team really is.

    Even after yesterday's strong market is everything except GILD, they have a team to address LGBT matters but not investor concerns. We are in more trouble than I ever thought possible.
  • I find it interesting/puzzling that Gilead is up today (so far) considering the 2018 budget proposal is going to be released momentarily (which will include significant reductions in Medicaid spending) and the budget assessment related to the Obamacare replacement plan will be released in this week. It's my understanding both proposals will have a negative impact on Gilead's revenue.
  • Someone said on this board before that it seems he is right on target about what gild should take to become a dominant force in oncology while gaining a lion share of immunotherapy with mrk and Roche without carrying any financial burden, acquiring both top two PARP inhibitors, rucaparib and niraparib, for 18-20bln dollars. More and more clinicians and cancer patients are talking good of Rucaparib right now. It is 20 years in making that PARPs are the pivotal check point for cancer to thrive. If you get good drug to knock down this kind of enzymes, any other chemotherapeutic & radiation therapy would work like a charming. Both niraparib and rucaparib are similar in molecular structure but complementary to each another in action without side effects, unlike AZN and medication counterparts with less potency and specificity and more side effects.
  • GILD as usual is down today and took back it's gain of 33 yesterday with a +5 loss today for -38, So milligan and BOD wanted to make it not obvious because it will be going for a straight 10 days trading of a loss in order not to create a panic mode for the shareholders. But if milligan and BOD has a pride and dignity for themselves, it is now high time for them to show the other shareholders by coming out and explain to them their timeline and timetable of their plans if they have any agenda because the more they keep silent and quiet, the more shareholders get anxious which is evident on the stock price of GILD which is continuing to trend downward direction
  • gilled should make the execution drugs for the prisons. They can test them on the board and CEO to see if they work
  • There was a time when I really understood Gilead's growth strategy and general direction, but even hearing everything about "cure vs. treat", "HIV reduction", pipeline issues, etc. etc., I remain lost on what the actual turnaround approach is. Wish minimally I could see the bottom. Trying to still believe in GILD but getting ready to throw in the towel. Any new or novel insights are appreciated. Please do not repeat all that which has been said over the past 12 mo. Anything truly new would be helpful, as other companies seem to be holding their heads up just fine.
  • Another point that GILD should acquire Clovis and Tesaro is to get another up hand to compete with Abbvie's PARP program which has much less potent and specific PARP inhibitor called veliparib in payback for GILD hep C franchise.

    Anyway, I see the hope that cancers won't be such disasterous to human kind in near future if GILD and other biopharma work on the right projects. The most important is that Americans will be much better off with their healthcare burden when cancers become manageable diseases just like RAs and Flu which can be treated at home instead in hospitals.
  • Ford replaced its CEO today. I wish the news was for GILD instead. May the BOD get a clue from Ford to see it is okay to fire a CEO who doesn't deliver shareholder results.
  • wow, some poor schmuck got drawn in after hours, and some lucky guy got to sell to him
  • Guys, GILD Hep C commercial for Hep C drug just improves a lot from previous one. But I hope their medical team to work on insurance companies for encouraging Hep C patients to cure Hep C condition ASAP in order to prevent Hep C from becominig the pre-existing condition for future coverage.
  • Never a word from the losers that lead this company. Not one activist in this company is a bad sign for the future
  • I think it would be beneficial to revisit the risks I've raised. I'll list the risks then the status: Risk 1) My guess is Obamacare will eventually be replaced and the replacement will negatively impact Gilead's revenue. Status 1) When I originally posted this comment many questioned the likelihood this would pass the House of Representatives. Low and behold, it did pass the House and now it moves to the senate. Risk 2) Legislators will give Medicare the authority to negotiate drug prices which would be another negative against revenue. Status 2) The House of Representatives did not include this in their proposal. That said, I suspect the senate may add the Medicare proposal to the bill they are currently crafting Risk 3) The loss of the TDF patent will negatively impact HIV sales despite the better safety profile of TAF. Status 3) At the recent BOA/ Merrill Lynch healthcare conference Kevin Young indicated the loss of the TDF patent would negatively impact HIV sales once generics are introduced into the market. Risk 4) I suspect Idenix/Merck will prevail in the patent litigation case and Gilead will be forced to pay a huge award. Status 4) Let me remind everyone that the jury's quick verdict in late 2016 against Gilead was supported by the straight forward memorandum order issued by the United States district judge Leonard P. Stark who presided over the case. In addition, Gilead has mentioned in their SEC filings that they will continue to argue the same points already presented to the courts. Based on the current circumstances, one would logically assume the verdict will remain unchanged and Gilead will be forced to pay $2.4 billion. In addition, the judge has the authority to triple the size of the penalty given the circumstances of the case. In closing, based on the aforementioned risks I think it would be prudent for investors to focus on sectors that fit into the current economic trends and avoid this risky stock.
  • Goldman just put out its VIP list of the top new stocks hedge funds picked up and Gilead is a new name on the list.
    Four times a year, hedge funds file their long positions with the SEC, and the information is released to the public 45 days after each quarter ends.

    Gillead is in the top 13 out of 50 stocks
  • I read an article over the weekend suggesting Gilead may be a big winner under President Trump's tax proposal. I was curious so I did a little research (note this is a thumb nail over simplified review, but it helps make a point). Gilead's latest 10Q indicates they pay an effective tax rate of 21.4% (look it up for yourself). That includes USA federal and state taxes plus foreign taxes. I checked into USA state tax rates and noticed they range from around 4% to 10% (A simple average would suggest a state rate of 7%). If you subtract Gilead's total effective tax rate of 21.4% from the average state tax rate of 7% it suggests a federal tax rate of 14.4%. It's my understanding that the trump tax plan wants to reduce the federal corporate tax rate to 15% but, eliminates many tax loopholes. Based on this rudimentary analysis, Gilead doesn't appear to be a big beneficiary of the Trump tax proposal.
  • GILD has to make a bold but sure acquisition to become a dominant force in pharma market of one major disease category as it did in HCV or HIV. IDO inhibitor in INCY proves not so strong and many other RTK inhibitors look like no way to meet the requirement of revenue generation simply because of too competitors around. NASH competitors are not so mature to make close call. Only sure thing is PARP inhibitor drugs left to consider. Medivation PARP drug is not a good competitor among its counterparts due to lack of potency and narrow spectrum of anti cancer efficacy. ANZ drug is fairly potent but seems to have too many side effects. So far the best two of potent PARP inhibitor drugs are one of Tesaro and one of Clovis, both approved by FDA for ovarian cancers. But there are a lot of solid preclinic and clinic evidence that these two drugs can equivalently treat other solid tumors and leukemia. Basic research and clinic research strongly point out that PARP may be essential key for all cancers to pivotal Tesaro market value is only 7bln and Clovis is 2.6bln, It would cost only about 20 bln for GILD to double down for each of them. GILD can use the rest of cash reservoir to fund the clinical trials on leukemia, pancreas, lung, colon, prostate and stomach cancers, each of which could generate 1-2 bln revenue.

    BTW, Abbvie's PARP inhibitor is 100, even 1000 fold less potent than those of Clovis and Tesaro, and recently has already failed in its crucial clinical trial.
  • Dump the CEO and BOD! They are worthless.
  • The lack of communication to the street shows the inexperience of the leadership team. If they were looking at any acquisitions there would be rumors by now. I don't think they are serious at doing anything other than staying in their comfort zone.
  • somebody please buy GILD. so we can see a 20 point jump.