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JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM)

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  • AUTO ZONE CRASHING 599.47 -60.02 (-9.10%)
    DSW shoes TANKING !
    KIrklands Tanking !
    New home sales down 11% !
  • This can't be good news for Banks and credit card companies can it ?

    U.S. Subprime Auto Loan Losses Reach Highest Level Since the Financial Crisis
    U.S. subprime auto lenders are losing money on car loans at the highest rate since the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis as more borrowers fall behind on payments, according to S&P Global Ratings.
  • by the way any missile fired by N Korea would be intercepted in the air. However nuclear fallout would result. All thanks to Obamas perceived weakness many feel his plan World peace at risk while he is now awarded for weakness.
  • The Wacko Left threatening corporate officers now weighing on performance. Target was punished. US Law and Trump policy first! Protect America and jobs for Americans. Investers are pulling out of those companies not standing on principle.
  • 🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑 Warning 🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑
    ✔️🔵Thank democrats and fake bias news as well as liberal bias press for your Wall Street loses today. More to come as the sore losers democrats like Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi keep up impeachment baloney as well as obstructing Trump's tax cuts, infrastructure build out plans and replacement of Obamacare. Markets hate uncertainty and sore loser crybaby democrats will keep it up now. Timber!!!! Get out now or lose more $money$ as democrats keep up the hate. Lose more money in days ahead 💵💵💵💵👎😫 you been warned 🛑
  • JPM you say will go down but I disagree.
  • Might be a good idea to take a holiday. Even corrections are highly professionalized, you just need to put in a GTC order at 70 and come back in September.
  • Trump =
  • Lying democrat Chuck Shumers claims about Planned Parenthood fact checked and shown to be false claims. The number one thing they do is baby killing Abortion. No mammograms or equipment to do them.


    WaPo fact checks Schumer’s claim that millions of women use Planned Parenthood for mammograms
    Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer …
  • https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/17/business/dealbook/household-debt-united-states.html?_r=0

    Household Debt Makes a Comeback in the U.S.
    Nearly a decade after the 2008 credit bubble, Americans have accumulated a total of $12.7 trillion in debt — a new peak.
  • Saber Capital - Reviewing Bank Stocks Post-Trump Election: https://investoralmanac.com/2017/05/21/reviewing-bank-stocks-post-trump-election-saber-capital/

    InvestorAlmanac - Reviewing Bank Stocks Post-Trump Election (Saber Capital)
    Saber Capital Management: Banks Stocks – A Review, January 18, 2017 Over the past 2.5 years, held sizable position in large cap bank stocks: initially consisted of JP Morgan and Wells Fargo, and la…
  • ✔️🔵Hillary now 2 time loser in 2020 will she make it three ⁉️https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OjsORbYi7N4&itct=CBEQpDAYACITCIai2cO89NMCFQWrqgodzCkCNDIHcmVsYXRlZEiM3dauuKSW_j4%3D

    Kellyanne Conway Tells Story About Hillary’s Concession Call On Election Night - Hot news
    Hot news - Kellyanne Conway Tells Story About Hillary’s Concession Call On Election Night. Learn more about news on Youtube: https://goo.gl/kiu0PB ~~~~~~~~~~...
  • Cramers pick FOOT locker with 3600 stores is crashing (FL)
    and it is taking NIKE down with it !
    Lets see if this bounce has legs with retail sales imploding...
  • Devastating news 11% drop in sales plus PRICES fell also !

    Sales of New Homes Drop 11.4% in April
    All regions post losses; sales in the West fall 26.3%.
  • Cracking below $83 a real possibility today, $80 is next within reach.
  • ‪Because of recent events the FED is not raising interest rates next month. Sell bank stocks.‬
  • Buy $85 put options
  • http://www.mauldineconomics.com/editorial/george-friedman-us-attack-on-north-korea-is-imminent-1

    George Friedman: US Attack on North Korea Is Imminent | Mauldin Economics
    John Mauldin, Financial Expert, Best-Selling Author, and Editor of Thoughts from the Frontline Investment Newsletter. Offering Financial & Economic Analysis, Research.
  • JP Morgan has a lot of derivatives they tell me !

    This is scary so read at your own risk...
    Financial Weapons Of Mass Destruction: Top 25 US Banks Have 222 Trillion Dollars Derivatives Exposure
    The recklessness of the “too big to fail” banks almost doomed them the last time around, but apparently they still haven’t learned from their past mistakes.
  • ✔️🔵 Democrat Chuck Schumer and all liberal democrats helping to tank the market as obstructionist to Trump tax cuts and everything he is trying to fix.