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Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (INO)

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  • Moderna doesn't use electroporation because it's a failed technology. in the 1990s it failed in trials when Inovio used the Genetronics alias. Kimmie is hyping a decades old failed technology to gullible saps.

    Inovio is 38 years behind real biotechs. Recent start ups already have approved products.

    Amgen, founded AFTER Inovio has 16 approved drugs, and 13 currently in P3.
    Celgene, founded AFTER Inovio has 35 drugs that are either approved or in P3.
    Gilead, founded AFTER Inovio has 15 approved drugs and 9 in P3.

    Michael is a slimy scammer pumping 38 years of NOTHING but hype.

    Inovio was the first to HYPE a zika vaccine but will never develop one.
    The NAID has already advance a zika vaccine to P2.
    "Scientists have begun a Phase 2 trial of a vaccine to protect against the Zika virus, the first time an experimental Zika vaccine has gone beyond initial safety testing. The trial is testing a vaccine developed by scientists at the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases."
    Kimmie is still hyping P1 data.

    "Researchers at Houston’s Baylor College of Medicine last week began Phase 2 clinical trials for a Zika vaccine that is expected to have results as early as the end of this year."
    Kimmie is late to the party again!

    Yes, Inovio has been the first to announce mice studies for whatever disease is in the news but it never developed anything! 38 years of mice studies is what the baggies have gotten here. If you want a biotech on the way to getting drugs approved, you need to look elsewhere.
  • Why is Kimmie hyping MERS mice studies?

    "Several academic researchers agreed that it doesn't make sense to spend time and money developing a MERS vaccine right now. Despite its recent spread, the disease, first identified in 2012, has been relatively contained so far and doesn't seem to be as contagious as SARS. Also, like any medication, a vaccine would certainly have side effects.

    "If we were to vaccinate the entire population of the world, the probability that someone is going to have an adverse reaction to the vaccine is going to be higher than that someone will develop MERS," said W. Ian Lipkin, John Snow Professor and Director of the Center for Infection and Immunity at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health.

    A highly contagious disease, like the flu, which affects millions and also has the potential to kill, is a more appropriate candidate for a vaccine, said Robert W. Finberg, professor and chairman of the Department of Medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester."
  • Will Inovio complete a P3 trial by 2055? Are we at half time now?
  • INO = I NO have nothing, just 38 years of hype for whatever disease is in the news at the time.
    Ask Kimmie to show you a P3 trial for once in nearly 4 decades, instead of reverse splits and massive dilution.
    Is that asking for too much?
  • Mike,
    We must send labs out to Moderna on this Friday to check for safety and immunogenicity for the phase 1 vaccination of ADAM.

    Please check his mental status tomorrow to see if it improves and document it on the board.
  • I told you ADAM just got home. He is ecstatic to have received the prestigious JACKASS award again today. He wants someone to buy him a larger toilet bowl to place his trophies into.
  • If Marty Schmemag of Gullible Saps Inc. said that he had a cure for cancer ........
    How long would it take you to realize that you were scammed?

    (a) After 10 years of NOTHING but dead mice?
    (b) After 20 years of NOTHING but hype?
    (c) After 30 years of NOTHING but cracked petri dishes?
    (d) After 35 years of NOTHING but conferences and junkets but not even one P3 trial?
    (e) Longer?

    Mike chose (e) again. It's the most popular selection of gullible saps.
  • Today's JACKASS trophy has been unanimously voted by all longs to ADAM.
    He just arrived home to his trailer after DAVID took him for the first dose of the Moderna Phase 1 vaccine trial to develop function neurons in his cerebrum.

    We will see if the vaccine helps him in the days to come. He is to receive the Phase 2 trial dose of this wonderful vaccine next week.

    DAVID signed the consent form for him today.
  • What happened to VGX-3100?
    The P2 trial was completed in mid 2014. Why didn't a P3 trial follow?
    If the "missing" patients (those that did not complete the trial) are included in the data, the P2 trial failed.
    Kimmie is in no rush to spend money on a P3 trial which will undoubtedly fail.
    The other reason is that Kimmie has never seen a P3 trial, not at VGX, not at Inovio.
    38 years of mice studies hype proves that Inovio has nothing that works.
    17 terminated partnerships proves that Inovio has nothing that works.
    To keep this mirage of nothingness afloat, Kimmie has to continue his never ending World Conference Tour to find new saps to replace those that die here after waiting decades for nothing.

    Kimmie will collect his $millions for a few more years and then move on.
  • List of TERMINATED Partnerships:

    1) Pharma Patch plc
    2) PharmaTronics LLC
    3) Abbott
    4) Ethicon
    5) Boehringer Ingelheim
    6) Johnson & Johnson Research Pty Ltd
    7) Chiron
    8) Valentis
    9) Genteric
    10) Vical
    11) Merck
    12) Tripep
    13) Wyeth
    14) IAVI
    15) ChronTech
    16) Medimmune
    17) Roche

    Why did they all TERMINATE the partnerships?
    Inovio has nothing that works?
    What other possible reason would they all have TERMINATED?
    They found Kimmie's warehouse of dead mice?
  • 2016 management compensation for 38 years of nothing:
    Kim ............ $2,973,605
    Bagarazzi .. $1,393,790
    Kies ........... $1,355,723
    Sardesai .... $1,392,782

    At least someone is making money here!!!
    They recently hired more pigs to feed at the trough.
    Over $7,000,000 for Kim, Bagarazzi, Kies and Sardesai to run some mice studies?
    What a SCAM!!!!!!!!!
  • On 3/30 Kimmie exercised 73,590 options at $5.08 and then dumped 73,590 shares on the open market at $6.5051.
    On 3/31 Kimmie exercised 73,590 options at $5.08 and then dumped 73,590 shares on the open market at $6.5739.
    He took a dump on the baggies faces, pushed the stock price down and pocketed $215,000. Iwwwwww!!!!!!!!!
  • This dead dog bounce is an opportunity to vacate the premises.
    New lows are coming.
    Kimmie is readying another discounted dilutive offering.
    He needs more cash for mice studies, his excessive compensation and for travel expenses to conferences to find new gullible saps to replace those that crooked like the mice waiting 38 years for nothing.
  • What's crappier, INO or GALE?
    INO has had 2 reverse splits. GALE has had 1 reverse split.
    INO was founded in 1979 and developed nothing. GALE was founded in 2003 and developed nothing.
    INO has had 38 consecutive years of losses. GALE has had 14 years of consecutive losses.
    INO dropped from $200 to $7. GALE dropped from $155 to $0.57.
    The nod goes to INO!
    Yay!!!!!!!!!! Bravo!
    INO is the crappiest!!
  • Patience is a virtue but not when it takes an eternity to complete one Phase 3 Trial.
  • Mike/PineButtHead is a LOSER and LIAR pumping a piece of dung stock that had over a BILLION shares of DILUTION and then REVERSE SPLIT twice. Just check the vile butt face's posts.
  • Anyone know why Ino has so many failed partnerships ? I wonder what the story is on them?
  • $550,000,000.00 for 38 years of failure, losses and dead mice = TulipMania.
  • August will mark 38 years of FAILURE:

    ( 1 ) Electroporation Failed
    ( 2 ) Pictovir Failed
    ( 3 ) ChronVac-C Failed
    ( 4 ) VG-1027 Failed
    ( 5 ) VGX-3400 Failed
    ( 6 ) VGX-3500 Failed
    ( 7 ) Bleomycin Failed

    VGX-3100 is next!

    Inovio has nothing that works - not one Phase 3 trial completed in 37 years, soon to be 38 years.
  • It seems like other firms came to the table first, in regards to many of the treatments that Ino is currently working on. I wonder what's different from Ino treatment ?