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Groupon, Inc. (GRPN)

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  • It's amazing to see the big moves with many stocks during the past couple of weeks. Best Buy, Guess, BlackBerry and so many others. Companies from a variety of sectors showing strength during this latest market run. I'm surprised by the apathy the leads at GRPN have shown preceding and since earnings. We all understand the strategy to focus on markets that will deliver a profitable return. We all understand they are working to streamline processes so each market doesn't function in a disparate manner. What I don't understand is how the company is looking at the bigger picture.

    How is the company looking at partnerships? Firms such as TWTR, FB, SNAP etc are just a few of the companies that could change the dynamics of this company in a big way. What about the Comcast investment? What has Angelakis brought to the table? How can GRPN & CMCSA find mutually beneficial synergies?

    What about the BABA investment? BABA owns over 33M shares of GRPN. They have held their position for over a year now. What has Williams and team done to leverage this investment to make it beneficial for both parties. Does anyone think BABA will continue to sit still over the next 6-9 months with a depreciating stock price. They have $100M invested. I know this may be small potatoes for a company of BABA's size however Jack Ma is a proven winner and I don't believe he likes to lose...ever!

    Lastly what is the company doing to leverage the findings from the start ups founded by Lefkofsky and Keywell. Lefkofsky is the COB and Keywell a board member. GRPN needs to explore what opportunities exist between these companies.

    The continued focus on the operations is important. It is just a component of the bigger picture. Can Williams and the rest of the leadership team balance more than one thing on their plate. So far that answer is NO if you evaluate solely on the stock price and GRPN's latest quarterly results.
  • good buy at 2.5
  • Groupon Staff,

    I would be fine with this result if your customer service rep hadn't been misleading with the information I received over the phone.

    Backstory: I booked a room 5 days in advance of the check in date. The cancellation policy is 4 days in advance, fine.

    My friend arrived from Georgia, visiting Colorado for the first time in years and the altitude immediately made him sick. We didn't go up the mountain for fear of his altitude sickness getting worse. I called the hotel at Beaver Run and they said that it was up to Groupon to administer any refund and that I needed to talk to someone at Groupon, because no one at the hotel would be able to help me. So I called your customer service line and got a Very Helpful response from Timeka. She said that she couldn't process the refund but she would escalate it to a supervisor and that I should see a refund in my account in 3 to 5 business days. I thanked her for her help and the phone conversation was a quick one, because Timeka was able to "resolve" my issue so quickly.

    In the future, please be open and honest with your customers. Their time and money is just as valuable (if not more valuable when considering the business to customer relationship and what a business is without a customer) as your time and money. So don't lie to your customers just to get a problem off of your plate.

    Whereas a simple helpful response with honest follow through might have earned you a customer for life, your incredible failure and lack of attention in this instance has alienated a customer instead. I will be making an EFFORT not to use your services in the future. Moreover, I will be letting all of my friends and family know that Groupon is not an honest company and that their hard earned money is best put to use with other service providers. Your service rep was misleading and dis-honest and it looks bad on your organization.

    I am sorry for the lengthy post, but I was very upset by this process and the manner in which the blame for my request denial was pawned off to a third party. This is a micro-cosmic view of the state of our country nowadays. All we do is push blame on someone else. Own it and bring some integrity back to this nation. You have a huge responsibility to your customers and the world beyond.

    Jacob Lison
  • i'm repeating myself but I'm in S.Florida and i'm noticing more new local ads every week. What are you guys seeing in your markets?
  • Hold and buy on dips and wait for better earnings or sell and have huge loss?
    No brainer...HOLD!
  • I'll buy when it gets to $2.75
  • I just bought more Grpn stakes at $3.16
  • Hey BOD, are you looking at the same tape we are? Markets are surging and GRPN is experiencing another down day. What are you doing o promote shareholder value? Are you buying back stock? Board members, why haven't we seen any stock purchases on the open market?

    Williams, if you feel your strategy is the right one, why don't you back it up with buying some shares.

    It is unbelievable that companies such as ZNGA and TWTR are outperforming GRPN!
  • Grpn is time to bump back up to $4.23 started tomorrow
  • after all u guys sell I will pick it up 2.5 cheap
  • GRPN's new card linked technology developed in partnership with Visa is very interesting. However, I do have a few questions. If anyone knows, please feel free to share and shed some lights onto this. Now for the sake of comparison, the current groupon vouchers is when customers pay upfront. For example, for $100 worth of food, Groupon collects $50 from the voucher buyer upfront. Then, Groupon holds it for two to three weeks. Then, it will deduct its commissions of 35% to 50% and give the rest to the restaurant owner. The pros of this scenario is that Groupon gets the cash upfront and has absolute control and pays the restaurant afterwards, the con is that restaurants hate this deal. In most cases, only restaurants desparate for customers will do Groupon deals. This is a very bad deal for the restaurant owner who serves $100 dollar value in food, but only gets $25 to $33 in return from Groupon and has to wait for a couple of weeks! That is why Groupon voucher business reached a dead end and peaked 3 years ago at $1.8 billion in revenue and has seen declines ever since.

    But now enters the new card-linked voucher-less deal, which is essentially cash back. In this scenario, the voucher user(purchaser) first link the deal to his/her visa card, but pays nothing upfront. Let's say the cash back amount is offered as 20% for the first time and 10% thereafter. Then, voucher user goes to the restaurant to dine and the restaurant collects the payment. When VISA processes the payment, it charges the full amount on the bill initially, then, processes a 20% cash back to Groupon voucher user in a few days. Is VISA also supposed to process Groupon's commission in this deal and pay Groupon? Then, will VISA deduct Groupon's commissions from the proceed to restaurant owners?

    This sounds very complicated but very efficient, because if it happens at the time of processing payment VISA, is the best party to handle it. However, what percentage of the commission does Groupon get in this current situation? Is it the same as before? or a lot less? How much does VISA get for the additional job of processing the commission fees for Groupon? So in our previous example, restaurant serves $100 worth of food. Bills customer for $100. Customer pays $100 upfront plus tips and taxes. In a few days, VISA credits customers with $20 cash back. VISA pays groupon its commissions and pays the restaurant the remaining balance. The $1 billion question is how much does Groupon get as commission? Is it a lot less than before or the same as before?
    Does anyone have this knowledge? Please share with us. That is much appreciated. Thanks.
  • selling grpn and buying amzn I'm thru with this madness
  • Happy Memorial Day weekend to all of the GRPN board members. Let us truly remember what is important this weekend!!
  • Am tired of this so might sell 10000 shares
  • target 2.5
  • I smell at $6.35/share offer coming from a suitor. At 2x todays close, that pretty much the offer 2x premium, but a reasonable valuation play given $3B + in topline revenue, and close to $700 million in cash.
  • On May 15th GRPN's short interest was 37.5M shares. This was the lowest amount in over a year. Interesting to note the stock price and the number of shares short.
  • Im telling you the owners will let it drop like a stone then continue buyback program...typical corporate greed at our expense...
  • Any reason whatsoever for this?
    They kept full year guidance...why is everyone selling? #stupidity
  • I'm in the S.Fla. area, It was good to see Groupon had quite a few "NEW"local ads today, from good restaurants to Miami Marlin tickets (no jokes please) and local services.

    "The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient." -Warren Buffett