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iPass Inc. (IPAS)

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  • Nothing too new from the B. Riley conference. GG said that cash could get to $10 million, but that should be the bottom before they start adding back to cash. This is a second half story and beyond. The opportunity is enourmous.
  • Next corporate action--a stock offering at ---$.50 if they are lucky. $1.43 is a gift.
  • My understanding is that the FAMGA* wouldn't want to mess with even a global wifi network, there
    just isn't enough gross revenue to get onto their radar. But iPass is already there and has the economy of
    scale so they can just use the service so they don't have to build it, if they use it the get the benefit of economy of scale.

    *Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon
  • This week: Price is trending UP. Volume is trending UP. Yep, something's UP!

    We are just ONE announcement from liftoff!
  • IPAS is moving up nicely. Somebody is liking it. Riley conference in two days. Glad I bought more in the $1.20's.
  • IPAS raised to BUY from HOLD by Aegis Capital 5-24-2017....
    Griffiths Gary Alan
    $1.22 - $1.22
    $1.03 - $1.04
    Hume Patricia 
    $1.23 - $1.23
    Panos David E 
    $1.03 - $1.03
    Tedesco Michael 
    $1.04 - $1.04
  • I love whale watching.......
  • Ipass is in the wrong place at the wrong time. LTE is Nextgen mobile data and is so fast and available that Wi-Fi is redundant. 5G will be rolled out in 2 years. It is lightening fast. 4G is 100MBS for high mobility already. Why would you need Wi-Fi? Your mobile device is secure and easy to use. Bandwidth is increasing so fast that movies over mobile device are alreday HD. Ipass is history. Avoid!
  • Job postings fot the U,K, and for the Home turf..... I'll wait until things develop before adding more shares.
  • If you look at the glassdor commments, the High employee turn-over sounds for me not good. I hope not that the incompetent ex. CEO is still at iPass.
    Management views staff as completely disposable. The team experiments and makes large changes on regular basis, and has switched directions a couple times in my short stint here. They are very stingy with bonus and commission compensation. Whether this is their all star performers or people they want to show the door, everybody gets low balled. Turnover is amazing in so many departments. Sales, marketing, HR, operations, finance. It doesn't matter. They have had layoffs for several years, and even with new management 2016 was no exception. They laid off so many people they had to bring back a couple to do critical jobs a couple months later. Nepotism is practiced here despite this being a public company. Good jobs also given to ex-employees and family friends of leadership (ex. CEO, CCO). If you're not in the gang, and things get tough, you are and will be disposable since there are protected staff members here. The public stock and financials look ok, but the restructuring seems to have no end.
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    iPass Inc. NASDAQ $IPAS Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks Sep-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 2,830 NASDAQ Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is -0.8 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stoc
  • GG, GREAT improvement on the iPass website! Thanks to you & to the team!!
  • Can GG get in on this?


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  • Built up my position as well......next earnings report should reflect a turning of the corner IMHO. I'm betting we gradually climb to mid 140's handle pre CC as astute investors anticipate same. And having that 7 figure deal roll into 2nd qrtr won't hurt us. Up up and away.
  • GG quote from CC, "But I can assure you that there are others that we cannot talk about, big brands, whales, that have already embraced SmartConnect and are actively in trial. As much as I'd like to talk about some of these partners today, we have to wait."

    It's at $1.25 per share...I bought more...embraced smart connect...called them partners...
  • Well, I "pulled the trigger."

    Found some 'dry powder' and bought 21,000 more shares today. Why? I have 100% confidence in GG and his team!

    After fully digesting the current ER, CC etc., I truly believe that things are about to get VERY interesting for iPass! As I mentioned before, I bought my first IPAS shares in 2003.

    Be kind and MAKE it a great life! Later...
  • SEC filing today: CCO Patricia Hume bought 8,130 shares of iPass. It would be more reassuring if other directors would accumulate shares. Still, though, very positive!
  • Wonder if iPass will be an important part of this...


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  • "While we've experienced delays, we have made progress with HP recently and now expect HP worldwide sales of devices that include iPass to start, as we'd hope, later this year." This should give IPASS shareholders all the confidence that we need. There is no way that this relationship does not add revenue next year. They have enough deferred revenue this year to get into their guidance range. The HP deal, plus the other deals they are working on, will likely result in a much higher share price. Buying on any further weakness.