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McDonald's Corporation (MCD)

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  • I am not being a downer, but I am a realist, MCD is trading at a premium valuation, which is not match by it's revenue, which has been falling y/y on the charts I looked at on market watch. The key is to buy a stock which is fairly or undervalued not overbought such as MCD is with questionable fundamentals. I think what is happening is people are buying MCD without doing a thorough analysis of the companies financials. MCD's price to sales is 5.1 while the industry average is 2.7, MCD's stock price is over inflated it is similar to buying an apple for five dollars when an apple can be bought for .50 cents at most other stores. The feds will continue to raise rates and MCD stock price will decrease.
  • Illegal immigration grew by 740,000 people under Obama in 2016 due to overstayed visas
  • I bought 10 of the June 16 $150 PUTS....we'll see if I make $$$!!!!!!
  • Overall I think we will see upside for MCD in the short-term. Perhaps a pullback next day or so could occur I suppose but are yall also seeing a further leg higher? Yo you should really check out awe-someSTOCKS, they seem on point with their stocks.
  • Will the low far manatee burgers in Southeast United States help push sales with mothers?
  • We are standing at a "cliff" in my opinion for markets around the globe.
    30-50% "slide" seems imminent.
    McDonald's Corporation (MCD)

    NYSE - Nasdaq Real Time Price. Currency in USD
    $149.55+0.05 (+0.03%)
  • Testing mobile likes buck Stars. Acceleration
  • FAST MONEY part 2. Dan Nathan and Carter Worth say MCD is a short...Nathan points out as I did that their revenues have declined from $28bil, to 26, to $25 in the last 3 years....they are losing theircore (FAT) customer. Guy Adami and Najarian think MCD could hit the high target of $160....which I think is ABSURD after the run it has had!!!!! I have 10 Jun 30 $150 puts.
  • If MCD touches $150 today, I will buy kevin a fish sandwhich. He spent all his pretend money buying puts. I like to pay forward some of my MCD gains to less fortunate.
  • Up another $2.00 and the good news keeps on coming even with the downers that are posting.

    Revenue 12/31/2016 12/31/2015 12/31/2014
    Total Revenue 24,621,900 25,413,000 27,441,300
    Cost of Revenue 14,417,200 15,623,800 16,985,600
    Gross Profit 10,204,700 9,789,200 10,455,700
  • UH OH....CARTER WORTH ON "FAST MONEY" JUST SAID THAT MCD IS FAR OVER-EXTENDED AND THAT YOU SHOULD TAKE PROFITS OR SHORT LIKE i HAVE!!! It is up every day since APRIL 10th except 3 ( and those were flat)....that is UP TWENTY ONE straight business/trading days!!!!!!! Guarantee after ex-dividend day it craters.
  • I really like the Whopper and fries. Go $MCD
  • OH, it popped yesterday because of their annual shareholder meeting....WHAT, did you expect BAD NEWS????
  • Stopped at a Mc Donalds in Sullivan , Indiana went in and they had one cash register working a line to door so decided to go thru drive thru. Ordered a Hamburger Happy Meal for my son when I got home all he got was a hamburger in a sack and a small coke. This McDonalds is the pits it takes forever to get waited on and then never get order right. Someone in Cooperate
    needs to check them out. I did go to Burger King across the street and asked then how there business was doing and they said there business was way up ever since the McDonalds remodeled
  • MARGIN SELLING TOMORROW...see you at $135!!!!!!!

    Up every week since 1/1/17.....only a moron would buy this here!!! Heck, almost EVERY target price by every analyst is BELOW where it is now!!! Just a low VIX and computers chasing....when it breaks it will be violent and swift!!!!!!!! Also, MACD line ready to cross to the downside!!!!!
  • Trump to cut foodstamps !
    while you can use foodstamps in many states to buy food at mcdonalds
    more importantly cutting food stamps will stop lower income people from using their extra money from going to mcdonalds do you disagree ?

    These maps show how Trump's cuts to food stamps hurt his voters
    7 of the 10 states that most rely on SNAP voted for Trump.
  • I like the stock performance. I hate how the top bun on the $MCD Filet of Fish sticks to the roof of my mouth.
  • Lordy, is today the day we hit $150? Surely sometime this week..Free fish sandwhich for the closest guess..
  • Alert
    Visa is red beware the pump and dump today !
    Parent of Justice Ann Taylor Dress barn Lane Bryant collapsing and may not be able to survive due to retail collapse !
    Steinmart also tanking huge !!
    FOllows Macys dillards etc
    Polo Ralph Lauren lost 1.48 per share
    ASNA SMRT < look I dare you !
    ...Ascena says it no longer expects traffic stabilization and same-store sales normalization