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Gastar Exploration Inc. (GST)

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  • Ares is buying:
    "Between May 18, 2017 and May 23, 2017, the Purchasers purchased an aggregate of 1,847,262 shares of Common Stock in the open market for an aggregate purchase price of approximately $2,178,742.07, including brokerage commissions"
    see sec filing:

  • After Ares's latest purchase, they now own 56M of GST's 212M outstanding shares or 26% of the total. They also own all $412M of GST debt, so they control the vast majority of the enterprise value. They've also invested a ton of management time into this company and have two BOD seats. I think it's safe to say that Ares sees no chance of BK for GST. Preferreds should be trading much closer to par. Bs could actually trade above par.
  • ARES bought almost 500K shares the last few days..........encouraging stuff
  • Where did you see Ares bought 56 M more shares of stock in GST?
  • Ares about to repeat CWEI ?
  • this baby is going back to $2 and then some.
    not b/c mgmt. is good or anything like that but b/c it has backing and financing to fund the drilling programs and an excellent resource base with key acreage in the STACK.
    It was priced for bankruptcy at not too much lower than this. It is clearly not going bankrupt. Time to load up AGAIN!
  • Monster MicroCaps Research Alert to GST shareholders.
    Clean energy Technologies (CETY) is under a penny with a market cap of under $3 million and just announced the beginning of the adoption of their big ticket waste to energy systems to giant waste industry with adoption of 3 systems by Aries Clean Energy.

    CETY technology was purchased from General Electric and is attractive to huge unmet markets that can achieve over $250 million annual sales within the next 2 to 3 years. Demand for conversion of wasted heat to electrical energy in large applications is very large and unmet!

    Shares could yield enormous percentage return on investment.


    Three CETY Clean Cycle™ Systems Commissioned As Part Of Aries Clean Energy's Waste-to-Energy Facility
  • Next January GST will be a buck higher.
  • Memorial Day ..... just hang tight
  • Some of you bulls are really enthusiastic. If you're so sure oil is going to go to $60 or $80 and GST will go to $4, why not just spend a nickel or dime and buy a 4 month $2 option. If the stock goes to $4 you'll get back 20X to 40X your gamble.
    If it only goes to $3, you'll get back a measly 10X to 20X your bet.
    Worth a shot isn't it?
  • Do you think this thing is done selling? Showing us a buy signal now on GST? Ive been struggling with this stock lately. Some of my other trades have been from awesomeS-TOCKS which are working out pretty well.
  • Ares bought 30,000,000 shares at an average price of $1.64, that's 50% upside from here. Like I said long term, I believe it's a great investment at these levels
  • Always looking for new ideas.
    I was familiar with Ares because of the Clayton Williams deal. For those of you who don't know the history, Ares invested in Clayton William , basically in exactly the same manner as they have done with Gastar. What was the result there? They succeeded very well, masterminding the sale of Clayton Williams to Noble Energy for $2.3 Billion . So now they are doing the same thing with Gastar. While I don't know exactly when and how, it is pretty obvious they will be doing the same thing with Gastar. The preferred Gastar shares look to be the best play here, but the common could work out very well also
  • An analyst came onto CNBC a few weeks ago and said if everything works out for GST it could be a $4 within 2 years. I think the risk reward here at $1 is pretty favorable. I'm loading up and will continue to if it drops under $1. glta longs
  • Way oversold. This is a screaming buy at this level
  • I'm waiving the white flag:{
  • oil's going to 60
  • Imagemasochistphil
  • I can imagine the world oil producers are finally saying "look fellas , we can't just keep giving this stuff away like candy , our supply is not infinite ya know , wake up you dopes , it's better to cut production and boost the price dammmmit !!!!!" I'm sure it's going to take some time , but oil will be $80 again pretty dammmm soon , it's inevitable , and one day , these past few years of guzzling oil like there's no tomorrow is going to bite us in the #$%$ big time .... we have just witnessed the 3 most irresponsible years in world history , and one day , we are going to pay for this , badly .... Oil will be $150 one day soon , just let some Saudi well "sputter" a bit and watch what happens ..... I have a bad feeling about this , we have really wasted 3 years GUZZLING the hale outta of oil supplies , and the world is driving gas guzzling vehicles like never before .... we have been very very stupid , mark my words , watch , I give it 5 years and Shht HITS the FAN
  • They sure take care of the preferred and care less about the common holders. Screw em all, I'm out.