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HealthWarehouse.com, Inc. (HEWA)

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  • Mike....Everything you said is true except they are deeply buried in debt due to the previous administration. So deep that even with their cost cutting measures like going dark may not be enough. Only time will tell concerning that matter. However, their processing and timely shipping problems still exist. I've been a customer of HEWA for over 7 years and every single order was never processed on time including last months order. I ordered drug A and they shipped drug B. I actually could file a formal complaint with the authorities over this but why do I want to shoot myself in the foot. I bought in on the last proxy vote and i believed they would correct their internal problems but they haven't which makes me worry. Someone is incompetent...is it their workers or is it the new directors. Maybe both.
  • Hey David, not sure how long you have been in the stock/customer. I've only been in for four months or so, both as an investor/customer. I believe much has changed, including the leadership. They have four new board members and cycled through CEO's. Many new phone staff have been hired to meet ever increasing demand. Last earnings were impressive, the one coming out soon will be even more so. I've been very impressed with the ease and speed of my prescriptions as well. They are chipping away at the margins, have created a very different culture (ask anyone who answers the phone that isn't brand new). Leadership is hands on, positive and involved; and not off in Vegas. Input is being sought from all employees on how they can improve. Going dark will save hundreds of thousands. They are also paying off debt rather than kicking the can down the road or diluting. I am trying to accumulate more shares for the pending boom, but can't do so at current price because no one is selling. The new board is also working on thinning the middle man even more which will lead the company to a place it hasn't been before.
  • You're right about the debt, that is the one weakness it will take time for the new regime to fix. It will likely take a some time to eliminate it altogether. What I like the most about this company is that the board owns a #$%$ load of stock. They have one interest and one interest only--driving the stock price up. I like decisions being made with this focus.
  • Let me add a little bit more to my previous post. The new Board of Directors need to clean house. If you read back to before they took control HEWA had tremendous problems with processing and shipping on time. This problem still exists today. It happened to me. This happened also to me with my last order 6 months ago. So what's changed? I'll tell you what needs to be changed. The present staff. They are incompetent and need to be replaced with fresh young blood. Until that happens these in house problems will continue to exist and the stock will go nowhere.
  • Don't be too hopeful with HEWA. As both a stockholder and customer I experienced the most noted complaint. Long processing times and no communication. After two weeks of calls I finally received a RX. unfortunately, it was the wrong drug. As soon as it reaches near what I paid for it I will dump it. Good reddens.
  • Saving nickels, dimes, and dollars in all possible areas. Margins will be improving significantly. The new CEO knows the company inside and out. He started on the phones and has worked his way to the top, employees love him. I am more confident in this stock being a four to five bagger than any other stock I have ever owned. Just a matter of earnings and some news releases. I anticipate both to be here before June arrives.
  • Good to hear from you Mark. I have read and studies all available information. I have also spoken to the phone staff at length. Business is booming, they have hired/are hiring quite a few more people to man the phone for orders. Also love how board is paying debt and not just interest. Saving n
  • Looking for input if anyone is closely following this company. I'm really excited as 30 cents will arrive quickly once a catalyst is introduced. I am confident good news is coming. I am also a customer and know they have been hiring more people on the phones. This means more sales, increased earnings, improved margins (especially with going dark)... Ride will be starting soon.
  • Floor has been established. Climb will be gradual until a catalyst is released, then it will explode. Catalyst may be earnings, improved margins, release of business plan with new CEO Joey Peters, debt reduction (enhanced more by going dark). New board has been crazy active, strategic, and
  • shrewd with decision making. These guys have more shares than I can imagine. They are hell bent on making that happen. Can't imagine a more ideal stock.
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  • I have to recant some from my previous post. CEO resigned and dilution was minimal, the board had a big win by refinancing. The main problem is payables. While the company is thriving, it cannot pay its bills left over from the previous regime. If you look at the annual report, they spent a ton of cash on attorneys and SEC audit support. They are now going dark, not reporting to the SEC which is completely fine since they are a pink. To me I give them a lot of credit for taking a thinking out of the box and saving a couple hundred grand. When payables are reduced and sales continue to grow exponentially it will be time to revert back. I liken this to a family. Former CEO also supported Joseph Peters. Starting to look like these guys know what they are doing and will get this thing turned around sooner rather than later. http://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2017/04/14/greater-cincinnati-health-care-firm-replaces-ceo.html

    HealthWarehouse.com names Joseph Peters as CEO, ends SEC filings - Cincinnati Business Courier
    Healthwarehouse.com revealed that it intends to suspend filing reports with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The move, which is known as “going dark,” isn’t the same as going private.
  • Absolute BS move. CEO is canned and the employees loved him. Company tries burying it in the last paragraph of this release. https://marketexclusive.com/healthwarehouse-com-inc-otcmktshewa-files-an-8-k-entry-into-a-material-definitive-agreement-2/89787/ Still not on the company site, yahoo... Dilution coming with next announcement set for April 7th (or within four business days. Absolutely terrible, get out before the next dilution tanks the stock.

    HEALTHWAREHOUSE.COM, INC. (OTCMKTS:HEWA) Files An 8-K Entry into a Material Definitive Agreement - Market Exclusive
    HEALTHWAREHOUSE.COM, INC. (OTCMKTS:HEWA) Files An 8-K Entry into a Material Definitive Agreement Item 1.01 Entry Into A Material Definitive Agreement. Healthwarehouse.com, Inc. (the “Company”) is a party to a Loan and Security Agreement, dated as of
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  • Flippin awesome earnings!
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  • This company actually has a lot of long term potential given the value of being licensed to do mail pharma in all states. And they are adding pet meds to the product list. I pay a fortune for my dogs medications. I think under Trump who is talking about bring med prices down... this is the right space to be playing in.
  • I took a flyer on this stock 1k shares at .30 based on potential. So it goes broke I lose 300.00. Whatever. Any one who invests in penny stocks surely must realize 100% of your money is at risk. This is not really investing its is gambling. I still like the odds better than buying $300.00 of Lotto tickets. If you can not afford to lose 100% of your investment you should not be investing in Penny stocks
  • Well....another day and nothing from this company besides more negative sentiment...no news, growing losses, management radio silent besides putting out news that they basically have to....I guess they don't have to PR when they file but most companies do. Besides that, they've got nothing to talk about...not a good sign here. I was told about this by someone on a message board site but I see nothing there, nothing here, nothing on OTCMarkets...besides bleak financials.