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  • I have been reading books on investing before I actually buy stock. I believe that GOOG will only continue to go up. Would it be wise to purchase at least one stock of GOOG as my first stock before it hits $1,000?
  • Analyst warned Google making money with fake news, fake clicks and violent videos could come under fire soon.
  • We have Google in the tech space and GW Pharmaceuticals for a pain pill medications derived from Cannibas. GWPH currently trading near $110/sahre has 25 mil shares outstanding and $400 million in cash with NO debt. They are lining up to launch the first FDA approved cannibas medication for Epilepsy. Just as Google ramped in its early days near $100, I am totally convinced that right now we are watching the emergence of GWPH GW Pharma as the Giant in the Pharma space. It's rolling in like Thunder and will not stay at these levels on its way to $200/share and then beyond. Follow in theor footsteps, Googles, and we have a newly created star in the Stock market.
  • Long in both, but unsure...will GOOG or AMZN bat $1000 first?
  • GOOG-AI is making Google "Smart Phones SMARTER"-- Alphabet, Google's parent company, laid out its plans at a conference last week for developers. The company emphasized that it has shifted from a "mobile-first" strategy to an "artificial intelligence first" strategy.

    In practice, that means integrating Google Lens -- which uses machine learning to examine images and complete tasks -- with Google Assistant -- a voice-activated service that's similar to Apple's Siri -- so that people can point their smartphones at a restaurant to see its menu, or at a flower to see its name and attributes. People can also take photos of signs in foreign languages and Lens will be able to translate them. Why type when you can point?

    Artificial intelligence can also organize photos into quick photo books, or create "smart replies" for Gmail, time-saving innovations that could make Google even more indispensable as people increasingly use digital tools to navigate the world.

    Can Google, which still makes the bulk of its revenue by placing ads on search results and websites, make as much money in this new world of voice assistants and image searches? These changing "human/computer interaction models" have fueled a "key bear case" against Google stock, wrote Wells Fargo analyst Peter Stabler. But Stabler thinks that Google can navigate this world profitably, by taking voice inputs and spitting out text results, for instance.

    "When appropriate, Google produces visual responses displayed on either a user's smartphone or television," he writes. "Here, we see the potential for Google to continue to respond to commercial queries with a visual user experience that should continue to prominently feature advertising."

    Big Picture: Google is using artificial intelligence to make smartphones and voice assistants smarter.
  • Good company, splitting soon?
  • Trump has a bad day the whole market tanks, the Markets sure loves the president.
  • Goog will be a million a share by the time I retire in 5 years. They are a money monopoly making machine.
  • Nothing can stop GOOGLE ALPHABET for the next 3 years so I'm holding my shares $$$$
  • i told you it would go down to 920 again.
  • Alpha Go will beat the Chinese champion today.
  • 970 tomorrow... 1,100 by Q2.
  • It's a race to 1000 between Goog and Amzn. There will be a correction soon after just wait
  • GOOG 1st Qtr UP %47-(YOY-incl. Cloud Services)---A new effort called Project Treble is designed to speed up the process by providing more of the basic software that chip makers and handset designers need to update devices. That may help more users take advantage earlier of the latest updates. The newest version, currently dubbed Android O, went into beta release Wednesday and should see its full release later this summer.

    A less fragmented market could help Google boost the return from its Android investment. Like arch-rival Apple Inc., Google generates revenue from the sale of mobile apps and content. The segment that contains this business totaled revenue of $11.1 billion for the trailing 12-month period ended March 31 -- up 47% year over year.
  • i wish i have more money to buy some more shares...
  • Google is running and delivering on AI driven products while Nvidia , a nobody in AI is reaping the dividends . NVDA up 40% on AI / ML hype when their yet to be released Volta is already obsolete. C'mon googlers, step up and short nvda. NVDA is a nobody in AI, you know that.
  • post googl update last night it show buy .here link https://www.facebook.com/291425791302344/photos/a.293914784386778.1073741828.291425791302344/293914701053453/?type=3&theater

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  • Both are going to $1100!
  • The very best way to describe the stock market these days would be "Gay", as in the gay twenties.
    Simply cannot be sustained.
    There has to be what is known as a "sell-off" of around 40%.
  • google might be the most innovative, most unique, most profitable companies ever. Why is this such a killer company??!! Dude, tons of Computer Science and Mathematics PhDs and Masters degrees. Plus the fact that this company is run efficiently like many mini companies under a huge umbrella.

    so one arm might be working on driverless cars, the other mini team might be working on creating more ad revenue elsewhere.

    this is why the stock price keeps going up and analysts are still hella bullish on the stock.

    you wanna be a cool uncle or cool aunt, get your nephews or nieces some google stock today!

    Google is one of the good guys

    their motto is: "Do no evil", how can you not like the stock.