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Income Opportunity Realty Investors, Inc. (IOT)

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  • Posted in $TEUM conversation
    I'm going to make this simple for newcomers. Every deal Hal has announced, without exception, has turned out to be a dud under the cold light of day. With Hal, everything is done in the name of expediency. This last minute Brazilian deal which seems great on the surface has no client name to it for a reason: so we can’t research it to see whether Hal’s claims stand-up. It popped up out of nowhere so they had something to talk about on the CC, rather than falling revenues, lawsuits, widening EBITDA losses, losing the Correios opportunity, and management failure. Just as well given the upcoming June 6 delisting deadline: a simple expediency. What reputable company is going to give TEUM $300K and enter into a seven-year contract without a lot of contingency and get-outs? No surprise that it is announced under a forward-looking statements disclaimer and uses weasel words like “plan to” to allow for total deniability.

    When Hal needed suckers for his first cash raise, he faced the problem that Validsoft was burning cash but needed the pretence of a $12M valuation. Then suddenly up popped made-to-order CrossRiver who made a small convertible downpayment on the purchase.  How expedient!  The cash raise went through, but alas the CrossRiver “deal” never happened and Validsoft was later given away for a fraction of that and a big loss from the balance sheet.

    More recently, as Hal has needed more cash to reward himself, “deals” with tiny one-man-band operations like Sol Mobile and Pronto Telecom were exaggerated into PRs to help with the reverse-split pumping.  Then Airfox who we’ve never heard of again, then THYNGS and their nevada computer repair store taxis #IoT tag associations that Hal conjures into some ridiculous hype for the most dumb naive investors. All expedient, all worthless.
  • More profit rolls in for IOT. Coming in at a rate of $2.2 million per 12 months. IOT is earning 12% interest from Unified Housing loans. Loans still performing very well. Net asset value has risen. On a cash flow valuation basis, IOT is conservatively worth $80 million. They have a consistent less than 4.17 million shares outstanding. This company is intrinsically worth $19.20 per share. It is just starting to rise; up 20% from 1 year ago. I would not be surprised to see at over $12 a year from now. Congrats.
  • Details about the sale of the property owned by IOT in Farmers Branch, TX can be found on the website texasfile (dot) com.

    Input the search terms "Income Opportunity Realty" and you'll see a list of all of the docs on the site.

    It appears the buyer is experienced and has done other similar developments.

    If you go to the homepage for the town of Far Myers Branch you ca
  • Posted in $WYY conversation

    Dan Turissini appears excited about the recent Spyrus/Microsoft IoT PR.
    Daniel Turissini‏ @turissd Apr 23

    https://www.spyrus.com/spyrus-announces-hardware-root-of-trust-product-family-supporting-microsoft-azure-iot-hub/ … #CyberSecurity #IOT #SPYRUS

    Daniel Turissini‏ @turissd Apr 23
    https://blogs.microsoft.com/iot/2017/04/20/microsoft-simplifies-iot-further/ … #CyberSecurity #IOT #SPYRUS

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    Daniel Turissini‏ @turissd Apr 23
    https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/azure-iot-supports-new-security-hardware-to-strengthen-iot-security/ … #CyberSecurity #SPYRUS

    SPYRUS® Announces Hardware “Root of Trust” Product Family Supporting Microsoft Azure IoT Hub
    SPYRUS® Announces Hardware “Root of Trust” Product Family Supporting Microsoft Azure IoT Hub SPYRUS FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Certified Devices Bring Strong Authentication to SAS Token and TLS/SSL Schema Azure IoT Hub San Jose, CA – April 20, 2017 –SPYRUS,
  • Better than prior year's quarter. IOT keeps getting better and better. Net tangible assets are now $86.4 million. This is $20.72 per share. And a large fraction of these assets are undervalued. More profits coming this year, 2017.
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  • Nice rise today in IOT. Still near bottom before IOT heads to $14 per share.
  • More cash and profits roll in for IOT. IOT filed the latest 10Q. They earned 13% more profit than in the prior year's quarter. Cash flow from operations was strong at +$4.5 million for the quarter. Number of share outstanding stays constant. Shareholders equity is up to $86 million! Very strong financials, likely to rise beyond $14 per share and still be undervalued. Beautiful !
  • The StockTraderProfit (Google them) recently updated analysis for IOT
  • More profits roll in for IOT. Company reported net income of +$0.18 per diluted earnings per share for the three months ended June 30, 2016, as compared to net income applicable to common shares of $0.14 per diluted earnings per share for the same period ended 2015. Number of share outstanding stays constant. Shareholders equity is up to $86 million! This stock could rise to $12 per share and still be undervalued.
  • I repeat the question. How do you sell a piece of land and you don't know the price, at least the min price if there is some type of contingency. How do you get to allocate it between related parties. These guys are crooks, amazing they did not put Gene away for his dealings with the mob.
  • question. How do you sell a piece of land under a signed contract and don:t know what the price is ?

    where is the SEC, talk about a lack of disclosure.
  • Going into the teens. More profit rolls in. Balance sheet even better. Outstanding shares remain constant. Shareholder equity increases to over $84 million. IOT is even more undervalued than last quarter.
  • What if they had a land sale and nobody cared?. Amazing. I guess to the "Street," it's not a sale until its actually recorded as such. But doesn't this get the "clock ticking," on a "catalyst event," that might very well establish that thing as worth a hell of a lot closer to book value? Is the zoning change granted to the developer, that allows this land to be DEVELOPED, worth nothing??

    I'm amazed it's not at a $10 bid, at least, at this point. Just For one, ALL the debt is paid off now.

    Who ever heard of something with a hard book 3 times the current stock price, and no debt, trading for 1/3 of book? And after the land is sold, they still have these ROCK SOLID notes that pay them like 12%+, for years and years to come.

    I wish the 80% owner would just take it completely private, right now, at, say, $13. I don't need to capture every last dollar.

    Will ANYONE ever figure out this company, other than me?
  • 10K here and good. Net tangible asset rise to $20.30 per share. Income comparable to prior year. Net tangible assets continue their rise over $84 million. Net tangible assets are now 84.6M. Number of outstanding shares stays constant at 4,168,284. Now, net tangible assets are at $20.30 per share.