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Lumber Liquidators Holdings, Inc. (LL)

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30.14+1.01 (+3.47%)
At close: 4:02PM EDT
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  • There are plenty of people like myself that are still underwater on our investment from over 2 years ago. Personally, my wife scolded the hell out of me after I spent our $7000 tax return to buy 200 shares of this. I need this to go to $35 just to break even.
  • Hopefully we can close above $30. That would be so nice.
  • Tell me if you agree:
    Looking back to 2012, 2013 and 2014, the most revenue that LL had was just over 1b with earnings of $2.80 in 2013 and $1.71 in 2012 at 1b in revenue. It seems to me that just by selling the same amount of product and raising prices by a mere 5% that they would be at 2012 earnings. Based on that alone, and looking at price history, it seems that 60's would not be out of line. Of course there are many other factors, but this does seem plausible: comments and extrapolations and more value analysis appreciated.
  • I posted not long ago about a store visit to LL and failed to mention a chat with a customer in-store who came in to retrieve more flooring. The customer had purchased in-stock laminate and was running short. Same customer was also using LL's installation service and was very happy with the installer. I can't help but think that both are going to add greatly to next quarter's bottom line. People buy on impulse - "I'm ready NOW" mentality and it was very wise to make inventory available for those folks. I did previous business w/LL and I am in their "system" so when I was looking at vinyl laminate for a basement project on my visit, the asst mgr looked me up and made a notation. He called me last weekend to inquire how my samples worked out . . . Fantastic follow-up and KUDOS to the staff training underway . . . Little things mean a lot to a customer.

    The May 19 calls yielded severe damage to the call sellers. Most were in-the-money and I will bet $100 that 30-40% were naked sales.

    The exercise of the call options will put further demand on shares as call sellers must deliver. If the call sellers sold covered calls (ie they own the shares) there will not be a problem in delivery. However, for those that took the ultimate bet and sold naked calls, the clock is ticking for delivery. I see the near term call activity spike again as the shorts and call sellers set up for another month of poor supply.

    Price action after monthly call expiry has been predictably positive every month since February. My guess is there could be a few days of sideways trading followed by another spike up.

    Call strikes have been hovering upwards and now we see August 18 $30 strikes selling for $2.55 - and lots of them at $29 and $30 (13,700 contracts new on FRIDAY May 19, thats 1,137,000 shares) .. some covered call sellers are rolling up and out apparently.

    All good for a long investor. I am tempted to trade after such a run, but my gut is saying stand pat here as we blow through $32 in the next week.

    Short interest is probably in excess of 4,500,000 shares, even after the post earnings mahem...OBV still negative.... SHORT SQUEEZE TO CONTINUE???
  • LL Shorts just getting nailed, day after day
  • LL is going higher
  • Still 80% off old high. Why would anyone short this now? Shorting days are over IMHO
  • The company added two new stores in this quarter, bringing the total number to 385. Knowles said during the earnings call that the company plans to add stores in New York City and on Long Island, N.Y., in the second quarter.
  • Holy cow, I have been waiting for this day for two years. Patience and intelligence do pay off!
  • I believe shorts have come to the conclusion that it is a lost cause. Tomorrow may be another great day how nice it is to be in the thirties.An upgrade in housing starts would be the cherry on top.
  • The gaps, the gaps, the gaps......

    The race to 30 due in part to short covering, options expiry, and general enthusiasm.... One must admit, the price appreciation in the last 2- weeks has been phenomotastic and I hugely and bigly estimate that it was due to ANTICIPATION OF MORE APPRECIATION.

    Else it would not have popped to 30....

    Remember, i think there was a gap to about 32......but i look at the chart and see some dynamics that go to $63???

    Lets see how fast it goes to $38 first...in the past i was doubtful about LL ever going beyond $45 ever again, but the rate of increase has been nothing short of astounding and if the newsfeed keeps going (continued earnings improvement, settlement of mdls) LL just might pop to $45.....

    Just sayin..
  • Came out of the gate hard and fast this morning with some profit taking now but next leg up will be a good one.New 52 week high. There still a huge number of shorts yet to throw the towel in to sweeten the pot.
  • Congratulations to all Lumbers Liquidators shareholders finally the reality of a hit job is over.
  • It has hovered around $30 that looks like the bottom for new buyers and puts will have to concede to that. Could see a rally this afternoon once it becomes indelible.
  • Few years ago i bought 1000 #$%$ $36 then bought again 1000 #$%$ $13. All my families and friends thought i was stupid,look at today and future...
  • There once was a man named Shlomo.
    A little slow from the get go.
    He said with a grin
    As he took this all in
    I'm jumping-look out below
  • Opex today. Up $1.33 in pre market...
    I know its the illusory premarket, but there are a massive number of calls IN THE MONEY expiring today....that will create some demand for delivery of shares.
  • Wow, FND has a market cap of 3.48 Billion compared to LL who is sitting at 744 Million. They have very similar sales and although LL is still going through the MDL battle FND has already settled theirs. These companies are in the exact same sector and not much different. If LL gets to the same valuation we would see a $120+ stock right now. C'mon LL lets clear this legal battle and move forward and get a true valuation.
  • There are still at least six million shares shorted out there. LL's way up would be long and painful for the shorts.