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  • not my post but interesting comparison on HLF versus avon

    Some interesting homework of HLF and Avon
    Oct 2008, disclosed voluntary FCPA investigation, share price around $40
    Apr 2010, put four executives on leave including China President, China head of finance, China head of corporate affairs, head of global internal audit and security, share price around $35
    May 2011, fired the four executive put on leave one year ago, share price around $30
    Jan 2012, fired Vice Chairman, formal CFO Charles Cramb, share price around $20
    Oct 2012, announced CEO step down, share price around $15
    Dec 2014, settled with DOJ/SEC for 135 million, share price around $10
    May 2017, share price around $4
    Nov 2016, announced CEO step down, share price around $60 (was it related to the FCPA investigation?)
    Jan 2017, involuntary disclosed FCPA investigation by DOJ/SEC, share price around $50
    May 2017, fired China President, share price $71
    Revenue change
    Avon China (Millions US$)
    2006 211.8
    2007 280.5 (YOY 32%)
    2008 350.9 (YOY 25%)
    2009 353.4 (YOY 0.71%)
    2010 229 (YOY -35%)
    * Avon stopped dislcose China revenue separately, it's calculated from annual report description of China revenue YOY change
    2011 174.04 (YOY -24%)
    2012 132.27 (YOY -24%)
    2013 74.07 (YOY -44%)
    2014 66.66 (YOY -10%)
    2015 50
    * No China revenue YOY change disclosed in annual report
    HLF China
    2005 5.2
    2006 32.1 (YOY 594.2%)
    2007 76 (YOY 110.5%)
    2008 145 (YOY 90.8%)
    2009 152.3 (YOY 5.0%)
    2010 184.4 (YOY 21.1%)
    2011 210.8 (YOY 14.3%)
    2012 278.5 (YOY 32.1%)
    2013 471.6 (YOY 69.3%)
    2014 664.3 (YOY 40.9%)
    2015 846.2 (YOY 27.4%)
    2016 868.8 (YOY 2.7%)
    So, the questions of HLF now
    Who is next to be fired? more China executives? head of internal audit? CFO John DeSimone? CEO, formal CFO Rich Goudis?
    When will it happen? next week? next month? next year?
    What is the settlement? 200 million? 400 million? 800 million?
    What is the YOY revenue decline going to be? 20%? 40%? 50? 80%?
    What is the share price ahead? 40? 20? 10? 5?
    We will know the answers one day.
  • if several executives sold there entire position in there own company, why should common shareholders stay onboard of a sinking ship?

    Is Herbalife Finally Feeling the Burn?
    Bears cheered as investors sold off HLF on the surprise departure of a China-region executive.
  • I'm giving HLF COB Tuesday to file an 8K regarding that China Li guy; otherwise, the conspiracy theory machine goes into high gear.
  • Once regulators see that Herbalife is violating FTC agreement it will be shut down for good. Next stop $0 and de-listed.
  • HLF within $2 of it's 3 year high and tex is talking about Bankruptcy. Does this clown ever take a break from ignorance?
  • One of the longs here keeps saying that the short interest is 50+% of the float... (beware?!?)... I'm not sure personally if that even means beware--assuming the fundamentals play out quickly enough--but I only see 29%-31% on some of my sources... (Bloomberg/Schwab was quoted as of May 15 at 30%). Is this long just blowing (plain wrong) smoke in multiple directions?!?!
  • What happens if one random day our boy Carl decides that he has made enough on this name and sells the stock completely. Next day it opens up 40% lower. Anyone long this does not see a major risk of this?? Being long here is just as risky as being short. Could go either way in the short term.
  • Humongous volume. Just humongous. LoL
  • This Tex imbecile hopefully kills himself and end his miserable life all these years
  • It's been three days and no HLF press release regarding that HLF China Li guy. It can only mean one thing: that Li guy is being charged with running a pyramid scheme and is in a China gulag. Who will be next ? I know those China gulags are not nice places. I know that because I saw it in National Geographic.
  • Correction Tex. That Li guy didn't sell his shares: As the last one to be shaken down the commies sold his shares and pocketed the money. After which he was turned over to the China authorities.
  • FYI shorts.......this is the exact area where Ackman capitulated on 40% of his original short the first time around helping to drive the SP to $83. Food for thought kids.
  • If Icahn sells his shares, how soon will he have to report? Is there a way for him to delay reporting so his buyers can sell on open market?
  • Herbalife - 213-745-0500
    Ask for Alan Quan in Investor Relations - investorrelations@herbalifePERIODcom
    I doubt that he's answering his phone or returning calls.
    Someone else answers his phone half of the time and claims that Alan is in a meeting or out of town.
    They person who answers won't comment or says, "I know nothing" and don't seem to have an answer as to why they even answered his phone.
    Ask them why they haven't commented on the recent news about China or why the Execs sold all of their shares just before that China news came out.
    Why do they think that fluff like this most recent PR is more important to SH's
    Herbalife Nutrition Congratulates Heather Jackson, Back-to-Back Winner of IRONMAN 70.3 Chattanooga, Tennessee - May 21, 2017

    Come on Herbalife, what are you up to?
  • Alan Quan in Herbalife Investor Relations, Why haven't you released a press release to explain or deny recent claims made by other sources that the head of Herbalife operations in China has been removed ?
  • Hey!!!! Who's doubling down on HTZ? Fancutie liked it at 27!!! you must be loving it now!! LOL
  • Starbucks' Howard Schultz Reveals the Sight of Feared Activist Carl Icahn Causes Him to Look Away
    Howard Schultz, Starbucks' (SBUX) executive chairman, has been fortunate enough to never have had to deal with an activist investor given the stellar return of the coffee king's stock. And that's something Schultz is totally fine with.
    "But when I see Carl Icahn, I look the other way," Schultz said on Wednesday at a conference held by The Economic Club of New York.
  • my confidence that HLF is a scam means I am holding all my 42+ thru 72+ HLF shorts to the single digits
  • Tom, " run into them all the time"... where at a rally? so none of them convinced you to jump on board and make a 100k a year? All these

    I met one distrbuter and zero users in my life. Users/ distributers are concentrated in poverty and unemployed areas (preying on their hopes of a better life) You would think this board could attract at least ONE successful distributer making 75k a year to sing it's merits!
    Of all the long folks on here, no distributers and no daily users of these products.
    Even the worlds biggest stock holder of this company can't stand to use the products! nuff said?
  • HLF will GAP DOWN 20% or more on the next HLF China news story, and Ackman is loading up on PUTS