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  • The Donald Conspiracy UNEARTHED...

    My take on the Kushner "backdoor channel"...
    1. Plan was initiated by Flynn and the Russkies
    2.Flynn talked to The Donald about it
    3 Donald liked the idea but wanted someone at highest level of trust (he recognized it was treason)
    4. Donald selected Kushner to execute the strategy/plan

    Donald got worried Comey would eventually find the TRUTH
    Donald could not "manage and control" Comey
    So Donald FIRED Comey

    Notice hos Jared has been so quiet and "out of limelight" since Comey got fired
    Mueller will get to the bottom of it...
    Can't sweep it under the rug

    Flynn is trying so hard to get IMMUNITY
    He knows ALL and will spill the beans
    One way or the Other
  • What's up with The Donald...
    Ivanka and Jared, who are pews, get to meet the Pope
    But Spicer, who is devout catholic, lost out on chance of a lifetime

    Is the Donald Christian...
    The Pope said Christians Build Bridges, not Walls!!
  • Once again The Kushner Syndicate gets nabbed by the FBI

  • It is no wonder Jesus hated the Money Changers. They are deceivers! They supply misery to the world making us into slaves of their onerous debt! Get thee out of my house evil bankers!
  • Israel warned Jordan not to attack in 1967
    But Jordan attacked anyway along with the Iraqis .
    LT often likes to blame all Moose aggression on " occupation. of West Bank"
    But there was no occupation until the moose waged war. ...
    Context makes things so clear
    Now Lt's only feeble response is you ate trying to justify " occupation".
    No LT khan I'm just giving you a badly needed history lesson..
  • The Donald said he hit a "Home Run" on his overseas trip

    Remind me again...
    What EXACTLY did he accomplish...

    Saudi Arabia
  • Fed meeting 2pm if they raise rates buy bank stocks
  • If you want to help these people by creating safe zones in their countries and, help them with shelter/food/medical/policeing these area's, they don't ant to leave their homeland where their families have lived and are buried. When at you all going to understand this, are you too greedy or just plain dumb and stupid ????? Most of us would not want to leave our omeland where are families have lived and are buried so, why do you think they would want to and be happy about being elsewhere ????? You think about that because, your idea's make very very little sense when you actually start to think about it. God Bless The USA.
  • GS MB is dead I'm moving to the BAC MB.
  • Lou doll: I truly don't care who you hate or why but I have to insist on no historical revision to fit your agenda re: creation of state of Israel and pal refugees...
  • Goldman Employees, notice the Federal Reserve members come out of the woodwork when the markets are down to ramp things back up again. See, the Federal Reserve cannot allow the stock market to drop. The Federal Reserve along with the PPT work on keeping assets bubblized. Massive Fed QEs of 200 billion more per month coming. so buy da dips. The Fed like the BOJ plan on owning everything. All the CBs are coordinated now. So printing, eventually the VIX goes to zero.
  • The Donald 'slams' the Germans for trade surplus
    BUT REALLY, Donny...
    They have HIGHER wages than the US
    They have FREE healthcare and retirement income for citizens
    They SUPPORT Immigrants

    Methinks The Donald is JEALOUS and can't build property there
  • NO PEACE IN ISRAEL BECAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Every year on May 15, Palestinians around the world, numbering about 12.4 million, mark the Nakba, or "catastrophe", referring to the ethnic cleansing of Palestine and the near-total destruction of Palestinian society in 1948. The Palestinian experience of dispossession and loss of a homeland is 69 years old this year. On that day, the State of Israel came into being. The creation of Israel was a violent process that entailed the forced expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homeland to establish a Jewish-majority state, as per the aspirations of the Zionist movement. Between 1947 and 1949, at least 750,000 Palestinians from a 1.9 million population were made refugees beyond ...
  • PEWS BRING ABOUT RESENTMENTERUSALEM — Israeli police say U.S. casino mogul Sheldon Adelson has been questioned as part of a corruption probe involving Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Adelson is a Netanyahu confidante and owns a free pro-government daily, Israel Hayom. The investigation is looking into allegations that Netanyahu attempted to garner positive coverage in other major Israeli papers, in exchange for an allegedly promised reduction in circulation of Adelson’s daily. Adelson’s wife was also expected to be questioned by police. Israeli media say Adelson, whose visit to Israel coincided with that of U.S. President Donald Trump, consented to the questioning on Thursday only after being assured that he’s not ...
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  • Trump told the Krauts and the Frogs to Pay Up. The Micks day is fast coming and the conglomerates taxes will soon be paid to the good old USA.
  • Did Melania and Ivanka really dress in black with black veils when visiting the Pope? That seems odd and evil or dark to me. The Pope dresses in all white.
  • City Mayor's/State Politician's/Washington Politician's all are knowingly complicit and should be in held breaking the law just like if they stole the asset's themselves in the theft of the countries safety net program's by illegal minorities that are resident's, they let this happen to keep their economies going in the green. The POLITICIAN'S should be held in contempt of court if they don't give all known information on everybody getting these Government Safety Net Program's and if they shouldn't have been given these benefit's, they (POLITICIAN'S) should be tried in a court to the fullest by our countries law's !!!! God Bless The USA.