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  • Report coming out tomorrow in Taiwan that IMOS reportedly has secured Amoled bumping driver ic for Samsung on Digitimes
  • ..lets see how long this run will last!
  • Does anyone know when the stock goes exdividend and when is the payable date?
  • Congrats to our fellow IMOS shareholder, Seth Klarman. coco


    After attending race growing up, Baltimore-raised owner Seth Klarman soaking in Preakness victory
    After attending race growing up, Baltimore raised-owner Seth Klarman soaking in Preakness victory
  • and the ones that follow become gradually cooler.http://dataunion.tistory.com/9606

    [2016-SEP] ChipMOS Technologies NASDAQ : IMOS Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks Sep-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 2,830 NASDAQ Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is 0.7 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stock
  • The conference call seemed encouraging, notwithstanding the Taiwanese regulatory restrictions regarding "guidance". Upside from here encouraging, and net U.S. divi of 53cts
  • ..most of the stocks going up and this thing doesnt know where to go, and it has been like that for the last 6 years. It is really frustrating.
  • From reading the voting documents it looks like IMOS will pay out $1.00 NT to share holders but it is unclear to me if this is what adds up to the annual dividend or if this is some sort of additional payment. Can anyone clarify?
  • You can call me a dummy or whatever, I just want to ask how a shareholder should vote on Company proxy before I do something more stupid?
  • So, what would its pre-conversion price be, somewhat over 20?
  • ...tomorrow down we go....
  • Sean, next time remember its "PERSONAL" not "PERSONNEL". Oh and BTW erosion is not spelled errosian. Stop posting and get an education son.
  • Anybody have an idea on how much of a boost we will see this spring/summer in revenue from the new Apple work? Also, any guess what the dividend might be this summer? A lot


    Himax reportedly cuts into supply chain for iPhone

    Julian Ho, Taipei; Jessie Shen, DIGITIMES [Thursday 30 March 2017]
    Taiwan-based Himax Technologies will be among the component suppliers of Apple for its OLED iPhone that will feature a built-in 3D-sensing module to enable augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), according to industry sources.

    Lumentum will provide 3D sensing modules for Apple's upcoming flagship iPhone model that will come with an OLED display, said the sources. The OLED iPhone will adopt VCSEL (vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser)-based DOE (diffractive optical elements) in its front camera system, which will have both 3D sensing and 3D modeling capabilities.

    Himax is already involved in Lumentum's supply chain, which also includes STMicroelectronics, the sources indicated.

    Himax' glass component design to fit into Lumentum's 3D-sensing module for the OLED iPhone will be processed with chip-on-glass (COG) technology, the sources noted. Himax' backend partner ChipMOS Technologies will provide COG services and is expected to see revenues ramp up starting May, the sources said.

    In response, both Himax and ChipMOS declined to comment on specific customers and orders.
  • Now that the company is restructured and the JV is completed, what are the odds the company gets bought out. The revenue opportunity from the JV seems pretty strong. Maybe someone wants to capture that through a take-out of Chipmos?
  • Am I doing my conversion formula incorrectly, or is it right that currently IMOS is trading at a 5.7% premium to 8150, based on last night's currency ratio of 30.3154?
  • Where is Caff, Jaret, Johnnyboy, Lizheng, etc...Nobody interested in Chipmos?
  • Stocks: Nanmao (8150) into the Apple iPhone8 supply chain, this year is expected to earn 4.5-5 yuan per share

    Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 8, it is worth noting that the packaging and testing manufacturers Nanmao (8150) to obtain new orders, made of glass optical wafer packaging and testing orders, the second half of the benefits can be expected.

    Apple iPhone 8 internal part of the new chip, in particular, into the 3D depth of field sensors and ranging technology, and wonders of glass optical wafer to obtain a new order, the latter part of the packaging and testing section, the commissioned by Nanmao foundry, and industry estimates , The light of the chip can contribute a single month Nanmao 60 million yuan revenue, so Nanao operating tonic.

    As for the part of the South Mao industry, thanks to the sale of Shanghai Hongmao micro part of the shares, the proceeds from the first quarter of this year, for this reason, the first quarter of this year, the opportunity to challenge the opportunity to 3 yuan per share, corporate estimates this year, Into 4.5 yuan to 5 yuan, for which the overall profit performance this year is expected to leap forward.
  • Anyone can help? How can I read conversation on iphone? Why I can't find the tab when I open the yahoo stock page? Thanks!
  • Good Lord, limit up. Did management resign?
  • Stocks: Hongmei micro-income account, Nanmao Q1 profit big storm, earnings per share estimated at 2.69 to 3 yuan

    (8150), due to the disposal of Shanghai Hongmao micro-income will be recognized in the first quarter earnings, to this end, the company announced the first quarter of this year's financial test, single season attributable to owners after the net profit of about 19.98 ~ 2.274 billion yuan, quarterly 2.67 ~ 3.18 times the basic earnings per share estimated at 2.69 ~ 3 yuan; in this bullish injection, Nanmao today with the amount of attack on the daily limit of 27.05 yuan to close.

    Nanmao announced the first quarter of the financial forecast, the estimated revenue will fall between 42.93 ~ 448 million yuan, quarterly 4 to 8 percent, operating costs 35.84 to 3.606 billion yuan, quarterly 2.7 to 3.3 percent, single quarter operating expenses 3.86 ~ 492 million yuan, quarter by 15% quarterly increase of 8.4%, gross margin estimated at 16 ~ 20%, single quarter attributable owners after tax net profit of 19.98 to 2.274 billion yuan, quarterly 2.67 to 3.18 times, the basic per share Surplus estimated at 2.69 to 3 yuan.

    By the impact of off-season, Nanmao first quarter revenue although the recession, but the profit part of the macro-holdings because of the macro-holdings increased, due to the first quarter earnings per share is expected to see 3 yuan injection, the benefit ratio The company is also expected to issue 1 yuan dividend, including earnings distribution of 0.3 yuan, the capital reserve of 0.7 yuan.