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Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (INO)

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7.99-0.69 (-7.95%)
At close: 4:00PM EDT
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  • Gilled found years AFTER Inovio has 24 approved drugs and 9 in Phase 3 Trials.
    Inovio has ZERO approved of anything and has ZERO drugs in Phase 3 Trials.
    Dead mice is all that baggies get here.
  • Celgene founded AFTER Inovio has 22 approved drugs and 12 in Phase 3 Trials.
    Inovio has ZERO approved for anything and ZERO drugs in Phase 3 Trials.
    DILUTION, REVERSE SPLITS and HYPE is all that you get at Inovio.
  • Amgen, founded after Inovio has 16 approved drugs and 13 in Phase 3 Trials.
    Inovio has ZERO approved of anything and has ZERO drugs in Phase 3 Trials.
    The baggies are holding empty bags.
  • Investing 101: Never buy a stock that had a REVERSE SPLIT, let alone one that had TWO REVERSE SPLITS.
  • Which saps paid $9.96 - - - a show of hooves.
    Enjoy your $9.00+ bags.
  • Welcome to The Home of the Pump & Dump.
    Check the track record - 38 years of nothing but hype for a pump & dump fleecing of gullible saps.
    Endless mice studies and P1 studies but not one P3 Trial completed in nearly 4 decades.
  • Kimmie must be ready for the next DISCOUNTED DILUTIVE OFFERING.
    It's his modus operandi: put out some hype - the hedgies can sell short the offering - as the fools rush in.
  • Thanks for participating in the PUMP & DUMP.
    Let's do it again some time.
  • Some hedgies are taking a big dump this morning.
    They wanted out of this promotional scam - 38 years of nothing but hype.
  • Please take a bag. Help your local hedgies. Take more than one if you can afford it.
    Back up the truck and load up. It's always great to buy after a 25% spike!
  • You want to beat the Pump & Dump scammers out the door.
    This morning is the time to vacate the premises.
    Don't get stuck holding an overpriced bag.
  • August will mark 38 years of FAILURE:

    ( 1 ) Electroporation Failed
    ( 2 ) Pictovir Failed
    ( 3 ) ChronVac-C Failed
    ( 4 ) VG-1027 Failed
    ( 5 ) VGX-3400 Failed
    ( 6 ) VGX-3500 Failed
    ( 7 ) Bleomycin Failed

    VGX-3100 is next!

    Inovio has nothing that works - not one Phase 3 trial completed in 37 years, soon to be 38 years.
  • I hope you long suffering bagholders sold when this hit 9.80....this will be down again in the low 8's or even in the 7's shortly....we have had this news before....100% efficacy and cure for MERS, Ebola, now HIV....guess what...this is great news if these diseases were in NYC...but they are not...they are in Africa...they have no money for vaccines....the govt will need to purchase these vaccines from INO, because no one else cares, and Africa has no money....watch and learn.
  • $550,000,000.00 for 38 years of failure, losses and dead mice = TulipMania.
  • "Science" that produces Nothing in 38 years is SCIENCE FICTION.
  • Overpay in the morning on a Pump & Dump, then regret it the rest of the day.
    Watch the stock slide as the scammers unload their bags.
    Don't be a sap. Don't be a victim.
    Kim is recycling old hype from last year.
  • Alert!!!! PUMP & DUMP in progress.
    Beat the scammers out the door.
    Kimmie is hyping a P1 study.
    Ask Kimmie to show you a P3 trial for once in 38 years.
    The smoke and mirrors hype scam rolls on.
  • The PUMP and DUMP worked like a charm.
    New baggies, welcome to the House of Pain.
    Lots of hungry mice running around and dead mice stored in warehouses.
  • Kimmie obviously doesn't believe that the stock is worth $6.50.
    On 3/30 Kimmie exercised 73,590 options at $5.08 and then dumped 73,590 shares on the open market at $6.5051.
    On 3/31 Kimmie exercised 73,590 options at $5.08 and then dumped 73,590 shares on the open market at $6.5739.
    He took a dump on the baggies faces, pushed the stock price down and pocketed $215,000. Iwwwwww!!!!!!!!!
  • $9.85 .... $9.80 .... $9.75 .... $9.70 .... $9.65 .... $9.60 .... $9.55 ... $9.50 .... $9.45 .... $9.40 .... $9.35 .... $9.30 .... $9.25 .... $9.20 ...
    $9.15 .... $9.10 .... $9.05 .... $9.00 .... $8.95 .... $8.90 ... $8.85 ... $8.80 .... $8.75 ............
    PUMP & DUMP ????? You decide.