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Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (MACK)

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  • When are the shorts going to cover before the dividend date? Small gains today on light volume.
    (AXSM) Market Cap $90 M/Cash $55 M / 5x BIG Phase 3 programs in various indications targeting large Markets with first results in Q3 2017 =20 BAGGER ..FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY !

    Undiscovered and massive undervalued Biotech Stock with lots of Big News on the way.This Stock is brutally undervalued with a Market cap of just $90 million and $55 million in cash .Founder and Ceo is the larget shareholder holding over 7 million shares (30%) more than 50% of O/S is owned by Insider and Institutions which is a great sign .

    This undiscovered stock could be the next 10 bagger gem if just one of their 5 ongoing Phase 3 programs is successful .GL

    Axsome (AXSM)

    Market-Cap: $90 Million
    Cash: $55 Million(cash runway into the first quarter of 2019.)

    Shares Out: 23.5 Million

    Anticipated Near-Term Clinical Milestones

    Clinical Trial Initiations: -- Phase 2/3 clinical trial of AXS-05 in AD agitation (2Q 2017)

    Clinical Trial Readouts:

    -- Phase 3 COAST-1 trial of AXS-02 in knee OA associated with BMLs, interim analysis (3Q 2017)

    -- Phase 3 CREATE-1 trial of AXS-02 in CRPS, interim efficacy analysis (4Q 2017)

    -- Phase 3 STRIDE-1 trial of AXS-05 in TRD, top-line data (1Q 2018)

    New Presentation May

    HUGE Pipeline targeting Billion Dollar Markets:

    AXS-05 Treatment Resistant Depression in Phase 3......Only 1 approved drug for TRD = unmet medical need. 3M patients in the U.S.

    AXS-05 Agitation in Alzheimer’s Disease in Phase 2/3.......No approved medication = unmet medical need. 2M patients in the U.S.

    AXS-02 Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) in Phase 3 (Orphan+Fast Track Status).......No approved drug = high unmet need. 80,000 new cases per year in the U.S.

    AXS-02 Knee Osteoarthritis (OA) with Bone Marrow Lesions (BMLs) in Phase 3 (SPA & Fast Track).........7M patients in the U.S.

    AXS-02 Chronic Low Back Pain(CLBP) with Modic Changes (MCs) in Phase 3 ......1.6M patients in the U.S.

  • time to buy again next few days below 3.50 will rise toward 4 25 next week nobody really owns much lower with all this good news trade this story div more stories out there
  • I keep seeing people saying "Tomorrow is the dividend date" or "Tomorrow is the record date". Yes, tomorrow is the dividend record date. But in the case of a special dividend it really doesn't matter. Shares bought after the record date but before the ex-dividend date have a due bill attached and will receive the dividend. Here's how it works: The due bill documents are a contract that lays out a stock seller’s obligation to deliver the dividend to the stock buyer. For example, let’s say company XYZ is offering a special dividend that is worth 30% of the current share price. This dividend is tagged with a record date of May 17, a pay date of May 26, and an ex-dividend date of May 30. If an owner of stock from XYZ holds the asset through May 17, he would receive the dividend paid at that point. However, if he were to sell that stock on May 26, then the new owner of the asset on the ex-dividend date of May 30 would have the right to the dividend that the original owner has already pocketed. Therefore, the due bill attached to the stock is a promissory note mandating that the original owner passes on the dividend to the new owner.
  • Almost a quarter of yesterday's volume already, could turn out to be another good day( unlike yesterday's #$%$ show)
  • an x-dividend for a bio-tech co that will need a secondary offering in the near future, is insane. the cost of obtaining debt or equity monies in the future is extremely expensive, dillutive and hurts share price. it will cost them 40 million in fees to raise 140 million next year. this div should have never been issued and it should have been used to strengthen the balance sheet. imho.
  • How are things going to pan out before the 26th? Wonder how much short interest there still is. Was still around 20% at begining of the month. One that that has changed is institutional holdings have dropped about 20%. I would hope this still runs up untill the payout date. I would guess that the shorts do not want to pay out the divi.
  • Let me float this....The recent stock rise on volume could mean the court prelims regarding the converts may
    be favoring MACK and the guys short the stock who own the converts maybe are seeing the light?
  • Why is MACK just dumping so badly today, on high volume?
  • I would be very happy to see MACK close above $4 today, it could happen
  • 15 million shares of volume in the last week or so...most of the shorts covered and the convert holders should have done ok unless they bought the converts at a low price...Take the dividend..let it trade to $3.00..win the court case...let Peters run the thing..Free call on $450 Million maybes and free call for the technology....
  • At $3.60 right now, can you say "Another Buying Opportunity"??? At this price, minus the $1.06 Dividend after Ex-Div Date, it would be $0.29 below its 52-week low from January. I just cannot see any reason for it to go below its 52-week low! Not with current company guidance, and neither with its clinical trials making strong advancements! Heavy and long is the way to go here!!
  • bought below 3.50 let it ride till next friday
  • If you are short on date of record (May 17) do you have to pay the dividend? Or do you have time until May 26 to cover?
  • I see 7-10$ before ex div....
  • $575 Million / 130 Million Shares = 4.42 per Share reportable this quarter in August. Stock should drift higher over the summer. This company has 2 molecules that work. MM-121 has fast track and MM-141 has orphan drug status. MM-310 is bispecific and has the potential to be a blockbuster drug in 2020 time frame.
  • throw this in the mix market close may 29
  • is this stock a buy or a sell ? any help would b appreicated
  • we will see $4.50 to $5 this week you watch and see I will be right
  • 3 to 4 dollars 33 percent return hope somebody else been trading stock or its options with 4.95 comm