U.S. Markets closed
  • Will be seeing JDST in the 80's tomorrow - - -
  • Loaded heavy at 76.60. Come on cash
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  • Imagecracked
  • Mic check, 1, 2. mic check, 1,2,1,2.... I told you so....
  • today might be the 15% day, i mean -15% for jdst
  • 71 by the end of the day, good luck everyone
  • goo for just followers
  • reverse is already happening, buying more JNUG at $18 support
  • This was up 100% in 3 weeks. Best short position ever.
  • JDST WILL HIT 50'ish BY FRIDAY ! And 35-40 by NEXT THURSDAY!!!
  • Gold at 1245. Run
  • Any doubt JDST will see mid 50's this Friday?
    One week ago I said JDST will drop 50% in a two weeks time frame (RSI was over 75) and so far I'm right. If this thing drops in the mid 5-'s by Friday then I expect it to drop to low 30's by mid June. Yellen will not hike the rate until September
  • Told u JDST is c***
  • Jdst holdinh very well btw 67.4-68.... all these while gold is near its day high...
  • This will not last today.... out with the profits while you can as gold has gone positive. + with all the Trump negagtive how could you hold this.
  • Better find a good exit point by Tuesday folks. I left at 81.06. Good luck.
  • With my wall Defense resistance a put till 68.20 ,from there a volcano explosion till 120 sky high, watch out folks....
  • This will at least see 30-40 before going up again
  • I don't think it will go below 50.