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  • Western Health Advantage

    Preferred Drug List
    For lage plans and small group non aca compliant plans

    They differentiate between
    Phosphate Removing Agents CARDIOVASCULAR and GI AGENTS

    Phosphate-Removing Agents / CARDIOVASCULAR
    Tier Generic Name Brand Name Notes

    Phosphate-Removing Agents / GI AGENTS
    Tier Generic Name Brand Name Notes
  • By using Auryxia over a competing product, dialysis centers can cut out 52% of the extra injectable iron they provide to deficient patients, Madison says--and simultaneously cut down on costs. Medicare pays dialysis centers a flat-rate $240 per session that covers both the session and the injectable drugs used, meaning that if they can use less of those drugs, they can keep the difference.
  • I found an entry in


    page 559


    Phosphate Binder

    Indicatiobns, Actions, Pharmacokinetics, Interactions, Dosage and so on....

    Have I missed something? Never heard about an approval in Canada, or is an approval imminent?
    Any inmformations? Any thoughts?
  • Ray...... Not comparing apples to apples.....Before comparing Auryxia with those top selling drug in that list you have to look at several items......Are these companies already established.....This makes a difference in getting formularies signed up and negotiating price which means they can be harder on a new first drug company than an established company....What is the patient population ?....How many competitors are in the same indication.....
  • Levi's Rule [regarding 'Buyouts" in biosector]

    The more yappin' rumors bout "Buyout" on this Board
    The less of its serendipity and blessin from The Lord.
  • $KERX 880 ims. From StockTwits
  • As of 05/15/2017 17,498,249 20% decline in the short interest.
  • You have an FDA approved stock, you have all insurance companies approved to fund user. You have a new distribution staff in place. Sit back - this stock has takeover all over it. Go ahead and short it. Will keep buying on dips. Tired of this board writing about the ski falling. Its a biotech a takeover and it will rip your heart out shorts.
  • Shorty trying to scare longs out...shorty, i wouldn't sell under $20's this has take out all over it when next Q sales are $20M plus.......
  • Why are we stuck at 6.40. It seems someone is really trying to keep it at this price for today.
  • 5/15/2017 17,498,249 2,126,582 8.228344
    4/28/2017 21,948,085 853,233 25.723437
    4/13/2017 22,045,076 878,726 25.087543

    Read more: http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/kerx/short-interest#ixzz4i5quuyEl

    Keryx Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. (KERX) Short Interest
    Keryx Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. (KERX) Short Interest � Find short interest for Keryx Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. and all the companies you research at NASDAQ.com
  • Daily News from Levi

    Once agin Bioboob strikes with second hand script ##, ad nauseum I might add - noticably however he limited giving himself thumbs up from 26 to modest 9. Hey Bioboob, why dontcha stick these "thumbs up" up yer Rz ?
    Or better yet, I got an idea for ya...........match those weekly second hand script ## with thumbs up that you award yourself.........this will make you more credible, Yo Bozo.
  • Not sure why everyone is happy shorts are getting off the hook....NO short squeeze to get us back to 16 sucks....they took us down and now slithering out scott free.....too bad
  • Auryxia should be the first binder of choice. If a patient has no serious side effects then the benefits are better than any other binder..
  • And salary decrease of 1000 dollars/day until there is news that makes the stock go up
  • Can Kerx become a $2-3 billion company if the expansion label is approved? I don't understand why they
    haven't been able to establish a partner in Europe. Does anyone know what it takes to get drugs approved in
    countries like China and India? Thanks.
  • short interest down by 4.5 MIL and we are in red. Difficult to understand.
  • Starting today, the board should subtract 5K of stock from GM every day there is NO news.....
  • craz, if SK is somehow involved in a potential pre-designed plan with Kerx in last years while benefitting on short side and also cashing-in on long side at conclusion, then he can take his co-ownership in horse and Red Sox and shove them where they best fit..,
  • Can't spend more time looking for what I just posted about why the stock price might not go up when there is a significant increase in weekly scripts.
    2017 projected revenues is $64.88 million. I believe 2017 is Auryxia's third year on the market. So if large , savvy investors think revenues might be $80 million instead of $65 million, I think they would still regard the drug as a failure, especially because market share is so small, and I don't think they would invest more. 2018 revenues are supposed to be $129 million. Still not good revenues..