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Micron Solutions, Inc. (HRT)

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  • May 24 deadline. Vote the Two Director Nominees Out! Send a message. Do your fiduciary responsibility. You really want these guys in for a 3-year term after having done nothing to enhance shareholder value?
  • Fidelity Bailed. After more than a decade, maybe two--I can't really remember, Fidelity said "no mas" during the first quarter. Kinda wish they had been more activist and joined w/the largest independent shareholder to force change---but then that is really not there style. Surprised they did not acknowledge much earlier that the business model is flawed.
  • Once again earnings report at the 11th hour? I say "earnings", but you know what I really mean.
  • The company did NOTHING!
  • Yet another quarterly net loss. How much are you willing to bear Mr. Friedman?
  • Shareholders' meeting this month. Vote the Board Nominees Out!
  • What a hideous stock. Market rallies 400 points in 2 days and this thing stinks up the joint!
  • Reduced corporate tax rates only help companies that actually produce pretax income. Executives and directors will still get paid either way however.
  • How About the ever increasing Debt?
  • Stock is "un-investable"
  • Mr. Friedman needs to call a meeting to oust the Chairman and the Board of Directors.
  • It's all about the Top Line. Company hasn't grown revenues, well, almost forever. Management and Directors still getting paid---guess that's all that matters. They should go private then.
  • These holders of this stock are not very bright They just don't get it. They need a new CEO and BOD change but it's to little to late for this company. The CEO and BOD now have drained the little company at the stockholders expence and they must just love getting the shot end of the stick because they just keep on letting it go on.
  • Yet another ugly quarter w/promises of better quarters to come. The story is getting a little old.
  • The stockholders are not very bright. They just do not get it. The CEO and BOD are money draining this little company right into the ground and what have they shown for it- NADA,. NOTHING, ZIP, Zero. Oh that's right they did show something I'm sorry . My mistake. They showed a loss. A new CEO and BOD has been needed for a while now. You know out with the nonperformers in with the new hope.
  • Name change, LMAO. Like that line from an old song by The Who: "Meet the New Boss. Same as the Old Boss." And therein my friends lies the problem w/HRT, even after it changes its name and ticker.
  • Directors getting $40,000-$45,000 per year in cash and option awards w/no improvement to shareholder value in a decade.
    $40,000-$45,000 per year for a handful meetings for a $10 million market cap company, producing only $20 million in revenues a year w/a $3 stock price. You'd think these guys were overseeing Dupont or IBM for what they are getting paid. Pocketliners rather than producers. How do you like that Mr. Friedman?
  • Habitual 11th hour filer of their quarterly and annual earnings reports. Always depresses the stock price near earnings as shareholders get tired of waiting for the report and nervous holding the stock. This is a pretty simple company. They should really be submitting their quarterly results 15-20 days after the end of the quarter and 30-60 days after year end. They almost always go close to the 45 days max quarterly and 90 days annually.
  • Are we really expecting a good Q? Really? I cannot wait....
  • They have no top line growth. Order rates are unpredictable. Cash flows and debt levels are variable as are working capital requirements. It's "a pig in a poke", mostly a pig. It's not like they are going to grow revenues from $20-$25 milion per year to $50 million. They have had 10 years to do that and cannot given a mish-mash of uncorrelated product lines, variable order rates, and the headwind of a strong U.S. dollar and unpredictable trade policy. The BOD and executives put themselves first.