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ImmunoCellular Therapeutics, Ltd. (IMUC)

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  • When there are more law firms suing the company than there are employees, something is wrong. Since the company's stock has lost more than 99 percent of its value in the past few years, I wonder what law firms think they are going to get?
  • Thought I'd stop in and review the carnage. Anyone with real money In this has already committed suicide or bailed long ago so mostly posers and newbies. Sad
  • Looks like the fraud is in. Kill the company before they can report they can cure nothing.
  • Board of Directors celebrating another successful dilution with your money! Girls, Booze, Yachts! Whoopee!
  • Trying to breakout! Maybe with Spring the IMUC coffers will some how start filling with green.

    AQSZF (MC $15 M) is close to profitability and to file 3 NDA and the whole company is valued at ridiculous $15 Million ,this unknown stock is definitely one of the cheapest Biotech in the sector .Stock should be at minimum $2+ right now .

    Aequus Successfully Completes Dosing in Second Proof of Concept Clinical Trial of Transdermal Aripiprazole Patch...
    The Company expects to report topline results from this multi-dose study in the first quarter of 2017.

    Market Cap :US$ 15 Million
    Cash $4.1 Million << enough untill mid 2018
    Price 0.21

    Great Video


    AQS1301 topline results in 1Q 2017

    Operational profitability estimated in 2017

    File for CDN approval of Topiramate XR in 1H 2017

    File for CDN approval of Oxcarbazepine XR in 1H 2017

    Additional Product Deals in 2017

    Partnership for AQS1301 in 2017

    Two products launches to date (Tacrolimus IR and Vistitan™)

    3 long-acting, transdermal programs in development, on track to file NDA in 2018

    Aequus Pharmaceuticals
    Aequus has an expanding product pipeline of drugs in Canada. Revenues and cash flows are increasing and products produce a 50% margin, Edward Karr, Managing ...
  • I think this should be a nickel.
  • Hourfying, just horrifying. They randomized precisely 11 patient in the last q. They need 542. How long are they going to keep saying full enrollment by q-2 2019? Absurd. Maybe it picks up with eAmendment and additional Europe sites but they have been enrolling for 9 months now. The science is intriguing but unless enrollment picks up substantially this trial will never get finished.
  • The bulls and the bears are locked in a stalemate it seems now that IMUC has seen annual EPS growth past 5 years moved into neutral territory with a 19.30%. Im not sure about you guys but awesome-STOCKS has provided me with some pretty good trade ideas. I messed up executing some of them but thats on me.
  • More failure to come for IMUC!
  • Ha Ha Ha! You mean this company is still in business? Millions of bag holders have lost their ssa with this puke company! BR coming soon!
  • IMUC won't even be around in 2019. All they know how to do is spend money and dilute!!!
  • WHY it is moving up 1+. Something going on. can someone say something.
  • IMUC has stated that it will have full enrollment by q-2 2019. That will simply not happen. I think the science is intriguing but they wont hit their enrollment numbers. Per their stated target of q2 2019 they would have to enroll 50 patients a quarter. NWBO enrolled about 14 a q and IMUC enrolled about 18 a q in the p2. Do you really think they can enroll 50 patients a quarter? I'm taking bets. Adjust your sights accordingly.
  • this puppy traded over 1/2 of its public float...i'm inclined to believe a buyout is coming..regardless its obvious that something positive is about to happen..in dec this company filed for a shelve offering. in order to raise $20 millions most companies would raise money after a positive announcement. stay tuned mouse keteers
  • All this because of a Shipping container?
    What a Joke !
  • Just a low float momentum player head fake. Back to 2.50 in a few days when the reality sets in. Keep you eye o the enrollment numbers. That's the only thing that matters. Related news now at least two months away. Delayed again.
    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., Feb. 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- SAVSU Technologies, the leading developer of smart precision shipping containers and cloud based cold chain management SaaS solutions, today announced that its evo® Cold Chain 2.0™ live cell visibility platform has been successfully deployed in ImmunoCellular Therapeutics' phase 3 clinical trial of ICT-107, a patient-specific, dendritic cell-based immunotherapy for newly diagnosed glioblastoma. The ICT-107 trial (NCT02546102) will enroll up to 120 clinical sites in the US, Canada and Europe.

    Marta Schilling, Vice President, Cell Therapy Manufacturing, commented, "We have been extremely pleased with the performance of the evo® Cold Chain 2.0™ system for use in our phase 3 study. The unique uni-directional packout prevents errors in packaging and makes it very simple for our clinical sites to package the starting apheresis product for shipment to our manufacturing facilities. Validation of tight temperature stability in every shipment is critical, and we have not experienced any temperature or packaging deviations since switching to evo®. It is clear that an enormous amount of thought and testing went in to the design of the evo® system."

    Bruce McCormick, President of SAVSU Technologies remarked, "Our optimized technologies represent the next generation of integrated, cloud-connected cold chain technologies. It is rewarding to see the stellar real-world performance of evo® in a high volume, challenging application. We are committed to supporting ImmunoCellular Therapeutics and the regenerative medicine industry with disruptive products by driving a paradigm shift away from traditional, risk-laden cold chain practices based on the use of poor performing shipping containers and disconnected data systems."

    BioLife Solutions (NASDAQ: BLFS), the leading provider of clinical grade CryoStor® and HypoThermosol® biopreservation media for cells and tissues, is an equity partner in SAVSU Technologies and markets and supports the evo® Cold Chain 2.0™ system in the regenerative medicine market.

    Chain Link Research and Pharmaceutical Commerce market research estimate that there are 80 million to 130 million annual temperature sensitive pharmaceutical shipments requiring cold chain management, resulting in $12 billion spent annually on cold chain logistics, with $9 billion for transportation and $3 billion for specialized tertiary packaging and instrumentation such as insulated boxes, blankets, phase change materials, temperature sensors and dataloggers. The use of currently available cold technologies results in $15 billion to $35 billion spent annually replacing products lost due to temperature excursions.

    About SAVSU Technologies

    SAVSU is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative high performance cloud-connected passive storage and transport containers for temperature sensitive biologics and pharmaceuticals. Our mission is to improve global health by greatly reducing the waste and risks associated with the improper freezing and overheating of thermal-sensitive medicines and biologics. SAVSU has developed proprietary state-of-the-art technology to ultimately lower costs and improve delivery of these most essential materials. For more information please visit www.savsu.com.

  • How does the CIRM grant get disbursed? I think it dependent on the patient enrollment, maybe they reach the milestone, or people assumed they should reach a milestone by today or something... If a company with a market cap of $12M suddenyl gets an influx of $1.5M then the PPS would go up drastically methinks...
  • It starts having volume around 2pm, interesting?