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I.D. Systems, Inc. (IDSY)

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  • if Avis Now can work with OnStar or RentalFleet, why is Avis bothering with IDSY? Why doesn't IDSY partner with GM and let GM do all the hardware and IDSY do the software and backend while leasing some patents to GM? such a strange company
  • S3 - dilution coming

    I guess it is good and bad news. They must feel orders will be coming from Avis and need to sell more stock to raise cash. Bad news is more dilution. What prices will they be selling at? Fully diluted they are basically at 15M shares now. will they end up with 20M or 25M shares?
  • Hertz market cap $1B. Avis $2.2B. Billions and billions of debt

    These two companies are in deep sheet. Their entire business is basically based on what they sell their used car fleet for, not what they make on rentals. all their debt is backed by the value of their used cars and that value is falling very quickly. These companies have over a combined $26B in debt.

    Rental is over. Uber has won. Avis and Hertz have waited too long to upgrade their technology. A $90M market cap company is not going to save them. Rental companies are over-levered used car companies.
  • here's how I see it:

    - possibly break even in Q2 assuming those two deals pushed into Q2 are $1M deals each. Other then that they lose money again
    - loss in Q3 as usual
    - small profits in Q4 and Q1
    - losses going forward after that

    This Avis deal changes nothing in the long term. If it was for the entire fleet maybe it changes things. It's still a company not growing, losing money, and going nowhere
  • Ehrman got a nice severance package but not as nice as Jagid's. 15 months pay, 18 months health, but only 90 days to exercise options. Ellis got only 3 months severance, 3 months health, and 90 days to exercise. Neither got accelerated vesting.

    So company could have increased cash as of this next report due to these guys exercising almost 250K options.

    Ellis had 66K options at $5.24
    Ehrman had 78K at $5.71 and $5.93. Share price was near that so I doubt he would have risked exercising those. Had another 102K $2.84 $3.54, $4.37, and $4.55. 16K were at $7.41
  • Intrepidos ad fata amat. http://dataunion.tistory.com/2231

    [2016-MAY] I.D. Systems NASDAQ : IDSY Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks May-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 2,830 NASDAQ Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is 0 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stocks
  • Who could be buying after such a quarter?
  • How many investors are aware of $IDSY’s 3.3% debt to equity ratio?
    Does ID Systems Inc’s (IDSY) Low Debt-Load Make It Financially Strong?
    ID Systems Inc (NASDAQ:IDSY), with a market capitalization of USD $80 Million, is considered a small-cap company.
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  • Why is this stock going up and will they ever sell out?
  • disappointed
  • Wow Caseyboy & Db are still in this chat. Cant believe you still follow and own this stock. Time and money certainly can be spent elsewhere !! Give it up guys
  • This stock is dying. All the so called patents they had to get shareholders to throw money at it and now they get kicked out of Raymond and Toyota. However they will continue to fool people with their technology. Its not that great and they over spend and pay themselves. Its a great piggy bank for the few overpaid managers. They should have sold awhile ago
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