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International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)

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  • IBM board should take an example from Ford...it's time
  • Note: IBM increases divide again. As long as the decrease of sales is smaller than the % of reduction of shares, I will continue to buy IBM shares. It is getting more and more valuable with the continuous share buyback and dividend increase almost every year,
  • IBM announced the launch of quantum computer and make it available on the cloud. The commerical version will have 16 qubits if you know what qubit is. IBM will lead the world again in innovation and break through. It will no longer be fiction in Star Trek movies. Indeed, quantum computer was born and will the most powerful competitive edge of IBM research work that took years of investment and hard labor. Companies in the world will move to IBM's Cloud.
  • Idiotic old school thinking continues to kill IBM. These fools killing remote workers is probably the final nail in the coffin to get themselves removed from the DOW.....typical corporate america company....TOTALLY out of touch with both their employees and their business. Especially stupid considering the economy is good....many will jump ship. Big contract losses to follow....
  • Does IBM have a core competence? Besides typewriters.
  • remember this...buy low, sell high.
    don't worry about current decline.
    ibm is getting a small start for AI-based oncology system in Korea.
  • Things are always at their best in the beginning. http://dataunion.tistory.com/6770

    International Business Machines Corp_ NYSE : IBM Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks May-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 4,338 NYSE Stocks Price Analysis Correlation Histogram Type Description Zero Correlation Histogram - The stock pair is concentrated in the correlat
  • Remote Worker? Single most effective step IBM can take is have Romety stop working remote from technology hub by moving IBM world HQ from boomdog place called Armonk to Silicon-valley.
  • Downside risk pretty much eliminated now I would guess, thoughts? have you guys heard of awesomeS-TOCKS. i started receiving their allerts and so far i am happy.
  • Posted in $CVX conversation
    stay alert to $mat $ibm $amd...i see strong momentum for all these names this week
  • insider buying at ibm. many reasons to sell but only 1 reason to buy.
  • Was Watt son dirty to HR when he blocked tax code
  • IBM needs people who understand technology at the helm and not MBAs who only know accounting.
  • I brought few hundred stock for dividend earlier and since than stock crash (Bad time entry but Now I am going to buy more , Plan to double down at 150 & again at 140 if it ever go there.

    This is solid business, Cloud is latest trend and Lot of people don't understand cloud and think Amazon will take over market. Amazon can get market share in some area but IBM has big advantage for enterprise market because Cloud itself has no value without Software and IBM is one of largest enterprise software company.

    Infact Cloud real benefit will go to all software companies because they can create subscription business & capture market easily. Why would you deal installing on Amazon cloud if you can get all support from Software provider directly.

    Cloud trend is dream come true for many software company struggling to grow their service business.
  • Buffet is a smart investor...he is a multi-billionaire..all on this board are not . If Ginny was fired today by the board and a replacement named who was competent, the stock would jump to 180 by weeks end....where it should be. She and Carly should get together as part of the female CEO failure club.
  • IBM cash flow in the quarter actually was increasing. It reports lower income and hide the money in buybacks. Over 1.29 billions buy back in the quarter. Warren Buffet only reduce it to normal 5 - 6 billions dollar weighting.
  • It looks IBM is dying of a slow death.
  • IBM is a dinosaur in fast moving industry.....Buffet conceded as much and bailed out. Now its time for all you fake investors to do the same. Take this from a former IBM Division executive.....check out Value Line's ranking of top 100 US industries. See where computer manufacturing is?????.........I suggest you get out at earliest price bounce, and shift your funds elsewhere, out of computer manufacturing. Good Luck.
  • Warren Buffet has gone out of his circle of competence. He probably does not know the promise the brain inspired chip from IBM can produce thousands of cores on a chip and revolutionize the type of killer apps that will be powered by the TrueNorth chip. Luckily he is keeping a normal weighting instead of the overweighting on IBM. IBM will take off with its thousands of patents in the arena and turn into like Qualcomm, it will just have to collect juicy royalties for every sensor based cognitive applications. .
  • look to STWD for safety and a 9% div yield