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GNC Holdings, Inc. (GNC)

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  • Should I buy this
  • The GNC annual meeting "was convened and ended in less than 10 minutes" per the Pittsburgh Post Gazette!!!! I have never heard of a multi billion dollar company with 68,000,000 shares outstanding who would disrespect their poor shareholders with a less than 10 MINUTE presentation of their company's results......they had the meeting due to regulations and that was that......10 MINUTES.....UNBELIEVABLE......they have one option left....someone buying them.....if this does not happen....turn out the lights...the party's over
  • This GNC management team continues to UNDERWHELM.....GNC is a MULTI BILLION DOLLAR company headquartered in Pitsburgh....their chairman and CEO recently purchased over 8 million dollars of their stock basically with money they made from previous companies they were with...so they are obviously multi-millionaires....now at GNC, they issued a GNC press release to the world that they have donated some money from GNC {not their personal money} for victims of a recent fire in Pittsburgh...they issued a PRESS RELEASE ton announce this MAJO DONATION to the Red Cross.....this tremendous donation from a multi billion dollar company headed by multi-millionaires was an UNBELIEVABLE 5,000 dollars....yes dear friends.FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS....a PRESS RELEASE for 5,000 dollars.....Think of the small minded people that would have their company give such a paltry amount and issue a press release to make sure everyone knew about this donation while not donating one nickel themselves.....too many things wrong with this picture to grasp!!!!!
  • Overall I think we will see upside for GNC in the short-term. Perhaps a pullback next day or so could occur I suppose but are yall also seeing a further leg higher? if you guys have questions you should ask aw-esomeSTOCKS. They often respond to my emails which is helpful.
  • Wonder what will come out of the annual shareholders meeting today?
  • GNC may be a compelling opportunity. Im not sure about you guys but awesomeS-TOCKS has provided me with some pretty good trade ideas. I messed up executing some of them but thats on me.
  • The interim CEO Robert Moran purchased another 300,000 shares in the open market @ $6.69 on 5/12/17. As we know he purchased 592,259 @ $8.44 on 2/21/17. Good to see this expression of confidence in the company!
  • GNC was supposed to have their annual shareholder meeting today at 8AM.....no news,no press release, no media coverage.....did they have it or just no body cares anymore?
  • I never think of the future. It comes soon enough. http://dataunion.tistory.com/7027

    MAY-2016 GNC Holdings Inc NYSE : GNC Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks May-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 4,338 NYSE Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is 0.3 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stocks
  • "In the company's view the rates and amendments that were achievable during the amend and extend process did not reflect the progress and continuation of positive momentum occurring in our business," Moran said. "As a result we will discontinue the amend and extend process at this point in time as the costs were incongruous with the business fundamentals and not in the best interest of our shareholders."
    In the statement, the company said it will continue to use its strong free cash flow, expected to be roughly $250 million in fiscal year 2017, to pay down its revolver due September 2018, of which $100 million was outstanding as of March 31, 2017. The company's free cash flow generation provides it with the flexibility to explore the appropriate time to refinance its $1.1 billion term loan due March 2019.
  • 2017-05-16,Director,FELDMAN ALAN D bought,36400 shares, $6.87
  • any news on there extension
  • They should sell its Asian business to pay down the debt. didn't they get an offer of 1.4B for its Asian business not long ago? If debt is extended at 7.5%+libor, it doesn't make sense to pay interest with all free cash flow with No chance to pay down premium.
  • Timothy.....you seem to be very knowledgable about GNC....give us your opinion on what GNC management says at their annual meeting in a few days......what SPIN will they weave? New pricing and loyalty program shows positive results but will take time???? What else do they have? I hope someone goes to meeting and ask some tough questions..........
  • any updates on the meeting today
  • stock rises a quarter because ceo buys 2 million dollars worth. do it again today so i can buy in the 25 cent rise.
  • Down 6+% over no news. What news do the shorts have?
  • as an ex-franchisee I can tell you they are terribly vain and unorganized... they will go under. if they trim the middle management and stop trying to live off the franchise system they would have a chance. they won't
  • Why did the May 19 $10 Call Option price take off today? Bid is $0.00, The Ask is $0.05 and the current price is $1.47. I'm scratching my head here. I haven't seen that happen before. Any ideas? I just figured it would expire worthless after the trade went the wrong way.
  • God this stock blows