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GameStop Corp. (GME)

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  • Gme has been always highly correlated with NPD monthly gaming sales report. If u add up Feb to Apr, 2017 Hardware, Console Software, and Accessories, u get 7% YOY growth. Very high chance GME will beat this quarter. Bught Jun 2 24 calls for 55c. I'll see tomorrow action to determine if need to add more.....
  • Isn't it cute how Skippy has nothing better to do than post nonsense about an investor who is actually making money here?
    Whether you agree with Jedd or not I have checked his posts against the dates he bought shares, and he is up. On the contrary Skippy exists solely to bash him. Its kind of creepy, yet humorous at the same time as his obsession drives him. It will be a shame if Gamestops earnings are Ok as all his work will be a reminder of his pathetic existence.
  • GME goes from 24.05 to 23.50 after hours on volume of ONE(1) share?
  • 3 Great reasons To disregard Motley Fools Joe T's. sponsored post:

    1. Joey sites "comparable store sales declined 11% in 2016" . He chooses to omit the rapidly growing Tech brands stores that carry much higher gross margins.
    2. Joey cites "console company's push towards digital distribution". No mention of Sony's failed attempt in 2015 to push a similar to MSFT's paid subscription service. Also MSFT doesn't have titles from most popular developers EA and Activision.
    3. "The dividend could prove to be unsustainable". Lets see...$300 million free cash flow in 2017, minus $155mm for the dividend, leaves a cushion of $145mm.
    I expect to see more articles like this leading up to earnings from sites that give unqualified hacks the opportunity to influence investment decisions. They don't offer anything new as far as news goes, but they do need to keep their sponsors happy.
  • Another huge down slide Thurs just like the past two earnings.
  • This is so exciting! Waiting to see what kind of earnings GME will have. We will see who's right and who's wrong. My 18 year old that plays video games doesn't go to game stop any more. I'm a bear on GME. Does anybody know if amazon sells video games?
  • Susquehanna 5/15/17 at 2:58pm:
    "Options strategist Alison Edwards notes speculative bullish options activity on Gamestop (NYSE:GME) ahead of the company's May 25th earnings report, as an opening investor purchased ~7000 Jun 26 calls."
  • What most of us (everyone who isn't the multialias board clown- that is) are thinking is that after predicting "$15" why would he/she feel that anyone cared what he/she said. All the little gifs and name calling by "Jeff" don't change the fact that I am taking his money.
  • Is news of earnings sneaking out?
  • Well, whynot/common/no1cares/etc, I said we would talk again at $24. I am still here.
    And I am taking your money. The best part is I have posted my trades in real time and they are there for all to see. Unfortunately for you, everyone can see your foolish statements as well; like when GME was $21 you said this was "heading to the teens". I laughed at you- and bought more. Now I have $3000+ of your money. I guess 'O' is right. I do own you. Then again so does every long who has purchased GME this year.
    Now go ahead, say "hahahah", and how I am like you and possess multi aliases.
    I guess that's all you can really do now anyway, lol!
  • Nick 2 months ago: "This stock will be $17-20 by the end of April".

    Seems Nick doesn't understand the concept of cash flow, and how GME continues to generate lots of it.
  • Just sold the 1000 shares from $23.90 at $24.15. Holding the 1000 shares from $21.10 through earnings.
  • The only thing keeping this stock in the 20s is the dividends and the life support of the Nintendo Switch/Switch Games which is raising the price of GME. They dropped over 15% on earnings last time and bounced back off around 20 as the low. These earnings are going to have a bit higher expectations because of the Nintendo Switch, which I believe has no real impact on the overall future life of GME and may help short-term only. This is a gaming device that still sells hard copies of the games in stores which is becoming the unpopular thing to do, and you wont see such an impact with a new PS4 console or Xbox because you can buy all of those games online and never need to go into a store. Not to mention you can buy Nintendo Switch and the games at many other places as well. Hard to say what these earnings are going to look like, but ill be on the bearish side and will add more may 26th 24 puts to my portfolio which cost around 90 cents right now and I can see GME tanking back down to 20.50-21.50 post earnings and I will take my profits or let my puts go to 0!!!
  • Seems "Thomas" has the same July 22 puts as "No1cares". I guess "Thomas" is needed now as No1cares/TwoPercent/Common has lost all credibility what with his call of "new lows" and "$15" recently, while GME has rallied.My guess is his days are numbered too. Rear-view mirror investing is a road that leads to Chumpville and the poorhouse as he is demonstrating quite nicely.
  • Major retailers are closing down some locations and GME has closed a few too. What's keeping this up? Brick and mortar are slowing turning into ghost towns.
  • Making a bullish case. I'm not a big fan of Seeking Alpha but here's the article https://seekingalpha.com/article/4069703-gamestop-bullish-case-unfolding

    GameStop: The Bullish Case Is Unfolding
    Gamestop has started to show signs of resurgence, with the stock rising more than 16% in one month. This is a result of strong sales of Nintendo Switch and the
  • I can't believe this pos hit $24 today! People that buy this refuse to accept the fact that they are the next Blockbuster and Circuit City. Nobody buys from GME anymore. The bulls talk about $300 mm in cash flow and $3/share in earnings , but that's over now. I stand by my call of mid teens short term. The chart says this has fallen from $50 to $23 so if I draw the line ---its guaranteed that in less than 3 years this will be at zero. Charts don't lie and always predict future performance. I know I could have sold a month ago in the $20's and GME is up over $3 but I am not fooled. I will keep creating id's to help prove my point.
    What else can I do?
  • Sell rating just came out. Buying more puts tomorrow. I lost $5K on Calls a while back now it's time to get even!
  • Favorable fundamental comparison analysis in the news at GME in Yahoo news for GME. Here's the link http://www.capitalcube.com/blog/index.php/gamestop-corp-value-analysis-nysegme-may-5-2017/?yptr=yahoo

    GameStop Corp. – Value Analysis (NYSE:GME) : May 5, 2017 – CapitalCube
  • bought July $22 Puts. This thing is going tank. Even my kid said that GameStop is going out of business. He buys all his games online and cheaper than GS!