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  • The big reason why Airbnb terrifies the hotel industry
    Yahoo Finance12 days ago

    The big reason why Airbnb terrifies the hotel industry

    Airbnb may face significant legal headwinds in some cities over its repurposing of apartments as short-term rooms-for-hire, standing accused of hurting local economies and contributing to rising housing unaffordability. The next-biggest lodging company by room count, and most valuable at $32 billion, is Marriott (MAR), with just 1.1 million—two-thirds less. It’s no secret why: As a tech company, Airbnb is able to serve as middleman for people with open rooms, making the supply seemingly infinite.

  • Morningstar14 days ago

    The Legal Double Standard for Mutual Funds

    It's difficult for mutual fund producers to lose a lawsuit, but it's a different story for corporate buyers.

  • American City Business Journals26 days ago

    ​Year in Review 2016: Marriott pulls off largest hospitality merger ever

    The late-breaking announcement of Marriott International Inc.’s blockbuster acquisition of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc. actually topped our list of biggest stories for 2015 — and that was before we knew just how long it would take to complete, and how crazy that deal would get. When all is said and done, Marriott (MAR) pulled off a merger valued at $13 billion that makes Greater Washington home to the world’s largest hospitality company by far, one with a market capitalization topping $30 billion. To recap on the drama: Marriott CEO Arne Sorenson spent the early part of the year selling shareholders on the idea of buying the Stamford, Connecticut-based hotel company.