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  • $LNG Investors - Energy demand may fluctuate, but there's always a constant demand for energy to power industries spread out around the world. Have you heard this major news? -- AMAZON is entering the HYDROGEN FUEL CELL energy market as both an end-user and a technology collaborator with $PLUG POWER. This is going to be "huge". Details below...

    AMAZON to Invest $600 Million (All Cash Payments) into $PLUG POWER

    Amazon has signed a multiple year agreement to invest $600 Million in Cash Payments into small cap $PLUG Power's Products/Services to vest a 23% stock ownership in $PLUG Power shares. $600 Million is more than six (6) times the annual revenues of $PLUG in 2016. $70 Million in revenues are projected in 2017 from Amazon.

    Important to note: The prior approximate $50 Million Order from Walmart did not include a stock ownership incentive of 23% when $600 Million of $PLUG Power's Products/Services are paid for in "Cash". In contrast, purchases were financed. And, there was no "Technology Collaboration" with Walmart to expand the number of applications for the ProGen Engines. The future "refinancing" of the Walmart business should be announced soon per a prior $PLUG Power Conference Call.

    In my view, the marketplace, is still coming to grips with the largest internet retailer in the world, Amazon, agreeing to invest $600 Million into $PLUG to get a significant 23% stock ownership, and "Technology Collaboration" with $PLUG Power. Investors that do their due diligence research will conclude that $PLUG Power shares are significantly undervalued based upon truly "massive" forward growth. I predict a rapid move higher in $PLUG shares to the $4.00 to $5.00 range following this far-reaching Amazon transaction.

    The "Technology Collaboration" between Amazon and $PLUG Power is to expand the number of applications for the ProGen Engine. This "Technology Collaboration" with Amazon will likely create new revenue streams. $PLUG Power's Hydrogen Fuel Cells have the advantages of: Faster refueling and longer run times. Important to Note: The $PLUG Power ProGen Engine is currently being tested by FedEx Express Delivery Vans to confirm that the mileage range is literally "doubled" from 80 to 160 miles.

    Per the recent $PLUG Power Conference Call to update the new, multifaceted relationship with Amazon, CEO Mr. Andy Marsh noted that $PLUG Power has been in talks with Amazon for the past year. It was only recently, during the last quarter of 2016, that Amazon began testing $PLUG Power's Hydrogen Fuel Cells at an Amazon Distribution Center. Obviously, after seeing the faster refueling and longer run times, Amazon agreed to the multi-year $600 Million Contract - and the "Technology Collaboration".

    Both Amazon and Walmart are the 2 largest customers that could possibly use Hydrogen Fuel Cells. And, both are now $PLUG customers. Both Amazon and Walmart have 371 and 158 Distribution Centers respectively, located worldwide. Following the signing of Walmart, the publicity exposure allowed for many additional Fortune 500, large-size customers to get signed including Home Depot, Kroger, P&G, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Honda, Nike, Uline, Bridgestone, Ace Hardware, etc. I expect that additional new customers will be added following the publicity surrounding the new Amazon multi-year contract and technology collaboration.

    It should be noted that Carrefour Group, the 2nd largest consumer retailer in the world after Walmart, and the largest European Retailer, is also a new customer, signed on last year. Per a recent Conference Call, the $PLUG CEO disclosed that Carrefour plans to expand into 17 new Distribution Centers during the next three (3) years. Also, $PLUG Power has signed on Home Depot and started making conversions. Similar to Walmart, Home Depot has approximately 100 Distribution Centers located within the USA to be converted - which provides yet another runway for truly "massive" growth.

    During the Amazon Update Conference Call, the CEO of $PLUG confirmed that the first ProGen Engines were "shipping to China". Per a prior Press Release, this ProGen Engine deal with the Chinese customer was for 500 units initially, then expanding to 13,500 units. Important to note: There are thousands of Delivery Vehicle Fleet Operators that would love to "double" their mileage range, thereby lowering operating costs significantly and increasing productivity in an era in which same-day deliver is in demand.

    $PLUG jumped higher by 70%+ when AMAZON agreed to invest $600 Million on April 5, 2017. And, soon thereafter, $PLUG tapped the equity market to be able to fund the truly "massive" growth ahead.

    I believe that an investment in $PLUG today, after a pullback due to the minimal diluting to fund the massive growth ahead, will allow an investor to participate in a "pure play" Hydrogen Fuel Cell company. As an "Energy" investor, $PLUG Power has all the distinct advantages of an "energy" company with multiple revenue streams spread out across multiple industries and geographies.

    Disclosure: Buying & Holding $PLUG POWER Shares.
  • Looks like The Option Boys have stepped in for the Block for tomorrow's expiration. Kind of looks to me like the 50 strike priceis where they have the most exposure for any close above it. That sudden 'sell" move about 30 minutes ago is classic. Trend is up. Fundamentals are way up and just took out a 18 month high.....But you will almost never beat the Option Boys short term.
  • Robert, I've asked you not to respond to me as you are so pathetic. Cannot phrase simple sentences, lie and quote incorrect facts and then try to change the facts when they don't suit you At least you did not lie again and say I do not quote facts. Quoted a litany of facts in my two posts, although don't know why yahoo separated the first part of my Realty Check post from the second part beginning with point 7. Both parts need to be read together.

    But additional pathetic factual lies and misrepresentations. When you shouted that LNG would only make 1 and 1.30 per shipment then revised it to 25 cents per shipment, (figures you have not documented despite my challenge), you used the present tense saying those were the current figures. Now since its clear that LNG made nice profit despite your shouts otherwise you attempt to say OK they did well in Winter but won't in future. LIE, you were speaking in present tense, hope you at least know what hat means, so you were dead wrong and that is a fact. You were also dead wrong when you said they could not/would not sell to Europe and Asia and were not making a significant profit. They did.

    You also lied when you said that LNG did not report all its usual data and that q1 was bad. Q1 was excellent and in the ER and filings they reported all the relevant data which was all good.

    You have not rebutted any of my facts as I knew you couldn't. So simply lied and tried to change the focus.

    You shouted multiple times in your posts about new competition, using the term lots of US and Australia plants. Well for the next 2 to 3 years, there will b e no US competition and LNG can make a lot of money during that period and the stock can appreciate alot.

    As far as Australia and all the company's owning their own wells, I'm not sure that is true. But even if it is, I know for a fact that Gorgon is way over budged and behind schedule. One of the trains if not all of them have been in frequent suspension and repair since it was supposed to be operational. LNG has finished its product a lot more efficiently. So, while Gorgon and Australia are closer to China, but not Europe, it is unclear that the costs of Australian gas, the cost of gasification and other fixed costs make its LNG much cheaper than ours. THe fact that LNG is selling product to Asia and Europe, at a nice profit as documented by its ER attests to the fact that it may well be competitive with Australia despite your shouts to the contrary. Heck you have simply been proven wrong with LNG's sales, deliveries, excellent revenue and for the first time PROFIT. Points you try to ignore.

    I could try to refute your other nonsense. But your inability to construct a valid sentence and to just lie and quote your wishes and not realty makes any more rebuttal moot. You establish the worthlessness of your posts in your own words.

    The fact that LNG's debt is oversubscribed. that it could increase the amount of debt by 50%, that it is investment grade and at 4.8 and 5% rates, very attractive, attests to the fact that the big boys and markets know that you simply spout lies and wishful negatives and that LNG is on a good course towards success. Please don't clutter my posts with you drivel any more as you cannot articulate a thought and what you do shout has been proven so wrong. And please learn what present tense means and that your comments were addressed to the current situation, which you are now attempting to change by saying well it did ok in winter. LOL poor pathetic lying Robert.
  • Charles how many cargoes this quarter so far...48 last
  • Paul lay off the crack why the long drawn out responses smoke some white widow I did feel fine.
  • over 24000 july 55 calls bought today..Peter Naharian...to quote he is in these he will probably keep them through expiration..this is going higher..his words..massive buy
  • 7. LNG reported an excellent q1 showing significant increases in Revenue, EBIDITA, cargos, destinations, amount of gas sent and for the first time PROFIT. This is a tremendous improvement which all the nay sayers try to disregard. The lying, inarticulate ROBERT even said it was a bad quarter as to view it otherwise negated and proved wrong everything Robert has shouted. If all the cargoes LNG is selling is at a loss or minimal profit, how did it produce such excellent results which every commenter admits were excellent.

    8. The nay sayers keep shouting that LNG has to much debt which it cannot support. Yet it is issuing debt at investment grade with 4.8 and 5% yields much better than many others. Cheaspeake just issued debt at 8%. LOL

    9. Gary said LNG would get down to 20s, others that it would go lower, yet it now is at an approximate 52 week high and many commentators say will go higher.

    10. LNG cargo shipments are going up

    Those are just some of the FACTS I never state. Feel free to rebut them, but not with just bald shouts but documentation. All of the above can be easily documented, Including rebutting Roberts shout that LNG only selectively disclosed relevant data this quarter, a bald lie. Compared with my facts, the others only shout drive. Gary with personalities and imaginary trades, Robert with lies and made up facts and Andrew with outdated idiocy. Like his shock that LNG was not having good revenue and financial negatives when it was not even shipping product and only developing its infrastructure. I leave it to intelligent readers to decide with whom to place reliance. Sadly free speech dictates that they be allowed to muddle boards with their drivel, but our rights allow us not to place any significance in what they say and to pity them which I do. But they do provide comic relief but hope all their shorts blow up on them.
  • Peter and Paul, where's Mary?
  • Hey guys, this board deals with LNG not the penny rip off Plug Play. Just pumping. Worthless All should avoid fraudulent pumping. Just want your money.
  • Mick you said you were a what?

    For the idiots and factually challenged shorties of this board, hello Andrew, Gary and Robert.

    You guys keep shouting Gibberish, factualy incorrect drivel and in the case of poor demented prolific Gary, repetitive personalities, imaginary trades and nonsense.

    For those who keep shouting I don't include facts, yet never include facts themselves, here is realty:

    1. LNG has sold shipments at a profit to Asia and Europe which you said could not and would not be accomplished.

    2. LNG has completed 4 trains on time and on budget, something the big boys such as Chevron did not accomplish.

    3. Robert has not met my challenge to document his shouts that LNG cannot and will not sell spot cargoes at a profit nor has he indicated where he got his 1 and 1.30 and 25 cent and 50 cent spot cargo profit figures.

    4. Robert has not supported his claim that most shipments are on spot whereas its clear that many shipments are under contract, some early buys at contract prices.

    5. Gary lies about his trades, profits and simply indulges in repetitive personalities like to me and others. He was caught in lying about his LNG trades, as he does with all his trades, and could not even rebut those facts, simply hiding in personalities.

    6. I have named the spot LNG avg prices for Europe and asia which Robert asked me to do and he almost never does. They clearly show fluctuating pricing which has increased over the last year..
  • heavy call buying 55 strike
  • LNG appears to suggest upside opportunity. Do you guys find it difficult to know when to buy or sell something? I prefer to get my stocks from awe-someSTOCKS.
  • According to yesterday's LNG Journal "Cheniere Energy has revealed plans to dominate the US LNG export market for years to come and is examining proposals to possibly double its number of production Trains at the Sabine Pass plant in Louisiana and at the Corpus Christi facility under construction in Texas"
  • First, LNG - Cheniere Energy lost $662 million in 2014, $1.1 billion in 2015 and another $745 million last year. However, their Free Cash Flow was even more horrendous.

    Cheniere's Free Cash Flow was the following:

    2012 = -$1.2 billion
    2013 = -$3.2 billion
    2014 = -$3.1 billion
    2015 = -$7.3 billion
    2016 = -$4.7 billion

    Yes.... those were all negative. And yes, they are using some CAPEX to build up infrastructure, but LNG's Long Term Debt is exploding as well:

    2012 = $2.1 billion
    2013 = $6.6 billion
    2014 = $9.8 billion
    2015 = $14.9 billion
    2016 = $21.7 billion

    So.... I don't think Cheniere Energy is a company that I would put much faith or money in. While LNG has been paying out about $80 million a year in dividends for the past three years, they also borrowed $15 billion... .LOL.
  • Price war coming LNG prices to fall that was the story on Friday funny no one here talking about that market talking about it with their wallet this morning.
  • Mick you are a bit slow aren't you i feel a little guilty having a battle of wits with a unarmed person.
  • I think LNG is due for a pullback. What are your thoughts? Not sure how aw-esomeSTOCKS finds all these incredible trade ideas but im happy.
  • Micks answer to everything insults its like having a conversation with a drunk why bother.
  • Analyst are still giving them easy number to beat...based on amount of ships they should be way above the revenue numbers anticipated...way above...even if some or all spot freights went out lower than last q both revenue and eps should be healthy