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  • New Product - Spiked Jones Hard Cider-Soda

    Jones Soda Co. Celebrates 21 Years with Spiked Jones™ Hard Cider-Soda
    Jones Soda Co. , a leader in the premium soda category that is known for its unique branding and innovative marketing, will celebrate 21 years in business this summer with the Pacific Northwest release of Spiked Jones, the first ever alcoholic hard c
  • Looks like Mills Brown exercised 50k of his options last week @ $.44
  • Jones is a joke, the CEO is a joke. Nobody cares. What a waist of time....
  • Wow horrible Earnings ah...
    I'm done with this company, waited 5 years done done done!
  • over 18,000 volume @ $0.52 making a nice floor !!

    Going up $
  • no one noticed? crazy volume 7x normal and mostly buying. amazing the overhead supply of selling though. seems like someone is betting on some news not disclosed. but it could be seasonal buying. i think the former.
  • motley fool article on the soda business. praises SODA for pivoting to sparkling water. stock $13 to $50 now. because they actually learned something about the business. we have a groundhog for a CEO. keep doing the same thing and expecting different results. funny how this year she announced 7-11 and the stock dropped!
  • .44 Cents per share. 7 Quarters ago when they were still hemorrhaging cash, the stock was in this price range per share. Interesting that the stock price briefly rose last year, and has stagnated since. Even all the while the company and it's financials continue to improve. As such, a buyout to take it private would be, and should be in the cards. No reason the stock price should be down here where it's at. Someone would be wise to buy this now, at a huge discount.
  • everyone please. can people from now on only bring up positive things about the company. even if they arent true. lets keep it positive. any criticism should be held to yourself. just more of a fan club atmosphere than an investment board. great. thanks.

    jen is doing a great job getting kids to drink more real sugar soda. thank you to fiat also for helping out with this goal. and to do it all as a non-profit. wow.
  • king bashing tiger lashing out!!!
    smash'em bash'em kick'em and do it again.
    Why dont you move on and save your piszing and moaning for someone who gives a shlt.
    blah blah blah whaw whaw whaw.
  • Nature never deceives us; it is always we who deceive ourselves. http://dataunion.tistory.com/2356

    [2016-MAY] Jones Soda Co. NASDAQ : JSDA Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks May-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 2,830 NASDAQ Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is 0.1 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stock
  • tiger, you must be short this stock.
    NOBODY would bash a company like you do unless you were short the stock or a paid basher or rival of this company.
    anybody that has a vested interest in this company wouldn't be bashing it unless your a total idiot.
    why would you cut your own throat.
    obviously your short or you hold no position
  • come clean tiger,
    that way we both have a legitimate ground on which both of us stand.
  • you know what is funny. everything i have said here in criticism of the clueless ceo has been reflected in the stock price. all the rah rah bs, is absent in the market. the bottom line is that there is no innovation at jones in marketing tired products andno innovation in products. lemoncocco is a new product but i dont see it generating much in sales. very specialty and distribution will be a challenge. i hope it works. but the work accomplished over the last year is sad. the incremental sales from 7-11, embarrassingly small.
  • wrong. quarters have improved more than just the last 2 quarters.
    i have been following this co. for just shy of 2 years and their case sales, debt, assets, losses, etc etc have improved greatly over the last year.
    at one point the bottom line was off because their lease/rent went up significantly so that put damper on the bottom line.
    truth be known stephanie had them in a good position at one time (over $25 pps), put another CEO in charge and he ran it down.
    Now thar stephanie has taken back over the co. as CEO things have improved and will continue to IMO.
    do some deeper DD
  • aaaaand there it goes. back in the toilet. high volume sell off starting. i do not think it will go back to the sub 35 cent range though at this time of the year. but they have nothing to announce that will be meaningful. there is no credibility left. not after the 7-11 disaster of last year.
  • every qtr gets better and better and some of you bash them.
    would you rather see a negative quarterly report.
    yea they suck thats why it went up .04 cents today.
    some of you on here are either short this stock or just a bunch of morons.
    so which is it?
  • Out here in No.Ca. we have terrible distribution issues. The distributors also handle the "big name product" . JSDA always gets
    the short end. Going back 3 yrs, Jones had 2-3 ft, up & down, eye level on at least 3 shelves. Now, we are lucky to see 3-4 flavors on 1 shelf. If you don't get the product out there where the consumer can see it, put up signs & have some advertising, they can't compete or even survive in some cases. Jones has to budget $$ to take care of the chain stores with respect to better position, space and advertising. There sure seems to be big opportunity with the labeling system for all major sporting events, Bowl Games, All Holidays. How about offering big companies, etc advertising on the labels for a good fee. It just feels
    as though Jones is missing it with that niche.
  • with the addition of lemoncocco and 7-11, and additional locations how are gross sales off a tiny base up only 15 percent? the only way it makes sense is that the core product continues to decline. they are trying to add new distribution but the uptake is weak. off such a small base the growth should be much higher if the new locations are selling any product. but of course the conference calls are slight of hand and dont use any real metrics.
  • Technically, it broke thru today. it has not closed above this high in a while. Nice Volume.