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  • It is no wonder Jesus hated the Money Changers. They are deceivers! They supply misery to the world making us into slaves of their onerous debt! Get thee out of my house evil bankers!
  • If you want to help these people by creating safe zones in their countries and, help them with shelter/food/medical/policeing these area's, they don't ant to leave their homeland where their families have lived and are buried. When at you all going to understand this, are you too greedy or just plain dumb and stupid ????? Most of us would not want to leave our omeland where are families have lived and are buried so, why do you think they would want to and be happy about being elsewhere ????? You think about that because, your idea's make very very little sense when you actually start to think about it. God Bless The USA.
  • Lou doll: I truly don't care who you hate or why but I have to insist on no historical revision to fit your agenda re: creation of state of Israel and pal refugees...
  • NO PEACE IN ISRAEL BECAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Every year on May 15, Palestinians around the world, numbering about 12.4 million, mark the Nakba, or "catastrophe", referring to the ethnic cleansing of Palestine and the near-total destruction of Palestinian society in 1948. The Palestinian experience of dispossession and loss of a homeland is 69 years old this year. On that day, the State of Israel came into being. The creation of Israel was a violent process that entailed the forced expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homeland to establish a Jewish-majority state, as per the aspirations of the Zionist movement. Between 1947 and 1949, at least 750,000 Palestinians from a 1.9 million population were made refugees beyond ...
  • Isn't it about time for you all to take charge of the Market's, I've been watching the Put/Call/etc. for over a year now around the world and the VIX doesn't show what is actually happening in the World Market's at all. Correct this introduce some Tantrum Up and Down to make thing's right in the World Market's, this has gone to far without shakeing the Markets up some to see actually where we are !!!!! God Bless The USA.
  • "Let them eat cake"
    aka The Donald's "2+2=7" Budget

    Tax cuts for the wealthy
    Support and Service cuts for the Poor and Middle class

    And then you have NEW revelations on the Russia Scandals

    Will he return to Washington?
  • The World Market's are made of fluff right now, not actual ownership of stock/bond's, in other word's it's a Fairy Tale that can end bad and quickly to majority of investor's. Get some Control of this issue !!!!! God Bless The USA.
  • *ALERT**
    Tiffany is falling big !
    Lowes missed and is dropping big !
    Chicos FAS tanking 15%!
    Advanced auto Parts imploding !
    exiisting home sales fell unexpectedly more like new home sales did !
    JP Morgan is red.

    GS on Deck !
  • Why the junk pops again? From 214 ... amazing.
  • Who owns America?
  • Pump then dump the week after the holiday. Pretty typical Rothschild banking trick to get you to spend over the holiday.
  • Are you business leader's and open border people seeing what problem's you are helping to create yet by, immigration policies that you all back ????? When are you all going to stop causeing the crime and terrorist increase across the western world, you all have blood on your hand's and should be held accountable for your action's !!!!! God Bless The USA.
  • Fed meeting 2pm if they raise rates buy bank stocks
  • House Democrats ask Deutsche Bank for info on Trump's Russian ties IN MONEY LAUNDERING OPERATIONS
  • Take charge and get some TRUTH in the World Market besides, playin with put/call/option's which alter the Truth Of The Market's. God Bless The USA.
  • As Nasser of Egypt stationed thousands of troops on Israel's border triggering the 6 day war
  • $220 short it
  • short GS here ... the article Gordon is great
  • Pope oders 4 drums of bleach to be used where Trump walked in the Vatican